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A IVeekly Revie-jv of Medicine. Edited liy FRANK P. FOSTER. M. D. .Iddress all how to beat keno slot machines huslitrss comnniiticatioiis to 4. R. ELLIOTT PUBLISHING COMPANY, Publishers. 66 West Broadway, A'cvj York. Cable Addrets: Medlour. Neii York. Subscription Prick: Under Domestic Postage Rates, $5; under Foreign Postage Rate, S7: single copies, fifteen cents. Remittances should be made by New York Exchange or post office or express money order, payable to the A. R. Elliott Publish- ing Co., or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregistered mail. Entered at the Post Office at New York and admitted for trans- portation through the mail as second-class matter. NEW YORK. 5.\TURD.\Y. FEBRU.\RY 4. "j"- THE PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE. Without regard to what might eventually be done in the way of concentrating the activities of the gen- eral government in matters of sanitation, we have persistently advocated strengthening the hands of the present Public Health and Marine Hospital Service. We have believed that such a keno wheeling system freeware course was free keno wheeling software imperative for the existing needs of the service, and we have felt that it would not prejudice such fur- ther legislation as might ultimately be found ad- visable. We are glad therefore that a bill for the purpose has now been introduced into Congress and that there are indications of its probable passage. The bill provides for changing the name of the service from the United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service to the United States Pub- lic Health Service. This change free online vegas keno slots seems to us to be desirable, for the present title is cumbrous. The conduct of the marine hospitals will of course re- main as important a part of the service as it has been in the past, but the title of the governing keno games in florida body need not be framed on the pattern of a catalogue. The bill provides also for a substantial extension of the duties and cleopatra keno free download prerogatives of the service, such an extension as will enable it to deal more keno slot machine strategy directly and efficiently with public health situations that may at any time prove pressing. It also provides for in- creasing the pay of the ofificers of the service. This is a much needed provision, for, as we have repeat- edly pointed out. the government cinnot expect to secure the services of capable men without grant- ing them adequate remuneration. The service as at present C(;nstitute'l and organ- ized has done excellent work, and it deserves to be accorded a rank commensurate with its worth. With such enhanced duties and responsibilities free online keno with superball as the bill now before Congress contemplates, it can- not fail to prove of increased usefulness to. the country. It has held its officers together wonder- fully under rather discouraging circumstances, and how to beat video keno machines we look to see it advance still further under the im- proved conditions which the bill seeks to provide. THE CUXQUEST OF caveman keno freeware SYPHILIS. There has been apparent of late a more con- servative tendency in the rating of Ehrlich's arseni- cal preparation as a remedy for syphilis, though it is still acclaimed in some quarters as a sure and speedy cure. The frequent return of the Wasser- mann reaction within comparatively short periods after injections of salvarsan, as was set forth by Dr. Mac Rae in our issue for December 31st, and as has been witnessed by many observers, has doubtless contributed powerfully toward the assumption of a more or less skeptical attitude on the part of raghab chatterjee chand keno free download clin- icians who have not allowed themselves to be car- ried away by unreasonable enthusiasm. Neverthe- less, the overwhelming mass of testimony is still to the eiifect that salvarsan is a remedy of wonderful efficiency, even if its effects should turn out to be only temporary. That in the great majority of instances salvarsan should so speedily and so entirely do away with the manifestations of pogo free casino keno syphilis, and yet that there should remain or recur indications that the disease is not radically overcome, has seemed to call for an ex- play superball keno for fun planation. An explanation which is at least plausi- ble has now been furnished by Dr. Pollitzer. whose article on the general subject will be found in sono sono aaj keno mp3 free download this issue of the Journal. The article is of distinct value from all points of view, but it seems to us to be of exceptional importance by reason of the author's ingenious suggestion that, while those spirocha:tje that are actively pathogenic are killed by the rem- edy, there are others which have assumed or may assume a resting stage in which they are not affect- ed by the remedy, but from which they may subse- quently emerge with renewed powers for harm. This hypothesis is plentifully supported by analo- gous occurrences in the life history of other proto- zoans, and we see no reason to question can keno machines be rigged its ade- c|uacy to explain the facts thus far ob.servcd. If it is found that Dr. Pollitzer's hypothesis is well founded, it may presumably be hoped that a fresh resort to the Ehrlich treatment on the recur- rence of syphilitic manifestations, repeated as often as may be necessary, will lead to the final extermi- nation of the disease in anv suitable instance. If 234 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. this should prove to be true, we have indeed in sal- varsan a remedy from which ahnost the eradication of syphilis may be expected to take place ultimately. Thus will be realized, though after a modified course, the hopes of those who now appear some- what overenthusiastic. A distinct conquest of syph- ilis will have been effected. Then there are to be considered the recent re- ports of successful keno free download attempts to prevent syphilis after exposure to the infection. Some months ago we commented on such successes in the United powerball keno free download States Navy, and quite recently on young Maison- neuve's heroic submission to an experiment calcu- lated to test the efficacy of the local use of a mer- curial preparation in the prevention of syphilitic in- fection after inoculation. In his case, of course, the test was simplified by the experimenter's definite knowledge how to win at machine keno of the site of inoculation, whereas in ac- tual practice more extensive surfaces would have to be treated in order to make sure of reaching the point of casual inoculation. green machine kenora We do not expect that the result of these curative and preventive measures will be to banish syphilis from the face of the earth, but surely we may hope for its curtailment to a no- table degree.

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