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Dr Sydney Phillips opened a discussion on colitis, with Profuse Expectoration. — Bulling {Bulletin He said that so called membranous colitis included medical, March 15, 191 1) recommends the soaking inflammatory or true colitis and noninflammatory of six or eight pieces of blotting paper witli the cases incorrectly termed colitis. As to etiology, he following solution, and placing them in different did not think that lead poisoning was a cause, but P^rts of the room. The inhalation ot the vapors was convinced that acute colitis might result from given oft is said to exercise a tavorable influence articles of food or from water and quoted cases, o" .'he bronchial secretion, diminishing and finally He thought that asylum dysentery was true dysen- drying it up. The formula reads : tery, but in London colitis rarely gave bacterio- 5 Menthol. in.xv logical evidence of identity with amoebic dysentery. oirofCpentii^e;' : ■.;;:::;::;:::::::::;::; :iiiSxv; As to treatment, drugs were of little use, though o;] gf juniper ralxxv. calomel and opium were of value. The worst cases M. might end in recovery, and appendicostomy was The Treatment of Acne.— Quoting from the sometimes useful. Medical Siiimnarx. golden retriever slots Southern Medicine and Surgery Mr. D'Arcy Power said that chronic colitis might j-^j. January, 191"!. savs the scalding treatment of be due golden retriever games to play to simple irritation, protozoal infection, or g^^^g" is the best local' treatment, this scrubbini,- bacterial infection, and that two classes were recog- ^^.j^h the hot towel must be thorough and to the e.x"- nizable : one in which the cause could be found and ^g^t of making the pustules bleed if not completely one in which there was a toxaemia from ulceration obliterating them. Epsom salt in the water is a of unknown cause. good thing. If the face becomes tender after this Thorough examination was required for diag- operation ^an emollient should be used before ex- nosis, the bowel being washed out and examination posing the face to the wind. A sulphur ointment golden retriever board games made by the finger and the sigmoidoscope. Gross jg g-QQ^; so is compound zinc stearate. Calcium causes thus recognized were scybala in sacculi of sulphide is a useful remedv internally in very stub- the intestine; polypi or cancer, and certain bacterial born cases. The suflferef should eat nitrogenous infections. Ulcerative colitis, golden retriever casino however, occurred j^q^j, sparingly and fruits and vegetables "freely, apart from these causes, the lesions being chronic. Salines golden retriever games online free and occasional doses of calomel are perhaps destructive, and extensive, producing toxajmia. He o^. ,„Qst dependable internal remedies. Arsenic is described the case of a man who suftered from serviceable as a tonic, especially in golden retriever games anaemic states, chronic constipation which became worse and blood j^ prescription that is very popular in the treatment appeared in the golden retriever games online stools. Fissures and ulcers ap- q£ a^^e is the followino-; peared about the anus and the patient lost appetite j^ Magnesium sulphate 3j ; and vigor. The pulse became rapid and the tem- Ferrous sulphate. . .' gr. xvi; perature high and irregular. Blood and mucus Diluted sulphuric acid, 3ii_; persisted in the motions, which were very irreg- ,, Water ... . q. s. ad 5viii. '^i .. , . J i 1, _■. • 4. „ii M. et Sig. : lablespoonful m water every morning be- ular, sometimes being passed at short intervals, j^^.^ jj^eakfast After simple treatment for a long period appen- ^, ., , ^ ^ _,,.., „ dicostomy was performed and the bowel washed The Local Treatrnent of Chronic Inflammation out daily through the appendix with local improve- 0/ the Prostate Gland free golden retriever games -In the Bulletm general ment, though the patient remained very ill. '^f theraPeutique ior March 23, ipii, Finger is A vaccine prepared from the pus Was now em- "ted as he authc>r of the following method of ployed; the patient continued to improve, but con- treating chronic inflammation of the prostate gland, valescence was extremely slow and slight relapses I" ^ ?e first place attention shoud be paid to the were freauent ' condition of the bowels and the local treatment ot Dr. Hale White said he thought the main cause ^"y urethritis that may exist, the use of enemas of of membranous colitis was constipation. Ulcerative .^ery hot water being strongly recommended. It colitis might be secondary to disease of the appen- 's also advised to apply iodine, dissolved in glycerin dix. In mild cases castor oil with rectal irrigations o'" as a suppository as follows : should be used, failing this appendicostomy should 5 Potassium iodide gr. xxx ; . , , T • xi i- r 1 Iodine gr. vnss: be performed. \ accine therapeutics was a useful Extract of belladonna or. iiss. addition. Incorporate thoroughly with sufificient oil of the- The progranime of the seventy-ninth annual obroma to make ten Wpositories. Sig.: One to meeting of the British Association has now ,^g introduced morning and evening. " been issued. The meeting will be held at Birming- p^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^ golden retriever slots review ^j^^ following may be prescribed: ham under the presidency of Professor Robert ^^ ^ .... ° -^ , ^ ... t, ,, 1 ■ • ^ ii n- • 1 r- 1 Ix Potassium iodide gr. Ixxv to .luss ; Saundby, physician to the Birmingham General Potassium bromide gr. Ixxv to 3iiss: Hospital. Extract of belladonna, ^.gr. iiss; 'i'he presidential address will be delivered on Distilled water : 3vi to ox. Tuesday. July 25, and the sections will meet on the ^J^-^ dailv'^'' '^'"' """ ''"*'"'''"• °"^ '° ^^ administered three following days. The address in medicine will ^^ . , ' ' . , 1 ■ ..1 r , be delivered by Dr. Byrom Bramwell. of Edin- ■\""'.'i^"'' ^"Ppos.tory recommended is the fol- burgh, and the address in surgery by Professor lowing. Jordan Llovd. of Birmingham. The scientific busi- '* Ichthyol, .■.■•■•■ gr. xv to gr. xxx ; •^ c ^t I.- -11 1 J .L 1 • • i. Extract of nelladonna, gr. nss ; ness of the meeting will be conducted m sixteen qji ^f theohroma gr. xxx. sections. M. at fiat suppositorium. April 15, 1911-] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 717 NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL INCOKPORATIXG THE Philadelphia Medical Journal and The Medical News. A Weekly Revieiv of Medicine. Edited by FRANK P. FOSTER, M. D. Address all business comtminicatics to A. R. ELLIOTT PUBLISHING COMPANY, Publishers. 66 West Broadway, New York. Cable Address : Medjour, New York.

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