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the Use of Lactic Ferments in the Treatment of Gonor- rhoea in the Male, which was followed by a general dis- cussion of the subject of lactic ferment treatment. .Among tliose who participated in the discussion were Dr. Victor C. Pedersen, Dr. H. R. .A. Graeser, Dr. Herbert B. Reece, Dr. Conrad Meyer, and Dr. De Santos Saxe. Officers for the ensuing year were elected and the reports of the va- rious officers and committees received, after which there was a social session. International Congress for Thalassotherapy. — Pro- grammes have been issued for the Fifth International Congress for Thalassotherapy, incan goddess casino which is to be held in Kol- zerg, Germany, on June 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, One of the subjects to be discussed at this congress is the treat- ment incan goddess slots of tuberculous bones and joints at seaside resorts. Previous congresses, which have been held in France, Bel- gium, and other countries, have resulted in supplying scientific data in support of the theories relating to the effect of ocean climates and sea bathing on the human system. The German .Ambassador at Washington, D. C. has supplied the programme, and he desires that this con- gress be brought to the attention of American physicians, in order that national committees may be organized for the development of thalassic therapeutics. The Medical Club of Philadelphia. — .At the annual reception of the Medical Club, of Philadelphia, to be held at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel on the evening of April 21 st. President Taft will be the guest of honor! Final arrangements for the reception, which will be held in the Clover Room, have been made. The officers of the club are ; Dr. William L. Rodman, president : Dr. F. Lewis Zcigler, first vice-president ; Dr. Gwilym G. Davis, second vice-president; Dr. Lewis H. Adler, Jr., treasurer; Dr. J. Gurney Tavlor, secretary. The governors are Dr. E. E. Montgomery, Dr. Oscar' H. .Allis. Dr. L. W. Fox, Dr. G. .A. Knowles, and Dr. Edward L. incan goddess slot review Dner. The Board of Directors includes Dr. McCluney Radcliffe, Dr. C. .A. E. Codman, Dr. Judson Daland, Dr, lohn W. West, and Dr. William E. Darnall. The Milk Stations of the New York Health Depart- ment. — Commissioner Lederle announces the comple- tion of the preliminary work in establishing the fifteen Infants' Milk Stations for which the Board of Estimate and Apportionment recently made an appropriation of $40,000. Five of these municipal stations are to be situ- ated in Manhattan, nine in Brooklyn, and one in the Bronx. The premises .are leased by the city and the sta- tions will be administered by the Board of Health, physi- cians, nurses, and other assistants being assigned to this duty from the staff of the department. The city and the L)epartinent of Health will not sell or even handle the milk to be provided for the use of infants and nursing mothers at these stations but this milk will be sold by private concerns under an agreement with the depart- ment. American Proctologic Society. — rrcliminary pro- .grammes have been issued for the thirteenth annual meet- ing of the .American Proctologic Society, to be held in Los Angeles, California, on Monday and Tuesday, June 26th and 27th. Hotel -Alexandria has been chosen as head- quarters and place of meeting. The annual address of the president will be delivered on Monday afternoon, at the first regular session, by Dr. George J. Cook, of Indianap- olis, Ind., his subject being Proctological Recommenda- tions. Seventeen papers are listed on the programme, and the authors are physicians prominent in the field of proc- tology. One interesting feature of the programme is a "symposium" on constipation. Eight papers on Ihe sub- ject will be presented by the following authors : Dr. Dwight H. Murray, of Syracuse ; Dr. Horace Heath, of Denver ; Dr. S. T. Earle, of Baltimore ; Dr. John L. Jelks, of Memphis; Dr. William M. Beach, of Pittsburgh; Dr. .\. J. Zobel, of incan goddess slot machine San Francisco; Dr. James .A. MacMillan, of Detroit, and Dr. Louis J. Hirschmann, of Detroit. The officers of the society are: President, Dr. George J. Cook, of Indianapolis ; vice-president. Dr. Jerome M. Lynch, of New York; secretary and treasurer. Dr. Lewis H. Adler, Jr., of Philadelphia. Dr. Dwight H. Murray, of Syracuse, is chairman of the Executive Council. 