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Subscription Price: Cnder Domestic Postage Rates, $5; under Foreign Postage Rate, green light slot machine $7: single copies, fifteen cents. Remittances should be made by New York Exchange or post office or express green light free play money order, payable to the A. R. Elliott Publish- ing Co., or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregistered green light online game mail. Entered at the Post Office at New York and admitted for trans- portation through the mail as second-class matter. NEW YORK, S-\TURDAY, APRIL 15, 1911- SUPERSEXSITREXESS TO SALV.\RS.\N. During the past few months the intravenou.s method of administering salvarsan has been rapidly gaining adherents green light free slot casino in the profession, both here and abroad. First employed by Iversen and green light slot machine free download Schreiber, this method is highly endorsed by Ehrlich himself in his more recent communications. Its advantages over the intramuscular method are very marked when one considers the almost absolute freedom from any untoward effects which is characteristic of the intravenous method in most cases. Nausea, vomiting, a slight rise of temperature, chills, and diarrhoea have, it is true, been noted in a consid- erable number of cases after intrav-enous injections of salvarsan, but on the whole the method is much less trying to the patient than the intramuscular, especially as the intravenous administration does not give rise to local infiltrations or necroses. In spite of its advantages the intrjfvenous injec- tion of salvarsan does not seem to be devoid of danger in all cases. Early in the trials of salvar- san Fraenkel and Grouven reported a fatal case of collapse three hours and a half after the intraven- ous injection of a solution of 0.4 gramme of sal- varsan. .According to Hering, this death was due to the fact that the solution used was too concen- trated f salvarsan, 0.4; water, 15 c.c. ; decinormal. N'aOH. 1.5 green light slot machine download c.c), and not sufficiently alkaline. Ehr- lich, however, believes that there was a conditifm of supersensitiveness to arsenic in that case. .An- other case of collapse, with syncope and loss of vision for ten minutes, was reported by von'Nott- hafTt (Deutsche uiedicitiisclie IVochctischrift, Feb- ruary 2d), in which there seemed also to be a con- flition of supcrsensibility to arsenic. On .\pril 5th, Dr. \'ictor C. Pedersen. of New "^'ork, reported before the New York branch of the American Urological Association a case of nearly fatal collapse following the intravenous injection of 0.6 gramme of salvarsan. The patient recov- ered after several hours' hard work by the attend- ing surgeon and consultants. In this case the pa- tient had undergone very careful physical examin- ation before the injection and no signs of cardiac or arterial disease were noted. The collapse mav have been due to a myocarditis which had given no evidences of its presence previously, or possibly to a supersensitiveness, as was believed in the other cases reported. Unreported cases of collapse, one case terminat- ing fatally, have also been related to us by physi- cians and surgeons in New York. We would urge all those who have had such cases to report them as soon as possible, giving all details of the method of administration, the dose, and the ph^'sica! con- dition of the patient before and after injections. While such cases seem to be exceptional, the very fact that a number of them have been reported within a short time urges us to green light slot game exercise the utmost caution in imdertaking the intravenous use of sal- varsan. The greatest care must be employed in examining patients before such injections are given. It is a question whether green light play for fun or not the intravenous dose should not be made as a rule smaller than the intramus- cular dose. Some workers have been making it a practice not to give more than 0.4 green light online gramme intra- venously. A suggestion of some value perhaps is one made by von Xotthafft. He believes that some patients go into collapse from the fright attendant upon the procedure. This is especially the case when the injections are given in hospital operating rooms, with all the panoply of a surgical operation, and when the vein is exposed by incision. The few minutes consumed in making the incision, isolating the vein, and tying the cannula into place, are mo- ments of agony to the patient. Perhaps this may contribute something to the patient's readiness to faint. The cases in which all precautions have been used, in which the dose green light slot free play is small, the solution ccjr- rectly prepared, the green light slot operation quickly and simply performed, and collapse or death follows, must for want of a better explanation be classed as cases of supersensitiveness. THE LATE DR. JAXEWAY. In the death of Dr. Janeway New York has suf- fered the loss of one of her greatest physicians and her most valued and red light green light games free online public spirited citizens. It is but fit that those who had the good fortune to be closely attached to him through bonds of personal friendshi]) and ties of medical fraternity should EDITORIAL ARTICLES. g-ather to do honor to his great name. In thus mourning the death of such a brother and paying tribute to his memory the members of the profes- sion do themselves honor equally with that shown him who has passed away. To this end a memorial meeting was held at the Academy of Medicine on the sixth of this month at which four of Dr. Jane- way's most intimate friends and colleagues eulo- gized him, each speaking from the point of view of his own relations with him. Dr. Delafield spoke of Dr. Janeway as a physi- cian, prefacing his remarks by the statement that while in any profession there were many competent men few were great. Not only in his estimation was Dr. Janeway one of the few but he was a leader of these few. He was equipped with those natural endowments that are prerequisite to med- ical eminence — an unusually tough constitution ; a wonderful green light slot machine free play ability to see, hear, and feel with ex- treme accuracy and refinement ; a memory unfailing alike in matters great and small ; a judgment that ever rang true ; and withal an intellectual capacity of rare magnitude. Upon these natural gifts was he to build and for the free online games green light building opportunity lent him a wealth of material both in his ser\-ice in the wards of Bellevue and in a large private practice. Here his indefatigable zeal and boundless enthusi- asm in his search after that kno\Vledge which would best equip him to mitigate the sufferings of his fellow man stimulated him to the exercise of his play free game online green light abundant faculties. As a pathologist he was characterized by Dr. Welch as, "A true seeker after truth ; loyal to truth and zealous in its pursuit.'" In this field he was a strikingly original worker. Without European ex- perience, he kept abreast of foreign progress by reading in the original the work of both French and German investigators. He did not slavishly follow their methods, but, having mastered them, put them to his own uses. He was an excellent pathological anatomist and whenever the oppor- tunity arose he followed to the autopsy table cases he had observed during life. But here he did not alone seek enlightenment on a few aspects in which he had been most interested, but sought for what- ever aberration from the normal he could find. He stored away the knowledge thus won, that he might

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