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Mr. Burns said that since the beginning of the out- break forty-seven persons had been admitted aztec millions casino at Soutli Wharf, three of these had been found not to be suffering from smallpox, forty-three cases noti- fied as smallpox had been sent to Joyce Green, seven 01 the cases notified were persons employed at the Mile End Infirmary, five as nurses and two as scrubbers. He could not give the age and vac- cinal condition of each patient, as these particulars had not aztec millions slots yet been verified, but it was stated that, of the forty-four patients, six were five years of age o'r under, and, of these, three had not been vac- cinated and three were vaccinated in infancy. Two had been revaccinated since the onset of the disease. Seven were between five and fifteen years of age, of whom one had not been aztec millions online vaccinated, five were vaccinated in infancy, one case was doubtful. Four cases had been vaccinated since the onset of the disease. Fifteen were between 15 and 30 years old, of whom two had not been vaccinated, twelve were vaccinated in infancy, one was doubt- ful. Eight of these had been vaccinated since the • inset of the disease. Sixteen were cases of persons over thirty, of whom fourteen were vaccinated in infancy, two cases were doubtful. Ten of these cases had been vaccinated since the onset of the disease. There had aztec millions free been one death, a case of an unvaccinated child of three. Since this report there have been altogether seven deaths and the number of persons at present imder treatment at the small- pox hospitals is about forty. f hcritijnitiral Hotcs. The Treatment of Painful Menstruation. — Sire- dey (Quinr:aine therapeittiquc. .March 10, kjii) gives the following advice regarding- the treatment of painful menstruation ; Before the flow begins to make its appearance the patient should be made to take a warm bath of a temperature of 98 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, repeated, if necessary two or three times during the day, gradually increasing the temperature to 104 degrees F., if the condition of the patient permits of it. In addition, rest in bed must be insisted upon, and inunction by one or other of the following sedative mixtures, after the application of hot compresses or poultices : R M. Camphorated oil of chamomile 5iss ; Oil of hyoscyamus Jiss ; Tincture of opium Mss ; Chloroform 3iii. aztec millions slot game Chloral Camphor, Tincture of opium. Wool fat Enemas of warm water, or decoction of flaxseed, are advised, and the internal administration of the following aztec millions game : IJ Tincture of belladonna .ni^xxx; Tincture of cannabis indica, It^xxx; Wine of opium, 5iii. M. et Sig. : Twenty to thirty drops in water. If the pain is severe, antipyrine, seven to fifteen grains, should be added to the enema, or chloral hydrate, forty grains, and tincture of opium, twcnt\' to twenty-five drops. The encmata may be replaced by a suppository of the following composition : B Morphine hydrochloride gr. Y^; Extract of belladonna gr. % ■ Extract of cannabis indica gr. %\ Antipyrine ^r. viiss; Cacao butter, tjr. xlv. M. ft. suppositorium. Baths in Nervous Diseases. — In the Western Canada Medical Journal for March, 191 1, Tom A. Williams comments on the use of hydrotherapeutic measures in neurotic states, where their indiscrimi- nate prescription has been harmful, though, as he 684 THERAPEUTICAL XOlES. Jot.- sa\s, under proper conditions no measure has a more beneficial influence than a bath. The calm- ing influence of the warm bath in agitated mental states extends even to the insane. As he remarks, however, the effect play aztec millions of a bath is a physical one. and it should never be used for its so called suggestive eft'ect. The systematic use of the cold douche in treating hysteria he regards as a barbarism. It is true that a cold douche may stimulate the atten- tion : but it does so toward the unpleasant sensation of the douche and not toward the matter which causes the morbid symptoms. It is thus, if anv- thing. harmful to the patient's mind : and this is hardly compensated for by any benefit to his body. The cold bath is indicated in certain neurotic states of which indolence is a -feature ; but it should be prescribed with the definite indication of removing lethargy, and should be supplemented by other methods with the same end in view. The use of the bath to minimize tension and strain of the mus- cles in the course of the meningitis of poliomyelitis nuist not be forgotten ; and the suspension of the body in water, too, greatly facilitates the first feeble moveuTents during recovery from that disease. An Enema and Suppository in Inflammation of the Annexa. — Dupont is credited in Oiiin.cainr thcrapetttique for February lo, 191 1. with the fol- lowing formula for a sedative enema: ly Tincture of opium gtt. xv ; Antipyrine, gr. xv : Yolk of egg. No. i ; Water, , ' 3v.

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