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terrier, and a real fighter) was suffering intensely, drooling at mouth, breathing hard, lower jaw paralyzed, unable to swallow. His head was sent to Professor Gorham and proved "negative," al- though there were more pains taken to find them in this particular case than in any other. Now. here is one of the humorous incidents which occur during the course of an investigation of rabies : This dog's seven card stud poker games owner was bitten by his own dog, and, at the same time, by the dog that bit his dog. but as no Negri bodies were found, the cit)- authorities would not pay for the Pasteur treat- ment, and if they had, this man would not have un- dergone it. fur hfe threatened Dr. Dunn with severe corporal jnuiishment for daring to say his dog had rabies — 7 stud poker online of course the man is alive and well. This is a little digression and you may forget it, but what I do not want you to forget is. that where the Ne- gri bodies were found in profusion but one sympi- tom was in evidence, and where this one symptom was in even greater evidence the Negri bodies were absent. I wish to justify myself by this circum- stance, to ask a question of very serious import, to wit: "If, when present in abundance, in but one instance, the Negri bodies produce but one symp- tom, is it possible for their presence ever to produce any other symptom?" And this question leads to another; "If Negri bodies produce but one symptom, what is it that produces the symptoms of furious rabies, in which form of rabies this particu- lar symptom is always absent?" And this leads to still another: "What symptoms, if anv, are pro- duced by the Negri bodies?" But to another case, a case of furious rabies. This dog was given me by the owner ; he was bit- ten by the owner's own dog, which dog 7 card stud poker free online game bit her mother, the mother undergoing the Pasteur treat- ment. I took this dog home with me, and was so interested that I took him to bed with me every night and watched him as continually as my busi- ness would permit 7 card stud poker games online during the day. I purposely neglected the bite, as much as cleanliness would permit. He seven card stud poker help played with a fox terrier bitch — my play 7 card stud poker online free own — during all the time until play seven card stud poker online he died, or, at least, until three weeks after he was bitten, when he took a fit and one week after died. The day before he took this fit he had been taken into a neighbor's house and fed. The little bitch, the one I men- tioned as being his playmate, had been taken into this same neighbor's some time previous, and the next day also took a fit ; later she died of distemper, but her head on examination had no Negri bodies. My little patient, who had Negri bodies, kept go- ing from one fit into another. I put him under ether and poured a dose of male fern, ether, and olive oil down his throat, which, owing to my nerv- ousness, or the fact that I had no help at all, passed into his lungs, and produced a pneumonia, which was in evidence during life, and proved bv post mortem exaniination. During her week's sickness she never showed a symptom of rabies, and the post mortem examination showed what all the symp- toms called for. evidence of an obstructed bowel, which was proved by a marked dilatation of the in- testines. Here is still another case of furious rabies, an- other of my blunders in diagnosis, if you will. I diagnosticated an enteritis, and gave as the probable cause the contents of a swill barrel. The post mor- tem examination showed an enteritis and a dilated intestine. I had this head examined, hoping that the Negri bodies might be found, as if found. I thought I would have proof positive that they had no connection with rabies. play 7 card stud poker online I candidly told the bac- teriologist my purpose. When he wired me that he had found them I almost fainted. What did it prove? Nothing. The daughter had been bitten, the family was frightened, free poker seven card stud play and the results of the Pasteur treatment were successful ; if free online 7 stud poker unsuccessful they would have proved even more thoroughly that the dog had rabies. Now for my personal experience with dog bites. The following persons were bitten by dogs that were pronounced rabid, though not all of the heads were examined, and none of them ever 7 card stud poker games free showed any ill eflfects : Dr. John H. Dancer, of Orange, N. j', was seven card stud poker odds bitten by three dogs that were pronounced rabid, and by nine others. Dr. J. T. Chorlton, of Providence, was bitten when the owner was bitten, then a Miss Case. I saw free seven card stud poker this dog bite her ; it was about twenty years ago; she is 7 card stud poker online alive and well yet. As far as my personal experience goes, the bite' of a rabid dog is absolutely harmless to man. The one person, a Mrs. Marvin, that died, had received the Pasteur treatment; this case was related to me by Dr. Dunn. To conclude : The subject of rabies has reen- tered an old field, the rules to seven stud poker field of the plain, every day veterinary practitioner. The laboratory has not, to use a slang expression, "made good." I was taught that rabies was a rare disease; for centuries it was believed to be rare, now it is common — for cen- turies it was supposed to be connected with certain well defined symptoms, now the symp,toms may be a pneumonia, inflammation of the bowels, distemper, a cold, any old thing. It seems to me that seven card stud poker common sense is on our side if we assert that the Negri bodies are still on trial. In our present state of knowledge it is impossible to say a dog has or has not Negri bodies while he is alive, as they are found when all symptoms are absent and when all are present, so the diagnosis of rabies is pure guess 68o BELL: MORPHINISM AND 7 card stud poker games MORPHINOMANIA. work. If it is pure guess work now, it was even more so among those great investigators who first diagnosticated the disease and made it a laboratory institution ; and this, of course, includes Pasteur himself. If it is impossible for an experienced veterinarian to diagnosticate rabies in the dog, free online 7 card stud poker games it is just as impossible (I came near saying presump- tuous) for the physician to attempt its diagnosis in the man. In this disease, as in no other, must the human general practitioner join hands with the veterinary every day practitioner to clear up the mystery and confusion which surrounds the diag- nosis of rabies, at least as far as the symptoms dur- ing life are concerned. 19 \estry Street. MORPHINISM AND MORPHINOMANIA.' By F. McKelvey Bell, M. D., Ottawa, Canada. The custom of taking stimulants in one form or another has become such a time worn and honored one, justly or unjustly — heaven forfend that I poker seven card stud game ; hould be one to raise my hand in protest ! — from ihe dainty maid in the five o'clock tea room all the way down to the debauched absinthe drinker of the Parisian Latin quarter, that at the present time we have come to look upon many of these habits not only with tolerance but with avowed approval. Tea, coffee, and cocoa we have come to regard, if I may be pardoned for a contradiction of terms, as lux-

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