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matic Phenomena, By Carey Coombs. 12. The Rat Flea as the Intermediate Host of a Rat Tape- worm. By William Nicoll. 3. Infantile Paralysis in Bristol. — Parker re- ports Uiirty-seven cases in what was double bonus deuces wild one of the first epidemics in Great Britain, He does not report cases in which paralysis was absent throughout, and while he has had no complete recoveries, six of the patients are practically well. free online deuces wild bonus poker Two died, a mortal- ity of six per cent. Most of the children had a fe- brile attack immediately before or after the onset of paralysis; in about a quarter of them, rheumatic pains were recorded : some had pain down the spine ; there was facial paralysis in one case ; amygdalitis appeared in two cases, pulmonary com- plications in several, measles in three. On the 'ither bonus deuces wild video poker hand, .several children were suddenly i)ara- lyzed while apparently in perfect health ; in a few there was a history of a blow. The location of the paralysis includes one or both legs, complete paraly- sis of both legs and trunk, of left arm. right arm. all four limbs, right side, left shoulder. Recovery from acute symptoms leaves usually a cold limb. but the occurrence of knee jerk varies, as well as that of ankle clonus. 4. .ffitiology of Poliomyelitis. — Vipond had a mortality of sbghtK- less than 6 per cent, of some sixty cases under his care during the Montreal epi- demic bonus deuces wild free of igoC). He bonus deuces wild finds a similarity between the disease and typhoid fever: lioth occur in the late summer or fall months ; both usually become ex- tinct at bonus deuces wild slots the onset of cold weather; diarrhoea is common in both ; the incubation period is the same in both; both diseases are prevalent in large cities and small towns at the same time where and when the cause of typhoid fever is traceable to the water and milk supply; while, on the other jiand, where the supply of water and milk is pure, both of these diseases are less frequent. It is practically the same degree of contagion. The W'idal reaction is pres- ent in the blood of patients with poliomyelitis, there- fore the diseases arc probably allied. .\s typhoid attacks the weakest part of the adult, the intestinal tract, so poliomyelitis attacks the most vulnerable part of the child, the nervous system. Pending the discovery of a specific serum. Vipond advises the use of typhoid senun where the W'idal reaction is free bonus deuces wild video poker found. 5. Gastric Origin of Angina Pectoris. — \'er- don has relieved many seizures of angina simply by introducing an oesophageal tube and emptying the stomach of much flatus. Pie believes that 50 per cent, of angina cases are of gastric origin, all of them where upon autopsy, no lesion of the coronary arteries is discoverable. Thrombus and embolism of the coronary arteries, therefore, are the result and not the cause of the anginal seizure; many cases presenting the true paroxysmal characteristics may perchance be made amenable to gastric treat- ment by surgic;d methocl^, palliative or radical. 6. Cane Sugar in Heart Disease. — Goulston avers that dextrose is capable of nourishing the heart muscle in a most wonderful and peculiar man- ner ; he cites cases of dilated heart in advanced age, valvular heart disease, postinfluenzal dilatation, heart strain, failure in tuberculous phthisis, where a regime of cane sugar produced surprising results ; he has also had good results in anjemic cases with dilatation and in chloroform heart. Although the sugar is given in massive doses, he has never found any in the urine. 8. Salvarsan in Syphilis. — Evans cites several cases of syphilis in all stages treated with salvarsan. His experience in primary lesions is to see rapid improvement, with complete disappearance of the chancre before the fourteenth day; secondary le- sions also disappear rajjidly. Nearly all tertiary cases have shown marked improvement, gummatous ulceration of the skin and lesions of the buccal mu- cous membrane healing in the most satisfactory manner. Cases for play deuces wild bonus video poker months under mercury and iodides without improvement cleared up wonder- fully under salvarsan. In primary and secondary cases the intravenous method seems to be prefera- ble, in tertiaries both methods seem to be equally good. Distilled water should be used. Evans has had no untoward results, although there is always a rise of temperature, followed by headache and vomiting, and in some cases rigors and diarrhcea. LANCET. March iS, ii>ii. 1. .\nkylostoma Infection, By .\. K. liovcuTi 2. Ancient British Races, Bv Arthur Kzlih! 3- '006 and Syphilis, By James McIntosh and Paul Filfies 4. Observations on the Use of Salvarsan in Syphilis, By T. W. CiiiiB.VRD and L. W. H.vhrison. 5. The Diagnosis of Gastric Carcinoma by the Cleavage of Polypeptides, By I. W,\LKER H.\LL and G. Scott Williamson. 6. The Iodine Method of Sterilizing the Skin, By Philip Turner and H. C. C.\ttci 7- -Aji Egyptian Holy Man, By C. G, Seligm.wn. 8. A Case of Strangulated Hernia of the Appendi.v Ver- miformis, By RonERT Ollerensh.wv. 9. Note on bonus deuces wild poker game a Case of Nodular Fibromyositis, By Robert Knowles. 10. Operation at Sea on a Case of Strangulated Hernia, By St.\nley Bott. I. Ankylostoma Infection. — Boycott believes that ankylostnni;i is resjionsilile for as much un- happiness as the malarial organisms and as bonus deuces wild poker game much mortality. .\II tropical countries are infected, atid where conditions for its propagation are not un- favorable it may reduce four fifths of the populalii n to a state of chronic invalidism. The adult worms live in the small intestine of man and develop from the egg in ten days ; reproduction does not occur 6g6 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. outside the body. Infection takes place through the skin as well as by the mouth and alimentary canal, and the latter mode is not so uncommon among civilized people as might be supposed. Nearly all cases, however, give a history of skin in- fection with an eruption and itching. The time from the first infection of one individual to the es- tablishment of an infection derived from him in a second individual may vary from seven weeks to at least six years. There are two causative or- ganisms, ankylostoma duodenale and ankylostoma (Xecator, uncinaria) Americanum, both being re- stricted to man and the higher apes. Symptoms of infection are local erythema, slight bronchial ca- tarrh, and pains in the abdomen, followed by the characteristic anaemia, which may become very se- vere, cases with 15 to 30 per cent, hemoglobin being common in heavily infected places, the anae-

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