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Otorrhcea 64 Other diseases of the glasses — 1,028 pairs; nun of examinations for gla not required, 189. I (removed). 306 (5 operations). Hypertrophied tonsils. 768 443 (211 operations). .'\denoids 119 80 (28 operations). Defective speech 29 13 Other diseases of the nose and throat... 387 491 Pediculosis 6,376 3.108 Eczema 599 57S Pustular dermatitis... 124 109 Impetigo 193 159 Ringworm 206 19-' Scabies 69 5; Wounds 1. 841 1.462 OthP'- diseases of tlu- skin i.Si.S 9<5i Scoliosis . . 5 r Hip joint disease i Other orthopajdic dis- eases 33 29 I brace and shoes obtained ; 13 sent to gymnasium; 1 Teeth Mentally deficient.... T u b e f c ulosis (two suspected tuberculo- sis) Trachoma Miscellaneous 828 479 80 sent to country), sent to epileptic hospital; 2 sent to country: i sent to Spring City; 2 old cases ad- mited to Oakbourne' Home. Total STPJXHARDT: AXTERIOR POLIOESCIWHAU'I l^ The school nurse lias opened a path to the ile- veiopment of an ideal system of betterment of pub- lic free european blackjack game health in nur cities. The school nurse of the future will be the Municipal Nurse, whose duties will include not only protecting the health of the school children but also, caring for infants, teach- ing mothers their hygiene and proper feeding, thereby reducing this great and unnecessary mor- tality. By improving housing and living conditions she will reduce the mortality from tuberculosis. She will be the supervisor of health and sanitation play european blackjack online in the factories, as well as a teacher of hygiene to tile children at school and to their parents at home. She will be the connecting link between the desti- tute family and the numerous organizations dispens- ing aid. \\\Xh a small district assigned to a nurse, and she being held responsible for the health of every person and sanitation of every house in tint district, results will be obtained which would be impossible by any other system. The school nurses of the future are destined to be the guardians of our public health. I desire to express my indebtedness to The Rus- blackjack european no hole card counting sell Sage Foundation, New York; Bureau of Mu- nicipal blackjack european rules Research, Philadelphia ; Miss A. L. Stanley ; and Dr. C. A. Groff for aid in gathering statistics. 1306 PixE Street. .ANTERIOR POLIOENCEPH.\LITIS.* By David Steinh.^rdt, M. D., New York, Orthopedic Surgeon. New York Hospital. Outpatient Deparlmcnt ; Instructor, Free Class for the Cure and Correction of Rotary Lateral Curvature; .\cting .Assistant Physician, Outpatient Department, St. Mary's Free Hospital for Children; .Acting -Assistant Orthopaedic Surgeon. Department of Mechanotherapy. German Hospital, etc. Acute polioencephalitis, ordinarily known as an- terior poliomyelitis, infantile paralysis, atrophic spinal paralysis, and by several other names, is an intensely acute infectious disease of bacleric origin which lor the past several years has been carrying death and helplessness into our homes, striking at our beloved little learn european blackjack ones in a way ever to be remem- bered, and bringing european blackjack online free terror to the hearts of parents wherever its dread name has european blackjack casino been mentioned as the diagnosis of a sickness in any neighborhood. And play european blackjack online free well may this be so, for we have few diseases which can result so quickly fatally in what was an appar- ently healthy child before the onset of this scourge of the children of tender a,ge, or which when life is spared can leave so helpless a cripple for the at- tention of the profession. Just think of it well. One minute a healthy, rosy cheeked, happy romp- ing child, and the next a helpless cripple or a corpse. Tliis is no dramatic exaggeration, but merely a statement of fact, a sort of condensed history of the blackjack european rules vs vegas strip very great majority of cases of our recent epidem- ics. I do european blackjack online not want to appear in your eyes as an alarmist, but I do want to make you realize the seri- ousness of this disease. Granted that its mnrlality is low. only about from five to ten per cent, on an average, what disease have we that leaves such terrible after effects in practically every case? After

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