74-' NEWS ITEMS. The Medical Association of the Greater City of New York wiii hold a stated meeting in Du Bois Hall, New York Academy of Medicine, on Monday evening, April i/tii, at 8:30 o'clock. The programme arranged for this meeting includes the following papers : A New Operation for the Cure of Tuberculous Peritonitis, by Dr. Aspinwall Judd; A Review of Methods of Examination in Heart and Bloodvessel Disease, with Special Reference to the Discov- ery of Therapeutic Indications, by Dr. Louis Faugeres Bishop : Opening of the Discussion, with a paper on Sphygmomanometry, by Dr. Oliver T. Osborne, professor of materia medica and therapeutics and clinical professor of medicine in Yale University ; The Polygraph, by Dr. Thomas E. Satterthwaite ; Sphygmographic Methods, by Dr. Richard Van Santvoord; The Electrocardiograph, by Dr. T. Stuart Hart; Examination of the Urine and Faeces, by Dr. John J. Connellan ; The History of the Patient as Influencing Treatment, by Dr. James J. Walsh; Special Reference to the Work of Mackenzie, by Dr. V. E. Sora- pure. The Health of Chicago. — During the week ending .\pril I, 1911, the following new cases of and deaths from transmissible diseases were reported to the Department of Health of the City of Chicago : Typhoid fever, 9 cases, o deaths ; measles, 345 cases, 6 deaths ; whooping cough, 26 cases, I death incan goddess play free ; scarlet fever, 204 cases, 10 deaths ; diphthe- ria, 131 cases, 17 deaths; chickenpox, 63 cases, o deaths; tuberculosis, no cases, 87 deaths: pneumonia, 32 cases, 145 deaths ; cerebrospinal meningitis, 5 cases, i death. There were reported S cases of German measles, I of in- fluenza, and 68 of contagious diseases of minor importance, making a total of 999 cases, as compared with 974 for the preceding week and 1,130 for the corresponding week in 1 910. The deaths under two years of age from diarrhoeal diseases numbered 29, and there were 33 deaths from con- genital defects and incan goddess online accidents. The total deaths of chil- dren under five years of age numbered iSi, of whom 108 were under one y^ar of age. The total deaths from all tauses, exclusive of stillbirths, numbered 659, correspond- ing to an annual death rate of 16.2 in a thousand of pop- ulation, as compared with a rate of 17.1 for the preceding week. ?nd 16.1 for the corresponding week last year. Vital Statistics of New York. — During the week end- ing April I, 191 1, the deaths from all causes reported to the Department of Health of the City of New York num- bered 1.833, corresponding to an annual death rate of 19.19 in a thousand of population, as compared with a rate of 18.10 for the incan goddess game corresponding week in 1910. The annual death rate for the week in each of the five boroughs was as follows : ^Manhattan, 22.67 ; the Bronx, 16.95 ; Brooklyn, 1574; Queens, 15.91; Richmond, 15.73. There were 154 stillbirths. The deaths of children under five years of age numbered 525, of whom 308 were under one year of age. The deaths from diarrhoeal diseases under five years of age numbered 66 ; over five years of age, 66. There were 177 deaths from pulmonary tuberculosis. 28 from bronchitis. 164 from pneumonia, 145 from bronchopneu- monia, 129 from Bright's disease. 185 from organic heart diseases, and 75 from congenital debility and malforma- tionf.. There were 17 deaths from suicide, 5 from homi- cide, and 187 due to accidents. Five hundred and forty marriages and 2.5,^9 1 irths were reported during the week. To Control Venereal Diseases in New York. — .\t a recent meeting of the Board of Health of New York, Commissioner Lederle introduced a resolution by the adoption of which the board took the first step toward the public control of venereal diseases in New York. This resolution expressed the sense of the Board of Health, that the early adoption of a comprehensive plan for the sanitary control of such diseases is necessary for the pro- tection of public health and called upon the Medical Ad- visory Board to submit recommendations looking toward 311 appropriate administrative plan for such control. Dr. Lederle. in commenting upon the resolution, stated that the department had given a great deal of consideration, dur- ing the past year, to tlie question of the effective control

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