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ana'sthesia. According to Dubois and Bidot, it is much more valuable than morphine as an aid to chloroform. Hypnone having only very slight analgesic properties, it is unsuitable in insomnia arising from pain, or from a persistent cough, or from a febrile state. It is particu- larly efficacious in sleeplessness from nervousness or alcohol. In mor- phinism it fails like most other hypnotics. The system does not be- come easily habituated to the drug, and it can be given for a long time without the necessity arising of increasing the dose. It is not suitable to be given hypodermically, on account of the local irritation it sets up and its inefficiency when administered by this method. The authors think that hypnone should free online poker rooms+no download rank with chloral and paraldehyde; though inferior to the former, it is almost the equal of paraldehyde. They con- sider themselves warranted in arriving at the horseshoe casino indiana daily poker tournaments foUowiug conclusions : 1. Hypnone is a mixed acetone of the aromatic series. 2. It is a toxic, and its toxic effects depend upon the greater or lesser degree of its purity. 3. In toxic doses in animals it causes sleep, analgesia, and anaesthesia, and diminishes the irritability of the nerves, lessens con- siderably the blood pressure, modifies the respiration, and changes the composition free poker money instantly of the blood. 4. In massive doses, 20 to 40 cgr. (ill iij-vj) in man, it never produces any other appreciable symptom than sleep ; it is a hypnotic particularly suitable in nervous insomnia and in the insonnua brought on by abuse of alcohol and prolonged intellectual laltor. July U, 18H6.] MISCELLANY. Ill Arseaic in Chorea. — Dr. W. B. Cheadle adduces several interesting facts (•' Practitioner," February, 1886) to show that arsenic in chorea is positively of benefit. A comparison is given of the duration of cases treated on the expectant plan and those treated by arsenic, with a strik- ing advantage in favor of the latter. He had experimented with many other drugs, and from a very large experience he makes the following deduction : That arsenic is the only drug which appears to possess de- cided power to shorten the duration of chorea as well as to mitigate the svmptoms during the course of the disease. The author's method of administering the drug is the following : From three to five drops of liquor arsenicalis in water, or in two drachms of wine of iron, are given twice or three times a day, and the dose is increased by one minim every two or three days until it reaches lUxij, the usual limit of toleration of the drug. The liquor arsenici hydrochloratis may be given with or without perchloride of iron in the same manner. On the occurrence of gastric s\inptoms the top online poker sites for us players mac arsenic is omitted for two or three days, a calomel purge given, and the medicine resumed in smaller doses as soon as the disturbance has subsided. The author han met with four cases of arsenical bronzing. The discoloration in the most severe form re- seiubles that met with in the lighter staining of Addison's disease. In three of the cases the bronzing faded is online poker illegal in new jersey away after a longer or shorter period. In one of the cases the discoloration was permanent. In this case the patient had been under treatment by large doses of arsenic for some two years. The cause of the bronzing seems to be an increased deposit of pigment in the rete Malpighii, owing to prolonged hypera;mia, as in the case of macula? fullowing eruptions. The Physiological Action of Thalline. — G. Pisenti (" Ctrlbl. f. die ges. Ther.," Heft xi, 188.5) pulilishcs the results is online poker legal in california 2012 of several experiments made with thalhne on different animals, especially on frogs, guinea- pigs, and dogs. Frogs are the most susceptible of all to the drug. Five minims injected subcutaneously caused a decrease of the voluntary move- ments ; when placed on their backs the animals could not regain their normal position. The reflex of the cornea remained intact. After three hours the frogs completely recovered. Larger doses (1 eg.) caused the corneal reflex to disappear and arrested the respiration, but the heart con- tinued to beat, though slowly and with free poker tournament organizer intermittenoe. The electrical ex- citability of the muscles remained intact. The same results were ob- taineii with larger doses (2-5 eg.); they merely acted more rapidly. In guinea-pigs in doses of 6 eg. and more the only effect noticed was a diminution in the activity of the animal. Dogs also tolerated large doses of thalline without manifesting any free poker room money particular symptoms. In one dog only there were noticed a slight tremor and a peculiar interruption of the breathing. Thalline, in common with other bases of quinoline, has an energetic anti-fermentaSve power. It has, also, as the experiments on dogs and guinea-pigs showed, the recent news online poker us power of reducing the normal tem- perature. The drug is eliminated by the kidneys and also by the liver, as was evident in one dog that had a biliary fistula. Lactic Acid in Tuberculous Laryngitis. — Dr. Edmund Jelinck ("Ctrlbl. f. d. ges. Ther.," xii, 1885), influenced by the results Krause obtained with lactic acid in tuberculous affections of the larynx, has made extensive use of that drug in similar affections in Professor Schriitter's Poliklinik in Vienna. The author employed a twenty-per- cent, solution at first, which later on he increased to fifty per cent, and in some cases has used the pure acid. He was well gratified with the results, and, although not alleging a cur.ative effect on the tuber- cular affection, the author is online poker ipad 2 real money of the opinion that lactic acid forms a valuable therapeutic means for the local troubles in the larynx of phthisical patients, which often are so annoying both to the patient and the physk-ian. Jelinck obtained the best results when the tuberculous deposit in the larynx had undergone ulceration or appeared in the form of a diffuse oedematous swelling. In many of the cases the timely ap- plication of the lactic acid obviated the necessity of performing trache- otomy. A serious objection to the drug is the severe pain which at- tends its application, but, notwithstanding this, the patients always asked to have the application repeated, the relief they had obtained from the first being so marked. The pain produced by the application may be mitigated, however, by the use of cocaine. Jelinck prefers making the application by means of cotton-wool wrapped around a suitable instrument than by a brush, as the former takes up more fluid and can be made so as to cover a larger surface. The author has used lactic acid in the hypertrophic and atrophic forms of pharj-ngitis with good results, and casino arizona talking stick poker tournaments best online poker sites accepting us players found it of great value in the treatment of scrofulous rhinitis. TJstilago Maidis.— Dr. James Mitchell contributes (" Therap. Gaz.,' Apr., 1886) a valuable article on the physiological action of ustilago maidis on the nervous system. Ten to fifteen minims of the fluid ex- tract injected into the posterior lymph-sac of normal frogs produced profound narcosis. At first a semi-comatose condition was noticed ; this was followed by a short period of excitement, succeeded by mus- cular tremors and clonic spasms. The muscular irritability appeared to be greatly increased. All these symptoms then terminated in pa- ralysis. If the dose was insuflicient to produce death, all the symp- toms subsided, the paralysis disappeared, and in the course of from one to two hours the animal appeared to have regained its normal condi- tion. In full toxic doses the immediate cause of death appears to be paralysis of respiration, as the heart is found beating rhythmically after all the external signs of life have ceased. The author made several experiments to ascertain the cause of the paralysis, and offers the following conclusions : That the ultimate action of ustilago maidis upon the nervous system is that of a general depressant, producing a diminution and final extinction of all reflex and volitional phenomena, with the early induction of narcotism. That the loss of reflex activitv is due to the paralysis of the sensory (receptive) portion of the cord. That the motor portion of the cord is also depressed, as well as the motor nerves. That it is how to win online poker freerolls also probable that the sensory nerves share in the general paralysis. The drug is classed in Wood's " Therapeu- tics " as an oxytocic agent. The author places in parallel columns us friendly poker sites freerolls the action of ustilago maidis, potassium bromide, and ergot of rye; on comparing these, it is found that the first two resembled each other very closely in their physiological action on the real money online poker california nervous system. Piohi (Fabiana Imbricata) in Cystitis.— Dr. H. C. Wyman reports {Ibiti) six cases of cystitis in which he has employed the new remedy — pichi. In all — two acute and four chronic — the employment of the fluid extract online poker freerolls us of pichi in Hlxv doses every two or three hours was fol- lowed by a complete recovery. The author professes to have had good results with the remedy in numerous cases of lumbago and sciatica at- tended with lithuria are any online poker sites accepting us players or phosphaturia. He favors the following for- mula : B Ext. pichi fl ? j ; Potass, nit 3j; Elixir simp 3 iij. M. A teaspoonful every two bourn. lodol in Surgical Practice.— Dr. Gaetano Mazzoni ("Ctrlbl. f. d. ges. Ther.") obtained from his assistant in the laboratory a new chemi- cal preparation, named iodol, online poker sites free play which free online poker chat rooms apparently has the same properties as iodoform. It is a yellowish powder, tasteless, and with scarcely any smell. The drug was applied either as a powder, or suspended in gly- cerin, or in the form of an ointment with vaseline. In venereal sores it gave brilliant results. It was appUed in the same way as iodoform is commonly appHed. In other than venereal sores, iodol showed itself efficacious. It was used with good results in gangrenous and atonic ulcers, but was found useless in necrotic and highly gangrenous ulcers. In a case of hypertrophic lupus it was employed in the form of injec.

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