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of venereal diseases and said that he considered the adop- tion of this resolution one of the most important .steps that has ever been taken by a Board of Health, marking as it doe= a new departure in the development of sanitary administration in New York. The commissioner also called attention to the fact that there is a great lack of hospital facilities for the care of patients suffering from these diseases, and said that the Board of Health had in- cluded in its programme of requests for the issue eastern jackpot cleopatra of cor- porate stock, an item for the jackpot cleopatra's gold establishment of a public hospital for venereal diseases. The resolution, as adopt- ed, accordingly committed the Board of Health to the making of a definite request to the Board of Estimate and Apportionment for the inclusion in the next corporate stock budget of a provision for the erection of such a hospital. Society Meetings for the Coming Week: MoND.w, April i/tli. — New York Academy of Medicine (Section in Ophthalmology) ; Medical Association of the Greater City of New York ; Medical Society of the County of Erie, N. Y. ; Elmira Clinical Society- Hartford, Conn., Medical Society. TuESD.^Y, April iStli.- — New York Academy of Medicine (Section in Medicine); Buffalo Academy of Medicine (Section in Pathologj) ; Tri-Professional Medical So- ciety of New York; Medical Society of the County of Kings, N. Y. ; Psychiatric Society of Ward's Inland, New York ; Syracuse Academy of Medicine ; Bing- hamton Academy of Medicine ; Clinical Society of Elizabeth, N. J., General Hospital ; Qgdensburgh Med- ical Assocjiation. Wednesday, April igth. — New York Academy of Aledicinc (Section in Genitourinary Diseases) ; Women's Medical Association of New York City (Academy of Medi- cine) ; Medicolegal Societ\', New York; Northwestern Medical and Surgical Society of New York ; New- York Society of Internal JNIedicine; New Haven. Conn., Medical Association; Buffalo Medical Club; New Jersey Academy of Medicine (Jersey City). Thursd-'^y, April zoth. — New York Academy of Medicine ; German Medical Society, Brooklyn ; Newark, N. J.. Medical and Surgical Society; .^sculapian Club of Buffalo, N. Y. Frid.'W, April 21st. — New York Academy of Medicine (Section in Orthopa;dic Surgery) ; Clinical Society of the New York Postgraduate Medical School and Hospital; New York j\Iicroscopical Society; Brooklyn Medical Society : Alumni Association of Roosevelt Hospital (annual) ; Saratoga Springs Medical Society. S.\TfRD.\Y, April 22d. — West End Medical Society ; New- York Medical and Surgical Society ; Harvard Medical Society; Lenox Medical and Surgical Society. Medical Interne Wanted at the Government Hos- pital for the Insane. — The United States Civil Service Commission announces an examination on June 7, 191 1, to secure eligibles from wdiich to make certification to fill a vacancy in the position of medical interne, Government Hospital for the Insane, Washington, D. C, at $600 per annum, with maintenance, and vacancies requiring similar qualifications as they may occur in that hospital, unless it shall be decided in the interest of the service to fill the vacancy by reinstatement, transfer, or promotion. The positions are tenable for one year, and pay $50 a month and maintenance. At the end of six months, how-ever. during which titne a postgraduate course in mental and neurological diagnostic methods, etc., is given, an exam- ination is held, and promotions to the next grade, assistant physician, at $75 a month and maintenance, are made. Beyond this there is regular advancement for men whose services are satisfactory. The Government Hospital for the Insane has over 2,000 patients and about 750 employees to care for. In addition to the general medical practice offered, the scientific opportunities are excellent and the clinical opportunitie? in neurology and psychiatry are un- surpassed. As considerable difficulty has been experienced in filling vacancies in the position of medical interne in the Hospital Service during the past several years owing to the limited number of eligibles available, qualified per- sons are urged to enter this examination. .\pplications will be accepted only from persons who have been grad- uated from reputable medical colleges. .Applicants must not have been graduated more than two vears prior to the date of the examination unless they have been continuously engaged in hospital, laborator}-, or research work along the lines of ncumlngj' or psycliiatry since graduation, which fact must be specifically shown in the application. Roth men and women will be admitted to this examination, although there are no vacancies for women at present. -Applicants must be unmarried. .Age limit, twenty years or over on the date of the examination. Applicants should at once apply to the United States Civil Service Commis- sion, Washington, D. C, for application and examination. Form 1312. or for further information regarding the ex- amination PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. "43 |it| 0f Carrmt f itwatua. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. April 6, IQII. 1. Disorders of the Stomach and Duodenum with Espe- cial Reference to Ulcers, By William J. Mayo. 2. Duodenal Ulcer, By Fr.^xklin W. White. 3. Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer : Review of the Recent Literature. By Cha.n'ning Frothixgham, Jr. 4. Indications from a Medical Standpoint for Operative Procedures in the Presence of Clironic Gastric Symptoms, By Maurice Vejux Tyrode. 1. Ulcers of Stomach and Duodenum. — Mayo has, for purposes of comparison, taken 1,000 cases operated upon at St. Mary's Hospital for gastric and duodenal ulcers, which includes all of the cases operated upon up to January 17, 191 1. Of these, 745, or 74^ per cent., were males, and 255, or 25J4 per cent., were females. Previous to June i, 1906. the differentiation between gastric and duodenal ulcers was not well established and many ulcers which were duodenal in origin, but which extended up to the pylorus, were supposed to be mega jackpot cleopatra gastric. However, since June i, igo6. 621 authentic cases of gastric and duodenal ulcers have been operated upon (January 17, 1911), of which 201 (3254 per cent,) were gastric and 401 (64J/2 per cent.) were duodenal, and 19 (3 per cent.) had one or more ulcers of both the stomach and duodenum. Includ- ing all the types of operations, — ■ resections, ex- cisions, gastrojejunostomies, etc.,- — -there was an operative mortality of 15, 2 4-10 per cent. The mortality figures include all the cases operated. More than 90 per cent, of ulcers are situated along the lesser curvature ; those not so situated are more frequent on the posterior than the anterior wall of the stomach. Less than 6 per cent, are multiple ; the diagnosis is usually not difficult ; in the early stages, superacidity and supersecretion are promi- nent features ; not over 30 per cent, of cases give a clear history of haemorrhage ; it is always advisable to examine the gross specimen brought up from the fasting stomach by the stomach tube ; laboratory diagnosis must be corroborated by other signs and symptoms; in the later stages of the disease ob- struction supervenes ; in excising an ulcer of the stomach, gastrojejunostomy is usually necessary in addition. 2. Duodenal Ulcer. — White says we must re- vise our ideas about chronic duodenal ulcer on the basis of recent surgical reports which show that it is much more common than formerly sup- posed. Islany cases have previously been confused

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