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M. It may be necessary before giving this mixture to administer a purgative enema. For patients who find this form of medication repugnant the follow- ing suppository is prescribed: ]J Extract of belladonna, gr. J4 ■ Cocaine hydrochloride gr. iii ■ Oil of theobronia gr. Ixxv. M. ft. supposit. No. I. Sig. : One twice daily. The Value of Lavage in Acute Gastritis. — In a paper contributed to the / Irginia Medical Seivi- Monthly for March 24, tqii. Hamner speaks of the controlof the vomiting that persists in acute gas- tritis, even after emesis. He considers the washing aztec treasure slots out of the stomach with the tube to be the surest and quickest aztec treasure free slots treatment, if followed with the intro- duction by the aztec treasures betsoft tube of the following antiseptic solu- tion : 5 Thymol gr. yiii ; Boric acid ■ 5ss ; Warm water Oii. Ft. solutio et Sig. : One pint through stomach tube. The water used during lavage should be quite warm and the antiseptic should not be used until the plain water runs out perfectly clear. The anti- septic should be caught up and measured to ascer- tain if it approximates one pint ; a few ounces re- tained will do no harm. \^omiting, as a rule, free online slots aztec treasure ceases entirely after this, he says. The Treatment of Gonorrhoea] Rheumatism.— Tn the OiiincniiiC thcmpcutiquc for T\larrh 10. tqit. Robin is aztec treasures slot machine game cited as prescribing in the treatment of gonorrhceal rheumatism daily one drachm pf sodium snlirvlatc in divided doses. If the dis- charge from the mx'thra is free several injections of a I in solution of potassium permanganate should be given during the day. At the same time five or six boluses of the following mass should be taken : IJ Copaiba .iv ; Pulverized cnbeb aztec treasure online spielen ■ 5.\ : Iron and pota.ssium tartrate, gr. xlv ; Magnesium oxide -. 3iiss ; Distilled water .' . .' 5iss ; Simple syrup q. s. M. ft. confect. The local treatment includes immobilization of the limbs as in gout and the application of Bour- get's liniment, which has the following composi- tion : Ijt .Salicylic acid, 5iiss ; Oil of turpentine .Sii?s ; Lard 3ii>f; Wool fat . Mi.-s. M. et ft. unguentum. In addition, mercurial ointmetit may be applied i:>n compresses. The Treatment of Anal Fissure. — Comby {Paris medical, Al-irch 15, 191 1) advises touching the part lightly with a pencil of aztec treasure free play copper sulphate, or i.r.e of mitigated silver nitrate, followed by aztec treasures 3d a sup- pository : ]J Extract of rhatany gr. viiss , Oil of theohroma, gr. xxx. M. et fiat suppositorium. It may be advisable in addition to anoint the in- traanal region with ointments as follows : 5 Extract of rhatany gr. .xv ; Petrolatum .^ss. M. R ■ Cocaine hydrochloride, gr. iii. Petrolatum 3iiss.. M. Dreuw's Application in Psoriasis. — In his work, The Principles and Practice of Dermatology, a ne\v-^,^_^ edition of which has just been issued from the press ^ of D. .\ppleton & Company, Pusey cites the follow- j ing plan of treatment which is highly recommended / bA' Dreuw in psoriasis : 1^ Salicylic acid, 5ii_ss ; Chrysarobin. 5v ; Birch tar, . " ._5v ; Green soap. 5_vi ; Petrolatum, 5vi. \ M. et ft. unguentum. >y This is a]5plied with a stiff brush to the affected areas dailv for four to six days. After the fifth or sixth dav the patient takes a hot bath daily for from one to three days, .\fter each bath petrolatum is rtibbed' into the surfaces from one to three times a day. A dav or two after beginning treatment it is found that the ointment remains on the normal skin around aztec treasure online the patches as a black, parchmentlike crtist, while over the plaques there is intense scaling. This black crust loosens in a few days of bathing aztec treasure kostenlos online spielen and of inunctions of petrolatum. After eight or nine davs the free aztec treasure five reel slots aztec treasure casino game treatment may be repeated, if necessary, but, as a rule, the psoriasis disappears soon aztec treasure online slots aztec treasures slot game after the first period of treatment. Unna and Lassar recommend the method. In spite of the strength oi the chrysarobin, it is said to cause very little irri- tation. EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 68: NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL IN'CORPORATIXG THE Philadelphia Medical Journal and The Medical News. A Weekly Rez'icii: of Medicine.

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