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DYE STUFFS IN MEDICINE. A coal tar dye is popularly regarded as an aniline dye, but this w-e paydirt slot machine know is not true, for picric acid, aurin, eosin, alizarin, indigo, anthrapurpurin. and many other important coloring matters are, strictly speaking, coal tar dyes, though they cannot be de- scribed as aniline dyes. All colored organic com- pounds, such as the quinones, azobenzol derivatives. nitro compounds, etc., are decolorized by reducing agents, and from this we are to infer that "the coloring matters paydirt slots free contain elements with incomplete- ly saturated affinities, or that certain of the atoms are present in more intimate association than their retention in the molecule necessitates." These color- ing matters are acted upon by salt forming groups, and upon the nature of these groups depends the character of the coloring matter. In the same man- ner color giving groups are treated with substitu- tion groups in order to form compounds of me- dicinal or therapeutic value. Spectroscopic paydirt slot machine free games investigations show that no open chain hydrocarbon paydirt slot machine free causes selective absorption, but that benzol, QH^, and allied hydrocarbons are char- acterized by selective absorption of the most re- frangible rays and are thereby distinguished from all other classes. It may be stated that benzol has invisible color which will become visible when the rate of vibration is so slackened that it is possible for the molecule to absorb ravs having an oscilla- tion frequency occurring within the limits of visi- bility. Phenol shows selective absorption in the ul- tra violet region, but the replacement of three hy- drogen atoms by three nitro groups gives the yel- low picric acid. The mere fact that an aromatic substance is colored or has dyeing properties does not necessarily mean that it will in consequence show any novel pharmacological action. Ehrlich paydirt slot free download employed the aromatic dyes to elucidate the distribution of poisons and drugs in the animal body, or, rather, to throw light on the selective ac- tion of the cells. From observations of this char- acter Ehrlich deduced the hypothesis that the vari- ous cells of the body took up different chemical substances in a greater or less degree according to their chemical environment. Observations on the physiological action of the organic dye stuffs have also of recent years begun to show results of prac- tical value, and it is quite possible that important developments in therapeutics may result from a fur- ther study of these derivatives. Many possess a remarkable bactericidal action and it has been pos- sible to employ them against some of the infections. The parasitic trypanosomata have been shown to be decidedly influenced, both in experimental paydirt slot machine download ani- mals and in man, by treatment with certain dye stuffs, such as malachite green and trypan blue. The introduction of the nitro group into phenolic substances increases the antiseptic and toxic action. Both are powerful blood poisons and respiratorj' de- pressants, especially dinitrocresol, possibly owing to its greater solubility. The group of naphthol nitro derivatives includes ]\Iartin's yellow, which is simi- lar in its action to dinitrocresol. The azo dyes are a class of substances which contain as chromophore the group N = N. The simplest azo dyes are yel- low, and their tint is first dependent on the nature of the free paydirt slot machine auxochrome group, and secondly, on that of the carbon complex. They may be made to pass through red to violet and in certain instances to brown. Those containing the benzol nucleus are yellow, orange, and brown ; those containing the naphthaleine are red. Trypan red is a benzidene dye obtained from benzidenemonosulphonic acid by diazotization and combination with the sodium salt of the disulphonic acid of betanaphthylamine. Ehr- lich and Shiga experimented with this substance on mice infected with trypanosomiasis. One per cent. solutions were injected subcutaneously in quantities of from 0.5 to 1 .0 c.c. They had a very marked though temporary destructive action on the para- sites. Animals after cure were protected to a great extent against a second infection. Trypan blue, though differing in its cliemic;il paydirt slots constitution, has an action similar to that of trypan red on the tr\nanosomes. Ehrlich states that strains EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 235 rendered resistant to the one are also immune to the other, though they may be destroyed by fuch- sin or atoxyl. He possesses a strain of trypano- somes which are resistant to all these agents. Thus, if a mouse infected with this strain is cured by a new drug, the latter cannot belong to one of these agents, trypan red or blue. Pyoctanin and malachite green have been em- ployed by Wendestadt to destroy the trypano- somes of the tsetse fly disease. They have also been employed by F. Loeffler for separating colonies of Bacillus coli and the bacillus of typhoid fever. The growth of the former organism was prevented by an admixture of this dye with the culture medium, the colonies of the latter remaining unaffected. Methyl violet is a paydirt slots online mixture of the hydrochlorides of the he.xamethyl pararosanilines. paydirt slots play for fun Methyl violet is a more powerful antiseptic than the yellow pyoctanin. but relatively less toxic. It has been used locally for inoperable cancer, A large number of similar derivatives have been studied and found to have antiseptic properties which differ but slightly from those of the parent dyes. The antiseptic power of these bodies has not been shown to be in direct relation to their staining prop- erties, but appears to depend upon the presence of the aromatic nuclei. Eosin, the alkali salt of tetra- bromfluorescein, has been shown by Noguchi to have the power of neutralizing certain toxic sub- stances occurring in cobra and other snake venoms. Methylene blue has been tried in malaria, but does not compare favorably with quinine. In large doses it is a powerful irritant. Gautrelet and Bernard have showoi that in rabbits it causes a fall in urea excretion and some decrease in the activity of the kidneys. Philadelphia yellow is a powerful proto- plasmic poison, especially for the protozoan. It is a local irritant. It has been tried as a substitute for quinine in malaria, but does not seem to have been efficient. It is absorbed from the stomach with dif- ficulty. Scarlet red, a very brilliant scarlet dye, is made by the action of diazobenzoldisulphonic acid upon betanaphthol ; it has the singular property of producing atypical epithelial proliferation and has therefore been successfully employed in the treat- ment of indolent ulcers. THE H.\RM OF PUBLICITY'. We have always deplored the undue exploitation of medical topics in the newspaper press. Our atti- tude in this matter has not infrequently been con- demned by newspaper editors as narrow and selfish, but this condemnation has been based on a miscon- ception of our views and of oyr reasons for holding these views. Ft is of course desirable, even neces- sary, for newspapers and magazines to help educate the public in matters of prophylaxis and sanitation. The lay press has done and is doing great service to the community in this direction, but that service is offset to a certain extent by the not infrequent excursions of the nonmedical writer into fields with which he is not familiar and in which he might do

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