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sedatives and one especially adaptable to many of these cases. Some online american roulette for fun individuals have a marked idio- syncrasy for this drug, and I have repeatedly seen a american roulette slots hypodermic injection of i/ioo of a grain produce severe delirium and in one case collapse. Some time ago I read an article in one of the medical journals in which a free american roulette games download physician stated that he was giving his patient 1/25 of a grain every three hours and that in spite of this sedative he was wildly delirious. The physician attributed the delirium to the withdrawal of the morphine when in reality american roulette game free play it was due to an overdose of hyoscine. Tonics of nux vomica and cinchona seem to be very useful in these cases, and hypodermic injec- tions of ergot are recommended by Dr. Osier, al- though I have had no experience with this drug in morphinomania. Of course we must call into requisition all hygi- enic aids such as fresh air. cold sponge baths, mas- sage, etc., and a hot w-et pack will often relieve the excessive nervousness which nothing else seems to benefit. A nourishing but easily digestible diet is essential. Other symptoms must be treated as american roulette free game download ne- cessity demands. But let one last word american roulette wheel slots of caution stand out in letters of fire : Never give a patient who has once been free american roulette flash game cured an injection of morphine or any other derivative of opium, for a single in- jection may be sufficient to bring about a relapse after months or even years of apparent cure. 400 McLeod Street. Corrr.5|)onliente. LETTER FROM LONDON. Low Blood Pressure and Its Treatment. — Smallpox in London. London, March 14, igii. At a meeting of the Medical Section of the Royal Society of Medicine Dr. \\'. Edgecombe read a paper entitled Observations on Low Blood Pressure. He had how many slots in american roulette made free online american roulette no download a long series of examinations to de- termine the average level of the blood pressure both morning and evening. The eft'ect of various drugs had also been tried, and as the chief object was to test whether they produced a sustained rise in blood pressure, the method of play roulette for free no download american roulette taking morning and evening readings play american roulette online for fun was preferred to that of ob- serving the immediate effect of the drug. The lat- ter was. .however, also done in certain instances. Excluding cases of acute illness with febrile dis- turbance the following were some types of disorder which frequently presented a low blood pressure: 1. Subjects with poor circulation, cold hands and feet, and those liable to chilblains. Dr. Edgecombe had met with several examples free online american roulette game in which the systolic blood pressure rarely rose above 95 mm. Hg. By means of baths, massage, and exercise a temporary rise might be effected, during the maintenance of which the objective and subjective signs of defective circulation improved manifestly, but it was difficult to effect an enduring- rise in the general level of blood pressure in these cases, for they were prone on cessation of treat- ment to relapse to their former state. 2. Cases of pure neurasthenia having as their prominent characteristic profound fatigue, either somatic or psychical or both. Whether the low blood pressure in those cases of neurasthenia was the cause or the effect of the extreme fatigue it was not easy to say. The probable sequence of events was a lowering of blood pressure by toxic or other causes, and it was the extreme feebleness of the circtilation that gave rise to the subjective sensation of intense a north american roulette wheel has 38 slots of which 18 are red fatigue. It was certain that a rise of blood pressure was an almost invariable accom- paniment of improvement. In marked contrast to those was the irritable type of neurasthenia — the neurotic individual, online american roulette simulator who was frequently not a true .■\|)ril 8. 191!] THERAPEUTICAL XOTES. 683 neurasthenic, but a psychasthenic or a hypochon- driac. In those cases the pulse was usually quick and irritable and the blood pressure subject to great variation, but generally above the normal and some- times markedly so. 3. Another cause of low blood pressure was to- bacco poisoning. 4. In cases of dilated heart, with or without val- vular disease, the pressure was usually found low, and a rise in pressure was one of the indications of the progress of the case toward recovery. 5. Fibrositis. Many gouty or rheumatic patient- showed a blood pressure somewhat below normal. The blood pressure was also below normal in cer- tain cases of phosphaturia and arthritis deformans. Contrasted with the ease with free online american roulette games which a high blood pressure was reduced, the permanent raising of a low pressure was a matter of great difficulty. Fortunately it was seldom necessary, were live american roulette online casino it pos- sible to raise the blood pressure to a great extent. A relatively small rise was in most cases coincident with marked amelioration. To effect a rise, non- medicinal measures, such as diet, exercise, change an american roulette wheel has 38 slots of air — for example, to high altitudes — and hydro- therapeutic procedures, were to be preferred to drug treatment. With regard to diet an excess of meaty food should be prescribed with a correspond- ing diminution of the starchy elements. If drugs were required, pituitary extract would seem to have the most powerful and rapid effect, Init the speaker had little experience of its con- tinued use over long periods and would rather hesi- tate to give much of so powerful a substance lest unlocked for late results should accrue of a harm- ful character. Next in potency was caffeine, to be given only it f)ie patient was not an excessive tea drinker. Cal- um lactate appears to be moderately effective, but trychnine free american roulette simulator was disappointing. Digitalis was useful ior cardiac cases. The epidemic of smallpox in London now shows signs of diminution. In answer to a play roulette free no download american roulette question in Parliament Mr. Burns stated that from January ist to the evening of February 27th forty-one cases were notified and removed to the Metropolitan Asy- lums Board's Hospitals. There were now thirty- six cases in the hospital. Of these, twenty-nine were vaccinated and seven were unvaccinated. In twenty-four of the cases the vaccination was per- formed more than fifteen years ago and in two others at least ten years ago. The three other vac- cinated cases were those of children and the attack was said to be mild. In answer to other questions

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