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tion of tlic sei)tum exists the lateral wall of the cor- responding side is made to encroach upon the maxillarv antrum of that side in orrlcr to admit the SCHMITT: .\\4SAL BREATHING. required volume of air, the parchmentlike bone of the lateral wall receding before this continuous pressure of air, thus contributing one of the vari- ous factors in the production of asymmetry in the sinuses. The current of air passing backward draws the warmed air from the sinuses and becomes moistened and purified (filtered) play slots gambling casino adventure games online scratch tickets by passage over the ciliated epithelium of the nasal membrane. On expiration the air heated and moistened in indian casino online gambling the lungs passes out through the nose; part of it is forced into the sinuses as a reserve for the next inspired air, which should be warmed and moistened before entering the kmgs. Hence, the sinuses are the reserve chambers to warm the respired silverstar casino online gambling air, besides helping to reduce the weight of the skull and giving resonance to the voice. The openings to these sinuses are placed high up in protected places ideally situated to prevent extraneous matter from entering them and thus preventing their infection. The lining membrane which contains the blood sup- ply for their bony walls gives off only sufficient moisture to preserve this structure. The volume of air passing through the nasal fossae from infancy onward exerts marked pressure on all the structures within the nose, pushing the lateral wall outward and the floor downward suffi- ciently to give the space required for the growing capacity of the lungs. The low floor corresponds to the properly flattened roof of the mouth, the wide alveolar process allowing the teeth to develop without crowding. The air normally conducted through the nose and nasopharynx will produce sufficient gambling machines for sale uk pressure to support the vessels in the adenoid tissue normally present in the nasopharynx and hence keeps its growth within bounds. The nasopharynx is commodious, gives the palate a wider range of motion, and adds to its mobility. To overcome the resistance offered by the com- paratively small entrance which the anterior nares present for the large quantity of air to fill the lungs, the muscles of respiration are brought into play for the uniform expansion of the entire chest and lungs. .\ great quantity of blood is thereby drawn into the chest which bathes the lung tissue, thereby tending to preserve its healthfulness and also to increase the exchange of gases, and hence establish better meta- bolism throughout the body. Against all this let us compare mouth gambling game one clue breathing. The neglected nostrils are collapsed from disuse. The absence of air pressure within the nose has permitted the fossae to remain narrow. If they are sufficiently roomy the mucous membrane covering the turbinals is swollen from nonsupport. From the same lack of pressure the floor of the nose has not been depressed, resulting in the high vaulted |ialate, the contracted alveolar process, online gambling sites sports and irregu- larity in the position of the teeth. The upper jaw and lip are pushed forward and the lower lip droops and is thickened. .At this point I desire to take exception to the accepted theory of Lombroso that casino gambling web main free games online slots the vaulted pal- ate is a distinctive mark of degeneracy and substi- tute the above explanation as the true cause of that deformity. In those in whom there is an abundance online casino gambling in nj of ade- noid tissue lining the nasoi^haryngeal wall, the ves- -cW iif this tissue being unsupivirted are continually in a congested state. Added to this is the negative pressure or suction resulting from the air sweeping through the mouth down the phan,-nx, constituting a second factor in the production of hypersemia of the adenoid tissue, both factors resulting in the true cause for the superabundant growth of that tissue. The adenoid tissue which occludes the postnasal space interferes with the proper aeration of the middle ear through las vegas casino online gambling the Eustachian tube, producing defective hearing, and interferes with the proper function of the soft palate which so often is mani- fest in young children and frequently is the only cause for their defective speech. With the dis- turbed circulation in the nose and nasopharynx the circulation at the base of the brain is aft'ected, influencing the mentality of the mouth breather who frequently is put down as a dullard at school. The dust laden and infected air passes through the mouth, producing dryness, infecting, and in- flaming the tonsils and pharynx, eventually perma- nently enlarging the tonsils through repeated insult and increasing the liability to circumtonsilar infec- tions. On account of the large opening which the mouth presents, no extra effort is required during inspiration, as is the gambling city net casino games online slots free monte casino online gambling case when the resistance of the smaller aperture of the interior nares must be over- come ; hence the muscles of the chest are not brought into play as in gambling vector free download the former instance, the chest remains contracted, and the lungs incom- pletely expanded and aerated especially at the apices. The increased amount of blood which should normally enter the chest does not enter, leav- ing the lungs in an anjemic condition oftentimes tmable to cope with the germs which enter with the dust laden air. The air passing into the lungs is cold, unfiltered and free gambling systems unmoistened, chilling the lung, aft'ecting its lining membrane and circulation. The deposit of dust which might contain noxious germs in great numbers and too numerous to be taken care of by a reduced circulation, frequently results in inflammation and tuberculosis of the lungs. .\t night the mouth breather is restless and suf- fers with disturbed sleep. His head is thrown back, due to the relaxation and shortening of the lower jaw muscles and the tension of the extensors at the nape of singapore casino online gambling the neck. F"or this reason the mouth re- mains open in spite of cloth or leather jaw supports which are frequently used gambling games list to overcome mouth breathing at night. Besides the increased drag on the lower jaw, there is also added the disturbed circulation of crown casino online gambling the head due to its retroflexed condi- tion. Mouth breathing is due to several causes, but it; most instances it is purely a habit. In the case of a crown casino perth online gambling nasal obstruction the amount of air possible to be drawn through the nose may be entirely inadequate, and mouth breathing becomes a necessity until the obstruction is removed. In other cases it occurs in constitutions in which the muscle tonus has been lowered in various parts of the body, resulting in relaxed and flabby muscles and ligaments. When this occurs in gambling free vector muscles supporting the lower online casino gambling in indian rupees jaw (the temporals, masseters, and ])terygoids), the jaw drops and mouth breathing occurs and becomes a habit. The relaxed lower iaw muscles remain shortened, the reduced traction on the bone itself pn-ducing the small mandible and receding chin. April HARTZ: ACUTE BRONCHITIS l.\ TUBERCULOSIS. 733 The drawn skin of the cheeks, produced by the dropping of the jaw, presses on the superior alveo- lar process, and this, added to the vaulted palate,

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