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out colorless, although it gave line alkaloidal reac- tions, but did not respond to the test for meconic acid; the third, also colorless, gave good reactions. free mobile casino slots games downloads The first washing removed the ingested but unabsorbed opium, but tlie alkaloids found in the others could have been detected only through their excretion by the gastric mucous membrane. •' The following case, reported by Dr. Had Bhicaji, chief medical officer in Goudal, KLathiawar, East In- dia, illustrates that tin- internal administration of out- antidote is life saving even after a considerable time has elapsed since the taking of the poison. "'A Hindoo child, about eighteen months old, while playing in the house, accidentally came upon the father's opium box ami swallowed a four-grain lump of opium free slots machines spin palace casino which he found in it. This occurred about noon, while the mother was out on some busi- ness. On her return at 2 P.M. the mother found the child lying unconscious on the ground, with the tin box beside her. The mother ran at nine with the child to our hospital, and when admitted the child was fully under the influence "I opium. The case seemed a hopeless one, as the symptoms of poisoning were most profound, and there seemed no chance of hope by using tin- stomach pump or by giving emetics. The idea then occurred to me that permang.n potash, as 10 ommended by 1 >r. William Moor, ol \r« tricks to slot machines in casino York, might answer in this ease. Accordingly 1 dis- solved eight grains of the permanganate oi potassium in one ounce of water, and began to administer the tin id with much difficulty, a teaspoonful every ten minutes. After half an hour from the first dose, the child ap- peared to improve. The solution was continued, but it free casino slots games to play for fun was now given in casino free slots machines 100 the same dose every twenty min- utes. Gradually but visibly, without emesis, the nar- cotic symptoms gave place to returning consciousness, quiet, natural respiration, and voluntary motor power, so that about midnight the child was seen playing in bed by the side of its mother, perfectly restored after sixteen grains of permanganate of potassium had been administered.' "It is evident that in this case and in other re- ported cases of a similar nature the antidote acted first by oxidizing the poison still contained in the stomach and then by annihilating the alkaloids which returned from the circulation to the stomach. ■• ( )ne of the most interesting features relating to the use of the opium antidote is the beneficent effect ob- served from its hypodermic administration. Rabbits which had received hypodermic injections of one to three grains of morphine were free online casino slot machine games with bonus rounds greatly improved by the hypodermic administration of the antidote,!" I to their respiration and their general condition. I have published the details of these experiments in the Medical Record of March 2, 1S95. I shall cite a lew < in which the free casino slot games on facebook subcutaneous injection of the antidote was of unmistakable efficacy. ■' The question arises : What is the mot/us operandi oi free casino slots machines no download the hypodermic use of our opium antagonist? first, I thought that the antidote selected the morphine from among the albuminous constituents of the blood. To this view it has been objected that the permanganate is rapidly decomposed by the subcutaneous tissues, and thus could not reach the circulation in an unal- tered condition. I must confess that I have fully real- ized the correctness of this free online las vegas casino slot games objection, lor the same reason I have also abandoned the idea that the per- manganate converts hamoglobin into oxyhamoglobin. Professor Hare, of Philadelphia, suggested that the pain due free casino slot games for fun to the hypodermic injection of the antidote acted as a stimulus to the respiration. Rut when we consider that an improvement in respiration took place in many cases in which there was absolute insensibil- ity to pain, Dr. Hare's view appears fallacious. " From a careful analysis of the cases reported, it has become evident to me that the action of hypodermic injections of permanaganate is a physiological one, and probably is free play online casino slot games las vegas effected by the absorption of small quantities of hvdrated manganese dioxide. We know- that some ingredients of the blood exert at times a dy- namic function. Buchner, of Munich, has shown that blood serum loses its germicidal free casino slots games no downloads no registration capacity if chloride of sodium is abstracted from it. Yet a physiological solution "i play free casino slots bonus games common salt is certainly not a germicide. " Referring this example to our subject, we can say that the presence of a small quantity of mangani the blood may dynamically increase the oxygen capac- ity ol the blood and ma} render mote stable the com- bination ol oxygen ami haemoglobin. Dr. Sharp, of Philadelphia, made animal experiments with perman- ganate and opium, ami came to the conclusion that the hypodermic injections acted physiologically. Phese observations justify me in making the statement that the hypodermic administration of weak perman- ganate solutions should be of benefit in all cases of narcosis, asphyxia, and cyanosis. "Gentlemen, if you have to deal with alarming of etlui and chloroform narcosis, illuminating-gas as- phyxia, usphv xia 1 1 0111 drowning and laryngeal obstruc- tion, uraemia, eclampsia, and eases of a similar nature, and if yon ha d without benefit to the usual methods of treatment, also administei y solutions of permanganate of potassium, which can do no harm, bit may be of great benefit (1 to 10c :■ 5001. January 2, 1897] MEDICAL RECORD. 2 9 " About ninety or one hundred cases of opium poi- soning have been reported to me, in which the antidote has proved its great value. It should be given at once; no time should be wasted with emetics and stomach pump, as an instanteously acting antidote is far superior to these. It should be given to meet three indications: 1. Per os (eight to ten grains well diluted, or more), to annihilate any opium or its alka- loids that still may be in the stomach. 2. To decom- pose the alkaloids which return from the circulation to the stomach. This is accomplished by giving from time to time weak solutions of virgin casino free slots machines the antidote (one grain to a tumblerful of water). 3. Hypodermic injections of permanganate solutions (1 to 100 or more), to act as a physiological antidote. " I conclude by expressing the earnest hope that my words will aid in diminishing the number of serious and fatal cases due to opium narcosis and to other forms of narcosis, asphyxia, and cyanosis." Dr. VV. H. Poster said free download casino slot machine games he had had no experience with permanganate in the treatment of opium poison- ing, but he could see no reason why it should not ren- der the opium which was in the stomach inert. He could not understand how it could act after the opium had been absorbed. Dr. Andrew H. Smith said he had had no person- al experience, but some time ago had directed that the permanganate be kept in the Presbyterian free online casino slot games download Hospital. A number of victims of high limit slots best casino for online slot machines opium poisoning had received it, and all had recovered; but in all instances O'Dwy- er's bellows was also used, and he was unable to say to which agent belonged the credit. The experiments free casino video slot machine games of Dr. Moor on himself and in other directions seemed conclusive. Dr. R. YV. Wilcox related free-slots.aspx play free casino slot games for fun had felt much interest in this sub- ject from the time Dr. Moor had first written upon it,

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