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ner : The spot and an area of soft poker games in vegas skin extending 2 mm. beyond it are cov- modern poker game tables ered, for four days in succession, with layers of collodion containing four per cent, of corrosive subhmate. A scale about a millimetre in thickness forms, and the cure is rapid and absolutely painless. A Mixture for Nervous Cough.— Graeffer ("Xouveaux remfedes") recommends the following: Hydrochlorate board game poker chips of cocaine 1 grain ; Chlorate of potassium 10 grains ; Bitter-almond water 10 minims ; Distilled water H ounce. To be used in the form of spray. An Ointment for Acute Rheumatism.- Grinevitski (" Russkaya Meditsina gametwist gioca online a ramino poker briscola biliardo ecc gratis " ; " Lancet ") uses the following : Oil of hyoscyamus 1 ounce ; Mercurial ointment - drachms ; Extract of aconite 1 drachm. A Purgative for gametwist rummy poker backgammon e.a. gratis online spelen Infants.— M. Huchard ("Nouveaux remfedes") suggests a tablespoonful of amixture of equal parts of castor-oil and Malaga wine, thoroughly shaken together. THE J^EW YORK MEDICAL J0UR:N^AL, Jfly 31, 1886. (fl^rigmal CommuHirations. REMARKS ON SOME POINTS CONNECTED WITH THE ANATOMY OF THE LAKYNX.* By JOSEPH LEIDY, M. D., LL. D., PHILADELPHIA. [The avithor made the following verbal comiminication on some points in the anatomy of the larynx. He premised that she appeared before the association by invitation of the Council He had no elaborate paper to present, but, as he had at various times in conversation with the zynga poker android application free download president, Dr. Allen, expressed some views rather different from those generally held in regard, to the anatomy of the larynx, he had been invited to repeat them, and had consented to do so, in the hope that they n»ght prove of some interest to the association.] In the first place, in reference to the aperture of the larynx, its lower extremity is formed by the notch of the arytenoids, bounded laterally by a pair of maminillary emi- nences, of which the lower two compare with the cornicu- late cartilages (cartilages of Santorini). Those immediate- ly above are usually ascribed to the presence of two little cartilages, the cuneiform cartilages (cartilages of Wrisberg), lying parallel with and just above the corniculate cartilages. These eminences invariably conform to a group of glands, but the cuneiform cartilages are, in our people, according to uiy experience, oftener absent than present, or, at most, scarcely developed, while they are commonly conspicuously produced in the negro, in which they arc often a quarter of an inch in length, as in an example exhibited. A second point of interest relates to the so-called vocal cords, which are usually described as a pair of elastic liga- ments extending from the entering angle of the thyroid cartilage to the prolonged inner angle, or vocal process of the base of the arytenoid cartilages. From their connec- free online poker no download no money for fun tions they are named the thyro-arytenoid ligaments, or, in download game poker texas online contradistinction to the less distinct so-called false vocal cords, the inferior arytenoid ligaments. Physiologically, it may be correct to speak of vocal cords, but anatomically they do not exist as distinct organs. They are nothing but the upper somewhat thickened border of free offline poker game for pc a membrane, cor- rectly named from its attachments the crico-thyro-arytenoid membrane. The thickest portion of this occupies a median position in front of the larynx connecting the cricoid with the entering angle of the thyroid cartilage. Thence it ex- tends along the upper border of the cricoid cartilage on each side to the vocal process of the arytenoid cartilage, and is separated laterally from the thyroid cartilage by the in- tervention of the lateral crico-arytenoid and thyro-arytenoid muscles. Commonly a narrow band forming the upper border of this crico-thyro-arytenoid membrane is artificial- ly separated from free strip poker app download the rest and regard^'d as the vocal cord, and online poker legal again the crico-thyroid ligament is described as being attached along or continuously with the latter. Properly the crico- thyro-arytenoid membrane would be the vocal membrane the upper border of which bounds the glottis and vibrates * Made before the American Laryngological Association at Its eighth annual congress. in the production of sound, as the edge of a door vibrates when the wind whistles through the crevices. The appropriate muscles which modify the condition of the vocal membrane through its best limit poker games in las vegas governor of poker 2 free download no trial attachment to the movable arytenoid cartilages poker online no download free money are the arytenoid, the posterior and lat- eral crico-arytenoid, and the thyro-arytenoid muscles. These are all supplied by the same nerve, while the crico-thyroid muscles, which are not so closely related with the condition of the vocal membrane, are supplied by another nerve. The other muscles ascribed to the larynx, such as the aryteno- and thyro-epiglottic muscles, are very variable, frequently feebly produced, and of comparatively little importance. Intermediate to their points of origin and insertion the arytenoid and crico-arytenoid muscles lie in contact with the subjacent surfaces, attached by loose connective tissue ; but the thyro-arytenoid muscle partially arises from the sub- jacent surface of the vocal membrane. In conclusion, I do not profess to have made a discov- ery, but simply intend to express my views, in a measure different from those commonly taught, but perhaps already known to the members of the association. [Preparations illustrating the points above mentioned were exhibited.] DISCUSSION. Dr. J. play free online games poker casino SoLis-CoHEN'. — Several points of interest have been brought out by the lecturer. The first one is with regard to the cuneiform cartilages, which are said to be so seldom developed in the white, best poker casinos in california and so largely developed in the colored download game zynga poker offline gratis race. I have often seen them largely developed in whites. In a case to be exhibited at this session for another purpose they are so large that they extend completely across the ventricular bands, projecting beyond them so as to present the aspect of a little tumor. I have noticed that those persons who have the cunei- form cartilages best developed usually have the most control over the voice; possibly because it gives additional room for muscular attachment. The cartilage seems to keep the ven- tricular band on the stretch, as the ribs keep the cover of an umbrella distended. The second point noticed, with regard to continousness of the vocal band with the crico-thyroid mem- brane, is of great interest. It furnishes a clew for differentiation between paralyses of the thyro-arytenoid and of the crico- thyroid muscles which present the same .picture — the Indian- bow paralysis of the Germans. The diagnosis may be easily made game poker chips by placing a finger upon the crico-thyroid membrane in front; if the membrane vibrates with the voice, then the case is not one of crico thyroid paralysis. When the Professor was speaking of voice and the action of the crico-thyroid muscle, he spoke of this muscle pulling down the thyroid cartilage. This the speaker surely did not mean, for, when this muscle con- tracts, the thyroid does not descend, but the cricoid is elevated. I am glad to hear the explanation given of the relations of the muscles to the crico-arytenoid joint. Owing to their peculiar at- tachment, the posterior crico-arytenoid muscles not only sepa- rate the vocal bands so as to enlarge rivers casino chicago poker table the glottis, but they in-

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