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ers used 10 c.c. each of saliva and distilled water and 2 c.c. of acetic acid. 4. Meningeal Form of Actinobacillosis. — Ra- vout and Pinoy detail a case, the first they say to be observed in man, where the patient was under treat- ment for meningitis ; he recovered and the case would have attracted little attention had it not been for the examination of the cerebrospinal fluid, which tlisclosed boy king's treasure slot coccobacilli. ciubshaped and refusing Gram. .\ctinomycosis being extremely rare in Fr&nce, but common in the .\rgentine Republic, an investigfa- tion of the young man's history was made with the discovery that he hailed from that part boy king's treasure slot of South America. The writers think all cases of meningi- tis should be examined for actinomycosis, a delicate procedure. It is interesting that this case was cured after boy-king's treasure 2 two rhachicenteses : in cattle the disease yields quickly to potassium iodide. 6. Hepatoptosis. — Chilaiditi has studied hepa- toptosis tor four years in the Vienna clinics ; he presents the history of three cases. All were marked by the interposition of the large intestine filled with air betv.een the liver and diaphragm, which was ap- parently the cause of the hepatic displacement. There was extreme mobility demonstrated on change of decubitus and manual pressure. Pain was absent and the patients were unconscious of the dis- placements. 7. A Case of Arterial Grafting. — Pirovano de- tails a c-a.-^e of an aneurysm as large as an ostrich egg in the femoral artery of a man thirty years old. Fie removed the sac and grafted in a portion of artery from a fresh cadaver. The autopsy proved that the graft had united in its entire length. Death had occurred from peritonitis, the patient being ex- hausted from delay and mismanagement at the hands of various quacks. SEMAINE M&DICALE January 18, 1911. I. "Signe dii lacet" in Diseases with Ha;morrhagic Man- ifestations, By C. Frugoni and F. Guigni. January 2$. jgii. -» Indications for and Technique of Biliointestinal An- astomoses, By F. Lejars. I. "Signe du lacet." — Frugoni and Guigni have found that in patients with any of the luemorrhagic diseases, if a ligature is applied to the arm. not too 'icrhtly. it is easy to excite hjemorrhagic manifesta- tions in the peripheral end of the limb similar to those produced spontaneously elsewhere. To this phenomenon they have given the name of sigiie du lacet. It constitutes not only an excellent prog- nostic sign, but a precious practical criterion of the more or less complete disappearance of a tendency to hiemorrhagic accidents. The ligature is applied much less tightly than when designed to produce Bier's hyperasmia. The first experiments of the writers were with young women attacked with pur- pura hasmorrhagica. WIENER KLINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT March 16. igii. I. Investigations Concerning A?epji?. Contribution to the Bacteriological Revision of Aseptic Operations, By \'. Hecht and Koehler. -». Further Studies Concerning the EtTect of Ferments upon Tuberculin, By Th. Pfeiffer and H. Trunk. 3. Diseases of the Acoustic Nerve in Acquired Syphilis,. By Otto Mayer. A- boy king slot machine The Occurrence of Diseases of the Internal Ear in the Early Stages of Syphilis ; the Efifects of Salvar- san. By Hugo Frey. 5. Clinical Observations Concerning the Parasites of the Muscles and Skin. X Ray Demonstration of Calci- fied Cysticercus. Remarks Concerning Tape Worm and the Statistics of these Troubles. (Concluded), By K.\RI. PiCHLER. I. Asepsis. — Hecht and Koehler present the following conclusions: i. Perfect asepsis is to be attained at present only by direct sterilization of everything employed, instruments, sutures and dressings. 2. An ideal asepsis of boy-king's treasure the hands cannot be obtained ; all methods of washing hitherto em- ployed result at best in a diminution of the germs, never in freedom from them. 3. The sterilized rub- ber glove alone furnishes an aseptic covering of the hand at the beginning of an operation and is the sovereign means of protection against germs from !t. 4. The use of a one half per cent, solution of sub- limate alcohol upon the surface of the skin in the vicinity of the operation produces temporarily an absolute freedom from germs. Tincture of iodine does not kill the germs, but simply tans the skin. 5. Harmful infection from the air cannot be proved generally. The demand for a separation of the operating room from the other rooms appears to be justified bacteriologically. 3. Diseases of the Auditory Nerve in Acquired Syphilis. — .Maver concludes from the examina- tion of 65 cases that the disease 01 the auditoiy nerve may appear three weeks after the primary lesion, but most frequently during the first six months, although twenty-five or thirty years may intervene. The disease of the auditory nerve starts usually with subjective noises associated, in half the cases, with dizziness. These symptoms prob- ably may appear before- the exanthem, in which case they form a portion of the prodromal symp- toms of syphilis. In the later stages of secondary syphilis the aural affection is always coincident with a rela])se and i> to be considered as one of its symp- toms. The disturbance of hearing is almost always gradual and reaches different degrees. It is usually bilateral and may cause deafness either on one side or on both. It happens rarely that the hearing on one side is normal and on the other very bad. The tuning fork test demonstrates in these cases the presence of an affection of the nerve and the' ab- (y:j8 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. sence of an affection of the middle ear. In a great many cases, about half, boy king slot vestibular symptoms were observed in addition to the loss of hearing, which showed themselves usually in the form of slight attacks of dizziness, sometimes of severe attacks accompanied by vomiting and disturbances of equi- librium. An isolated disease of the vestibularis was not observed. Mayer thinks that in at least some of the cases of disease of the auditory nerve which promptly followed the injection of 606 the remedy must be held responsible and that these should be differentiated from the others. 4. Diseases of boy king slot free play the Internal Ear in Syphilis. — Frey presents a paper on the same lines as the pre- ceding. He cites a large number of cases from literature, going back as far as Roosa's case in 1876, in which grave auditory symptoms appeared within a few months of the outbreak of syphilis. These cases he thinks form an argument which leaves the question open whether 606 is productive of harm to the ear in cases of recent syphilis. REVUE DE MEDECINE.

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