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March 14, igii. 1. Displacement of .Abdominal Organs for Rontgen Treat- ment, By Werner and Caan. 2. .Etiology of Febris Puerperalis and Febris in Puer- perio. By Schottmullek. 3. play lucky eight for free Paratyphus Infections, By Rolly. 4. The Ubiquity of Paratyphus Bacilli, By Schmidt. 5. Pharmacolog\' and Clinical Dignity of Uterine Tonics w-ith Especial Reference to the Extract of the Hy- pophysis (Pituitrin), By Neu. 6. The Use of X Ray in the Diagnosis of Pregnancy, By Edling. 7. The Behavior of the P>lood Pressure after Intravenous Injections of Salvarsan, By Sieskind. 8. Icterus after Salvarsan, By Klausner. 9. The Torsion of the Bones of the Leg in Congenital Clubfoot and Its Cure, By Puerckh.auer. 10. The Value of the Fresh Leaves of Digitalis and Their Preservation, By Winckel. 11. A New Preparation of Digitalis (Digitalis Winded), By Ehlers. 12. The Bolus Dressing, a New, Sterile Dressing for Wounds, By Stuiipf. 13. Exchange of lucky eight slot the Bones of the Fingers and Toes. By Wolff. 14. Eclampsia, By Hannes. 15. A New Four Cell Bath Indicator, By Kowarschik. 16. The Clinical Picture of the Plague Given by Thucyjd- ides. By Schroder. 17. Obituary of Edward Gamaliel Janeway, By Oertel. 1. Displacement of lucky 8 online casino Abdominal Organs for Rontgen Treatment. — Werner and Caan describe several cases in which inoperable carcinomas of the abdominal organs were brought to the surface and then treated with the x rays, the method of treat- ment called by Carl Beck eventration treatment. They conclude that this mode of treatment is feasi- ble and possesses certain advantages. They recom- mend that the organs be left sutured in position for a long time, perhaps permanently, because this causes the patients no real trouble and a prolonged after treatment seems to be valuable, while the fur- ther development of the disease can be lucky 8 casino watched better. They think that this procedure should take the play lucky 8 line place of simple exploratory operations and gastroenterostomies in inoperable carcinomas of the stomach. 2. play lucky eight slots for free Puerperal Fever. — Schottmtiller says that in his former researches he fotmd the agent of puerperal fever to be the haemolytic streptococcus crysipelatosus, but that his more recent studies have convinced him that the anaerobic streptococcus putridus is an even more important agent. In com- parison with these two kinds of bacteria the staphy- lococcus attreus, the bacterium coli, and the bac- terium phlegmones emphysematosa are of much less importance. 6. Use of the X Rays in the Diagnosis of Pregnancy. — Edling says that lucky 8 card game at the beginning of the third month of pregnancy, and sometimes before, it is possible to obtain x ray pictures of the foetus that are perfectly satisfactory for the pur- pose of diagnosis. In the later months jiregnancy can be diagnosticated without difficult}". The diag- nosis of multiple lucky 8 line slots game pregnancy can be made thus in the first half of pregnancy and abnormal positions, as well as probably lucky 8 slots hydrocephalus and certain mal- formations can be made out. Extrauterine preg- nancies give as good pictures of the foetus as the normal, but the differential diagnosis depends chiefly on its asymmetrical position in the pelvis of the mother. 7. The Behavior of the Blood Pressure after Intravenous Injections of Salvarsan. — lucky 8 lines slots Sieskind concludes i, it is beyond doubt that in the majority of cases salvarsan, like the other preparations of arsenic, vv'hen injected into the veins produces a depression of the blood pressure similar to that found by Nicolai after subcutaneous injections. In small doses this depression of the blood lucky eight card game pressure may be absent in some cases. 2. The depression of the blood pressure is never so great as to en- danger life. The dangers for a healthy circulatory apparatus are not greater than those met with after an intravenous injection of salt solution. The (juantity of fluid injected plays a part only in so far -ipril 15. 19II-1 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 751 4is it seems to reduce the toxicity of the remedy by its greater dilution. Whether the circle of the indi- cations in diseases of the circulator)- apparatus, especially when of syphilitic nature, is still ques- tionable. 5. The intravenous injection of salvarsan is contraindicated in cases with primarily very low blood pressure. 8. Icterus after Salvarsan. — Klausner reports four lucky 8 slots for free cases in which the intramuscular injection of salvarsan was follow"ed lucky eight lines lucky 8 slots for free by febrile symptoms and an attack of icterus which could not be accounted for bv any clinically recognizable condition of the ab- dominal organs. 10. Fresh Leaves of Digitalis. — Winckel calls .attention to the difference in efficiency of prepara- tions made irom the play lucky 8 line fresh leaves of digitalis as •compared with those made from the dried leaves and urges the conservation of the original efficiency of the leaves. He proposes no new remedy, no new extract or preparation, but only a return to the old drug in its original strength. 11. A New Preparation of Digitalis. — Ehlers. ■despite the foregoing article, lauds the preparation made as he recommended under the name of digi- talis Winckel. 13. Exchange of the Fingers and Toes. — ^Wolflf reports a case in which a phalanx was excised from a toe and successfully engrafted to take the place of a phalan.x of a finger which had to be excised because of disease. A Rontgenograph showing the final result accompanies the article. INTERSTATE MEDICAL JOURNAL.

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