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April 20, 1910. Chest signs limited to upper right lobe posteriorly showing impaired resonance, increased tactile and vocal fremitus, granular and cog wheel respiration, numerous mucous and submucous rales over right apex on deep inspiration. May 16. 1910. Von Pirquet reaction positive, physical signs limited to upper right lobe. Had improved in her general condition, was attending to her studies at school daily. June 3, 1910. Felt herself in good condition with ab- sence golden glove online game of subjective symptoms. Physical signs in chest un- changed. July 18, 1910. Slight recurrence of golden gloves pinball machine symptoms with cough, expectoration and night sweats. December 5, 1910. Physical signs in right apex present, felt herself to be in good condition. From a series of fifteen cases, presenting them- selves with vague symptoms of colds, bronchitides. pleurisies, stomach trouble, or muscular pains, six proved to be cases of tuberculosis in the incipient stage, while four patients were tuberculous for months prior to their coining under golden gloves online observation. In the latter the progress of the disease was extreme!}' slow and the exacerbations and remissions were so mild and infrequent as to give the patient no cause for alarm. The symptoms in most cases were transient in character, incapacitating the patient but for a brief duration of time, yet were frequent enough to oblige the patient to seek medical relief. These transient exacerbations are of great im- portance both to the physician and patient, since they give the patient a false sense of security upon being told that he or she is suffering only from a cold when in fact the underlying lesion is tuber- culous in character. It behooves the physician therefore to study the cases carefully and to de- termine the presence or absence of an insidious on- set of a malady which requires the earliest recogni- tion possible. It is in the early cases particularly that the greatest amount of good can be accom- plished, for it is in the beginning stages that this dreaded disease is most amenable to treatment. I am indebted to Dr. E. J. G. Beardsley Tor many suggestions offered in the preparation of this paper. 1002 T.xcKSox Street. Coi:re.5pn{)cntL LETTER FROM LONDON. ' Proposed Nev.' Dentists' Act. — A Discussion on Colitis. — The British Medical Association. London, March ,?golden gloves pinball of the act engaged in dental practice. By this act the use of the title "dentist" was re- stricted to those on the Dentists' Register, but ac- tual practice of dentistry by unc|ualified or un- registered persons was not prohibited. It now is and always has been legal for any person, qualified or not, to practise dentistry provided he does- not assume the title of "dentist." The London and County Medical Protection .So- ciety strongly object to this bill. They point out that the act will not prevent unqualified practice, and there is nothing in it to prevent any individual, though not registered or certified, or any company, from charging for dental materials or goods sold and supplied. Another means of dealing with the question sug- gested is to ask the legislature to on the spirit of the existing act of 1878 being followed— insuring that only qualified jiersons could practise, and at the same time providing golden glove slot that the unqualified now in practice shall be admitted sine curriculo to any final dental examination of the United King- dom till the expiration of two years from dat?. Another means of dealing with the question is to leave it alone and let the unqualified multiply until they destroy themselves by their own competi- tion, while raising continually the standard of medi- cal education essential tn the dentist till the public 7-76 THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. [New York /J Medical Journal. in time appreciates the value of the educated HfrtragJatol ^UtW. ^"tV meeting of the Harveian Society of London Inhalation Treatment of Chronic Bronchitis

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