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opathies of adults, and is destined to be of especial value in diagnosticating malignant disease of these glands, now a very difficult matter. If auscultation is direct, close the free ear ; have the loose deuces patient whis- per ""ninety-nine" ; one must differentiate induration of tlie ape.x and also cavities, which give a similar sound ; also pleurisy with effusion. BERLINER KLINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT March 6, 1911. 1. Tlie .Accelerated .Absorption from the Lumliar I\Ius- cles and the Suitability of These Muscles for the Injection of Salvarsan, By S. J. Meltzer. 2. The .Action of Poisons and Drugs, By J. Traube. 3. The Effect of Santonin upon the Excretion of Sugar in Diabetes Melhtus, By George Walterhoefer. 4. The Iodine Treatment of Basedow's Disease, By S. GOLDFLAM. 5. The Diagnostic \'alue of v. Pirquet's Reaction and the Treatment of Tuberculosis with Cutaneous In- oculations of Tuberculin, By Wallerstein. 6. Congenital Adhesion of the Radius and Ulna (Synos- tosis Radioulnaris), By Pollnow and Levy-Dorn. 7. Repeated Extrauterine Pregnancies in the Same Wo- man, By .Alfred Frank. 8. Tlie Cerebral Localization of the Sexual Instinct, By A. MuENZEU. g. A New Extension Apparatus "Multiplex," By Flebbe. 10. Serological Studies in Regard to Gout (Concluded), By Falkensteix. 11. The Need of Private Institutions for Infectious Dis- eases, By Meyer. 3. Santonin in Diabetes. — Walterhoefer finds that santonin produces no therapeutic efl'ect of im- portance upon the excretion of sugar in diabetes. 5. Cutaneous Inoculations of Tuberculin. — Wallerstein reports half a dozen cases of tubercu- losis in which he obtained e.xcellent results by treat- ment with tuberculin in the form of cutaneous in- oculations and calls attention to the free loose deuces video poker ease, simplicity, and harmlessness of this method of using tuber- culin. 6. Synostosis Radioulnaris. — Pollnow and Levy-Dorn describe a case in which there was a congenital synostosis 5^ cm. long betw'een the proximal ends of the radius and ulna. The article is illustrated by several x ray pictures which show the condition clearly. 8. Cerebral Localization of the Sexual In- stinct. —Muenzer concludes that the normal pineal gland appears to be endowed with a more or less marked power of inhibition of the sexual in- stinct. The hypophysis rules the normal sexual activity to a certain degree. This function belongs possibly to the p^jsterior lobes. It has not lieen positively determined whether the secretion of the hypophysis excites or promotes the sexual ability. Perhaps the influence of the hypophysis free loose deuces is exerted in opposite directions, promoting and inhibiting the sexual instinct. The (|uestion whether other por- tions of the brain take part in the regulation of the sexual activity has not vet been determined. 75° I'lTH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. [New York EDICAL JoUK^ MEDIZINISCHE KLINIK. March jp, 1911. 1. Treatment by Forced Nutrition and Passive Exercise, By A. BiCKEL. 2. Intestinal Stenoses {Concluded), By J. Schnitzler. 3. Of What Importance Are the Nodes of the Sinus? By Walter Koch. 4. Experiences with Salvarsan in the Treatment of Syphilis, By Port. 5. A New Colorless Protection against Undesired Ef- fects of Sunlight upon the Skin, By P. G. Unna. 6. Extract of Malt, By Eugen Seel. 7. The Effect of Thyreoid Extract upon how to play loose deuces Cancer of the Stomach and Intestines, By Diesing. 8. Chronic Bronchial Diseases, Tuberculosis being Ex- cluded ; IX, Bronchial Concrements. By Posselt. 9. Poisoning loose deuces 2 with the Odorous Material of how to play loose deuces Tubercle Bacilli, By Leschke. 2. Intestinal loose deuces poker return Stenosis. — Schnitzler states that it is not easy even for the expert to determine the nature of the obstruction before operation loose deuces video poker strategy very fre- quently and that, therefore, many hours or days should not be lost in the attempt to make an ac- curate diagnosis. The fact that the intestine is loose deuces video poker ob- structed is sufficient to call loose deuces wild video poker for a laparotomy. He savs in conclusion "I would rather operate under a wrong diagnosis at the right moment than under a correct diagnosis at the wrong time." 4. Salvarsan. — Port submits the following propositions : The subcutaneous injection of the neutral emulsion is objectionable for many reasons. The technic of the intravenous injection is not fit- ted for general practice. The injection itself must be performed absolutely correctly on account of the dangers of thrombosis and embolism. Salvarsan is an advance in the chemical treatment of syphilis. It is particularly suited to cases of the so called malignant syphilis and those which are refractory to mercury and the iodides. A single intravenous injection appears too usually insufficient. The final efifects produced bv repeated intravenous injections still appear to be insufficient. Since the introduc- tion of the salvarsan therapeutics symptoms refera- ble to the cranial nerves have been observed more frequently and are to be looked upon as toxic in- juries produced not only by the endotoxine, but also by salvarsan. The most suitable treatment of svphilis appears to be at the present time a com- bination of salvarsan with mercury. MUNCHENER MEDIZINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT,

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