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and in those cities still without them, many methods have been employed to compel parents to take some action on the recommendations of the medical in- spectors. England tried with little success segre- gation of the defective children, while in America exclusion and written notices seem play double double jackpot poker to be generally practised. In England, even with laws making medical inspection compulsory, there was great dif- ficulty in overcoming the parental indifference and neglect. The laws have no sections which require the parent to provide the necessary medical atten- tion. There is a firm realization that the employ- ment of trained nurses accomplishes that which the law fails to do. and yet no country or State makes it mandatory for the schools to emplov nurses. Sev- eral advise or make it permissible to employ them. About 375 cities in the United States have some attempt at medical inspection : but one State in this country, Massachusetts, has mandatory laws on the subject. Few States have any legislation on the physical examination of school children, and these including New York have only permissive laws. The proposed new School Code for the State of Pennsylvania makes it mpndatorv for the Board of School Directors of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to employ medical inspectors, and for all other cities it is permissive to employ them, but in case thev do not see fit to do so. the commissioner of Health can appoint the Countv Medical inspector to per- form such duties. Nurses may be employed bv anv Board of School Directors. This new code as well as the legislation of all other States makes no pro- visions compelling the parent to attend to the phys- ical defects found. However, double double jackpot poker online should such laws be enacted, it is questionable whether they would not be declared unconstitutional. Where an efficient system of school nurses has been established the double double jackpot poker strategy results are equal to what could be expected imder possible legislative enactment. History shows u5 that laws are not the "cure alls" to all of our short- comings and needs, ^^'e free double double jackpot poker should place less faith in the necessity of legal forms and more in practical common sense action. This is not surprising for we know that often persuasion and reasoning succeed in accomplishing thincrs which laws cannot. I am firmly of the opinion that any legislature which will make it mandatory for cities to employ for the schools both phvsirinns and nurses, will save itself the need of any further legislation on this and many other subjects pertaining to public health. The following information gathered by the De- 720 .\E!VMAyER: SCHOOL NURSE. partment of Child Hygiene of The Russell Sage Foundation of New York is as interesting as double double jackpot poker casino it is double double jackpot poker slots disappointing: CITIES EMPLOYING SCHOOL NURSES AND NUM- BER OF NURSES EMPLOYED. Number of cities Number Division. having nurses. ot nurses. North Atlantic 39 242 South Atlantic 4 10 South Central 2 2 North Central 21 96 Western 10 21 United States — Total 76 371 This seems like a rather disappointing report, but previous to IQ07 but eight cities in this country had school nurses, and about two thirds of those now possessing them have awakened to such needs and established them in the past year. You will note that seventy-eight per cent, of these cities and over ninety-one per cent, of the nurses are double double jackpot video poker dis- tributed in northern cities. This is not so strangL- when you consider that comparatively few of the southern cities have medicpl inspection. The true end ultimate objects of medical inspec- tion of schools are safeguarding the health ot the pupils and improving their physical and mentai condition by removing those defects that interfere with the child obtaining a normal education with comfort. Medical inspection without nurses is largely one of records and statistics, while with nurses it means action taken and results obtained. No amount of talk can give more convincing proof of the absolute need play free double double jackpot poker online of school nurses than the ful- lowing comparative study of the results obtained by medical inspectors with and without nurses. The following is a report of double double jackpot poker game the work of the school nurses of Philadelphia for the year ending December 31, 1910: CITY OF PHILADELPHIA. Ri:.sri.Ts ot;t.\in'ei) isy .\ medicm, iNSFiicroR wuiiisi NOT .MDED BY A NURSE. Individual children report- Cases needing treatment Results reported ed u! on reported upon as terminated .-\ction No action Num- Per- Num- Per- Xuniber Kind Number ber centage ber centage 751 Defective vision 272 70 25.8 202 74.8 Hypertrophied tonsils 338 62 18.4 276 81.6 Adenoids 36 5 13.9 31 86,1 Defective teeth 152 31 20.4 121 79.6 Totals 798 168 21. 1 630 78.9 RESULTS OBT.\INEI) DURING THE S.\ME PERIOD 1!Y THE S.\ME MEDICAL INSPECTOR WHEN -MDED BY A SCHOOL NURSE. Individual children report- Cases needing treatment Results reported ed upon reported upon as terminated .\ction No action Num- Per- Num- Per- Number Kind Number ber centage ber centage 704 Defective vision 441 355 80.5 86 19.5 Hypcrlrophicd tonsils double double jackpot poker 2 .104 68 65.4 36 34.6 .Adenoids 62 45 72.6 17 27.4 Defective teeth 150 138 92.0 12 8.0 Totals 757 606 80.0 151 20.0 RESULTS OBT.^INED P.Y MEDICAL INSPECTOR AIDED BY

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