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if the urinary changes it induces. Lewin states that the probable poisonous element s an ethereal oil. .Xccording online gambling nj apps online gambling legal in what states to I-Cobert, its chief constituents are a dyestuff, crocin, a glucoside. )icrococin, and an ethereal oil. No study has been nade of their individual actions. Large doses irri- ate the mouth, stomach, and intestinal mucosa. Since ancient days saffron has been used as a pice, dyestufl. and drug. Tincture of crocus for- nerly enjoyed quite a reputation as an emmena- roRue and abortifacient. Borellus, in his quaint \!idico physical Histories and Observations of the •ourth Century, gives an interesting account of the ■ of the drug. He says: "After the ingestion nsiderable quantities of saffron . . . one 'Tves severe abdominal pain, weakness, prostra- lon, headache, vertigo, delirium, and uterine blced- ng. . . . tTie repeated ingestion of decoctions 'f saffron produces abortion in three days." Kobert states that large doses do actually produce lontractions of the gravid womb, but also severe iibdominal cramps and loss of consciousness. He luotcs Corvcy, who reports a fatal is casino gambling illegal in texas case in which I'l before the Sections in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, New \cademy of Medicine, October 27, 1910. the autopsy showed exudation of blood into the stomach and intestines, with slight nephritis. Another fatal case was published by Ferraris. A nonpregnant girl, after taking saffron in quantity, was seized with colic, vomiting, purging, and con- vulsions, followed by delirium and coma. The au- topsy revealed saffron in the intestines : the urine "bloody" ; everything is online sports gambling legal in the us else normal. The history of my case is as follows : Lena K., a previouslj' healthy woman, ultimate texas holdem online gambling twenty-five years old, w-as admitted to the second gynaecological service. Mount Sinai Hospital, July 31, 1910. She had been mar- ried five years; two children; last child two years ago. No previous abortions. Menstruation had always been nor- mal and regular. texas online gambling law Last menstruation, June Sith. Present illness : Patient stated she had been three weeks overdue her menstrual period, had taken repeated doses of saffron, and had been using hot mustard baths online gambling free starting money to induce abortion. Yesterday she took hot vaginal douches, insert- ing a hard rubber tube about si.x inches, several times. This was california online sports gambling laws followed immediately by severe abdominal pain. She did not know whether the tube entered her uterus or not. Last night she began to have severe cratnping pain all over her online gambling california abdomen, and passed half a cupful of bright red blood gambling online in new jersey per vaginam. Spotting continued. This free gambling games to download morn- ing she had fever, chills, and vomited several times. Felt very weak and had constant cramping pains in abdomen. Urination normal. Physical examination : General condition poor. Facies anxious, pale, lips cyanotic. Eyeballs icteric. Tongue dry. Temperature, 102° F. ; pulse, 124, regular, soft, and compressible. White blood cells, 15,500; polynuclears, eighty-seven per cent. Abdomen lax and tympanitic in upper half; lower half rigid, with dulness on percussion. Movable dulness in both flanks ; no obliteration of liver dulness. Tenderness all over abdomen, luost marked in iliac regions. Slight bleeding from the vagina. Cervix soft, OS admitted tip of index finger. Uterus enlarged to size of two months online sports gambling legal usa pregnancy, and very soft. An enema administered shortly after admission brought away a few particles of fa:ces. On online gambling websites for sale catheterization a small quantity of portwine colored urine was obtained. This gave rise to the suspicion of injury to the bladder, as the red color was thought to be due to blood. However, uran- alysis by a member of the house staff showed no red blood cells, no haemoglobin, a few granular casts, amorphous urates, and a trace of albumin : the reaction was acid. A further specimen, also obtained by catheter, was examined by Dr. E. A. Aronson, assistant physiological chemist to the hospital, who reported the presence of hcematoporphy- rin. Five hours after admission the patient was anaesthetized and placed on the operating table. .^ sound very gently passed into the uterus went gambling online games up indefinitely into the ab- dominal cavity. Immediate laparotomy. About eight ounces of fluid blood in the abdomen. All visible peritonajum in- jected ; on posterior surface of uterus online gambling texas holdem and close together, two small irregular perforations. .\ rapid panhysterectomy was done, and the pelvis drained with three gauze strips passed down into vagina. ."Vbdomen closed. Specimen: Litems very soft; enlarged one hundred per cent. Two ragged perforations on posteriosupcrior sur- face. Tubes and ovaries intensely congested ; both ovaries cystic. Corpus luteum of pregnancy in right ovary. Uter- ine cavity lined with thick, foul smelling, necrotic decidua. Patient was put in Fowler position and Murphy irriga- tion started. Camphor and morphine administered by hypodermic injection. Small quantities of urine obtained by catheter were first brownish red, and finally almost black. The pulse and general condition grew progressively worse; lips and extremities at first deeply cyanotic, then of a remarkable purplish black hue. She rapidly sank into coma, and died eleven hours after operation. Unfortunately the family would not consent to a post mortem windsor casino canada gambling age examination, and the coroner's physician did not see fit to order one performed. A blood culture taken intra vilam was negative, and there was no growth in the tube inoculated with peritoneal fluid. 76 OUR READERS' DISCUSSIONS. COltMEN'TS. With the grave uterine injury and peritonitis present, it is a difficult matter to say to what ex- tent the drug- toxasmia contributed to the fatal issue, ^'et the profound disturbance of pigment metabol- ism, the peculiar discoloration of the lips and skin, and the rapid onset of coma, would seem to indi- cate that the immediate cause of death was saffron poisoning best online gambling sites usa and not peritonitis. The patient with- stood the shock of the technically easy operation well, and it would be rather unusual for peritonitis to kill so rapidly. However, we must attribute the lisematopor- phyrinuria to the ingestion of saffron. It has been found heretofore in sulphonal, trional, tetronal, and lead poisoning, and in various diseases (]\Ionro, Garrod). There is no case on record where it was caused by saffron poisoning. Yet Garrod has shown that intestinal hremorrhage may give rise to hjematoporphyrin in the tirine. In Corvey's case of saffron poisoning the free online gambling games for real money autopsy showed blood in the stomach and intestines. Finally, in Ferraris's case, the urine was free winning gambling systems reported as "bloody." Whether the hsematcporphyrinuria in our case was due indirectly to an intestinal haemorrhage, o*- directly to a disturbance of pigment metabolism, it is not possible to say. Future study must deter- mine this point. BlBLIOGR.A,PHV. Borellus. Historuirum ct obscnationitm mcdicophysi- ' caniiii cciitiiria iv. Ferraris. Gaccetta degli osfedati, etc., 1905. A. E. Garrod. Transactions of the Pathological Society

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