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treated in the cold chamber, and this was also ob- served in guineapigs infected with T. brucei. 8. .\ patient said he felt better after his sojourn in the cold chamber. 9. The Alleged Cardiosplanchnic Phenome- non. — Gordon notes that in the American ]oiirnai of Medical Sciences of January, 1904, p. 125, would be found a paper 'by Dr. Albert Abrams. of San Francisco, on Avhat he termed the "cardiosplanch- nic phenomenon," and defined as follows: "If the lower sternal region — that is, the sternum con- tiguous to the heart — is first percussed in the stand- ing- free online keno no download no registration and then again in the recumbent posture, one may appreciate a decided alteration in the percus- sion tone; in the former attitude it play keno free bodog is resonant or even hyperresonant ; in the latter it is dull oregon keno game results or flat. This is the cardiosplanchnic phenomenon." Now this description is absolutely contrary to fact, avers Gordon, and, thus defined, there is no such thing as the "cardiosplanchnic phenomenon." Dr. Abrams has evidently approached online casino multi card keno the subject with a biased mind. Dr. Abrams has confused percus- sion sounds with percussion sensations of resistance — two very different things, which must especially be kept apart in this investigation, seeing that in recumbency the anterior keno playing strategies chest wall itself usually falls slightly toward the spine, a change which may possibly affect the sensation of resistance in percus- sion. He expressly states that "in the elicitation of the cardiosplanchnic phenomenon palpatory per- cussion must be our chief mentor," explaining this term thus: "The play cleopatra keno online free no download skilled clinicist in his interpreta- tion of percussional phenomena is guided not so much by the ear as by the taclus eruditus; thus, pal- patory percussion will often yield results which would wholly escape the observer who is influenced only by what he hears and not by what he feels." In his definition, however, of the ''cardiosplanch- nic phenomena" above quoted he uses terms which are well understood to describe sounds and sounds only. Resonance, hyperresonance, flatness, and dullness are not descriptive of resistances. As his definition stands, his description of the effect of change of position is absolutely contrary to fact. LANCET March 25, 1911. 1. Ankylostoma Infection; Lecture II, By A. R. Boycott. 2. Myositis Ossificans Traumatica. By RiCKMAN J. GODLEE. 3. On Traumatic Myositis Ossificans, By G. H. M.vkins 4. The Formation of Bone in Periosteum Separated by Injury, By A. .'V Bowlbv. 5. A Case of Poisoning by Tragopogon Pratense, or Goat's Beard, By Fred J. Smith !and Hugh Candy. 6. .\ Record of 90 Diphtheria Carriers, Bv Angus G. Macdonald. 748 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. free keno slots no download 7. Grave and Prolonged Cardiac Failure Following the Use of Cocaine in Dental Surgerj-, By Frederick W. Price and A. B. casino games pogo keno Leakey. 8. Two Uncommon Forms of Deformity of the Female Generative Organs, One Causing Symptoms Sim- ulating Intestinal Obstruction, By John A. C. casino keno payouts Macewex. 9. Nuchal Liponiata in the Lower Animals, By Sir Jonathan Hutchinson. 10. Clinical Aspects of Some Varieties of free cleopatra keno apps Excitement, By W. T. Munro. ir. Motoring Notes By C. T. W. Hiksch. I. Ankylostoma Infection. — Boycott continues his lectures on ankylostomiasis by discussing the diagnosis ; the eggs are entirely different from those of free keno games for kindle fire any other human parasite ; the peculiar skin eruption is a fairly good diagnostic point ; eosino- philia is perceptible in the third week of infection; these points have lately assumed great importance as the disease has been prevalent in Cornwall for many years, but has only just been recognized ; it might have got into pathology as Dolcoath anjemia, for all that was formerly noted about it was that it attacked men working underground and was ab- solutely resistant to iron and arsenic. Oxygen, moisture, and moderate temperature are necessary how to play video keno and win to development of the hookworm. The only, places in Northwestern Europe where the disease can flourish are the underground mines. The miners are particularly susceptible to infection from their careless habits. Good shoes are a protection, but not if the hands and bodies are liable to become smeared with filth. Boycott is shocked at the re- ports of uncleanliness among the farrhing free keno games online no download popula- free keno apps for android tion of the southern United States, not realizing apparently that they are largely negroes. 5. Diphtheria Carriers. — Macdonald sum- marizes his investigations as follows: i. Carriers are found at all ages winning keno numbers to play and of either sex. 2. The previous carrier period cannot be ascertained, but r.iay in some cases be inferred. 3. Nor can it be said how to win on superball keno machines in many cases that one case was derived from another — that is. the carrier found may have given the disease to those around, or may only have just received it. 4. The presence or absence of an ob- vious pathological condition is no criterion of the fact of a carrier, of the length of carrier life, or of virulence. 5. The length of carrier life seems to have no effect on virulence : bacilli have been dem- onstrated to be virulent after four and eis;ht months in the ear game king keno free download and nose of different individuals. 6. Car- riers are found amongst those most intimately as- sociated with other carriers or cases ; at home be tween mother (nurse) and child, and child and child who play together ; at school the carriers foimd are few and always closely associated (in play and not necessarily in schoolroom proximity) with some other carrier or case. 7. The control of diphtheria depends (assuming control of the case) on the control of the carrier. 8. The carrier should be notified as a case of diphtheria, no matter of what age or sex, and due quarantine and observa- tion should be maintained until satisfactory demon- stration of the disappearance of the bacillus diph- therise. 9. As everything points to the conclusion that the bacillus diphtherire is essentially a human parasite (a saprophytic play keno for fun online free existence is not evident; the transference from animal to human is at any rate rare, and many cases of how to win at keno slot machines apparent transport bv milk and other atrencies are manifestly from human con- tact), a determined attack on the lines of thorough bacteriological investigation should have no diffi- culty in stamping out diphtheria altogether from the land. 10. Evidence points also to the slow, in- evitable, mechanical distribution of the disease which persists endemic in the undiscovered carriers.

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