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tain a high scholastic rank. Smoking is undoubted- ly among other things a luxury, and those who are single minded enough to bend all their energies upon their studies will forego that distraction as well as theatre going and other relaxations less harmful, and thus inevitably surpass the young men who find other things in college life than lectures and books. The average college boy is satisfied to take an average place in his classes and fails to see why more should be demanded of him, just as the ordinary adult is satisfied with a place in the ranks. Smoking is a symptom rather than a cause of the contemplative, so called lazy, habit of mind. It is, however, an ugly habit in youth ; a huge pipe hang- ing from the lips of a young man in the street looks weak, absurd, and out of place. Drinking, too, is more than unnecessary to a boy. Tobacco belongs with alcohol to middle age. with its begin- ning impairment of the nervous system, at which period the milder narcotics iTave their value in con- serving energy and preventing waste. Even if there was no direct soothing effect, these agents, by com- pelling, for their indulgence, a certain amount of rest honey to the bee slot machine from concentrated work, relax the strain upon brain and body that might otherwise lead to a quicker breakdown. .\ young man, however, in- dulging in alcohol and tobacco is unconsciouslv confessing to a premature degeneration, and the college ideal shoulrl be such as to frown down ah- solutelv anv immature weakness of the sort. 740 NEWS ITEMS. ©bitwarg. JAMES EVELYN PILCHER. .M. D., of Adrian, Midi. Captain Pilcher, surgeon, author, and lecturer, died at St. Joseph's Hospital, Savannah. Ga.. on April 9th. In i8go, when stationed at Fort Rin.tj- gold. Tex.. Dr. Pilcher, as captain in the medi- cal corps of the army, fought an epidemic of den- gue; he was attacked with the disease, and never fully recovered from the effects, which finally forced him to resign from the army. During the Spanish war. Captain Pilcher acted as executive of- ficer of the honey to the bee slots chief surgeon's office in the South. He was honey bee slots free connected with several medical and military journals. Captain Pilcher was fifty-four years of age and was born at Adrian, Mich. CHARLES A. OLIVER, :^I. D.. of Philadelphia. Dr. Oliver, the well known ophthalmologist nf Philadelphia, died on April 8th, of ur?emia. He was born in Cincinnati, O., in 1854, and graduated in medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in 1876. He was associate clinical professor of oph- thalmology at the Women's Medical College, secre- tary of the board of surgeons of the Wills Eye Hos- pital, and lecturer on diseases of the eye at the Presbyterian Hospital School for Nurses, Dr. Oliver was a frequent contributor to the Journal on ophthalmological subjects, as well as to other medical publications in this country and in Europe. |(ttos |ttms. The Medical Society of the State of New York will meet in aniuial session in Albany on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, under the presidency of Dr. C. Stover, of Amsterdam. The Medical Association of Georgia will hold its an- nual meeting in Rome, on April 19th. 20tli, and 21st, under the presidency of Dr. E. C. Davis; of Atlanta. The head- quarters of the association will be at the Cherokee Hotel. Addition to the Sloane Maternity Hospital. — Plans have been filed for building four additional stories on. the- Sloane Maternity Hospital, to cost about $60,000. These additional stories will be used for private patients, and will have a pavilion on the roof. The Date of the Annual Meeting of the Medical So- ciety of New Jersey has been changed to June 13th, r4th, and 15th. It has also been decided to hold the meet- ing at the new Monmouth Hotel .at Spring Lake, instead of at the Coleman House, .\sbury Park, as originally planned. Plans of the New Postgraduate Buildings to be Ex- hibited at Dresden. — Plans and full descriptions of the new buildings of the New York Postgraduate Medical School and Hospital will be shown at the International Hygiene Exhibit, which is to be held in Dresden from May to October, 191 1. A Vacancy in the Clinic of the Washington Heights Hospital. — There is a vacancy in the medical and sur- gical clinic of the Washington Heights Hospital, which is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, from 2 to 4 p. m. Applications should be sent to Dr. L. Neuwclt, 2424 Seventh .Avenue, New York. Personal. — Dr. Llewellys F. P-arker, of Baltimore, surgeon in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and professor of medicine in Johns 1 lopkins LTniversity, was operated upon for appendicitis on .April loth by Dr. J. M. honey to the bee slots review T. Fin- ney. The operation was successful, and it is thought that Dr. Barker will make a good recoverj'. Civil Service Examinations. — -\mong the positions for which the Ne\v York State Civil Service Commission will hold examinations on .\pril 29th, will be one for the position of physician, both regular and homoeopathic. Ap- phcations must be hied on or before April 21st. For de- tailed circular and application blank address the State Civil honey bee slots free Service Commission, .\lbany, N. Y. "Medical honey bee slot online Institute" Case Held for General Sessions. — The adjourned case of the "Medical Institute," operating under the name of "606 Laboratories," concerning which ;m item was printed in the preceding issue, came up for hearing in the Jefferson Market City Magistrate's Court last Tuesday and at the close the defendants were held for appearance before the Court of General Sessions. The Interurban Clinical Association held its thir- teenth annual meeting in Baltimore on April 7th and 8th. Prominent physicians, surgeons, and pathologists were present from New York. Philadelphia, Boston, and other Eastern cities. It is the purpose of the association to study capital operations and epidemics, the causes and the results, and the benefit and advancement of the medical, surgical, and pathological sciences. The Semicentennial of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was celebrated in Boston during the past week \\ itb a congress of technology, which was at- tended by famous scientists and educators and leading men in the world of commerce and industry. Among those who were present and made addresses were Thomas -A. Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, George Westinghouse, Governor Foss, Mayor Fitzgerald, President Lowell, of Harvard, James M. Crafts and Henry S. Pritchett, former I>residents of the institute. Changes in the Faculty of the University of Penn- sylvania. — Dr. .Mired Stengel, professor of clinical medicine at the L'niversity of Pennsylvania, was appoint ed professor of medicine, at a recent meeting of the board of trustees, to take the place of Dr. David L. Edsall, who resigned the chair to go to St. Louis at the end of the present year, to accept the chair of preventive medicine

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