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Treatment of Tuberculosis. — Dr. Gk.\nville X. Ry.^x, of Des .Moines, Iowa, presented a pre- liminary report of five cases of tuberculosis treated with Carl Spengler's tuberculosis immune blood, and concluded that: i. It was the most eft'ective agent in fighting tuberculosis that had come under his observation. 2. Perceptible lysis might be ob- viated in a number of cases by adopting the slow method of immunization. 3. The first signs of im- provement were found in the subjective condition, lowering of temperature, increase of appetite, freer respiration, if dyspnoea was present, increase in weighr, more restful sleep, decrease in cough, sputum, and tubercle bacilli ; also disappearance of rales during the first few weeks. 4. It had been his experience that the toxic pulse persisted for some time after the disappearance of other symp- toms. 5. In morilnmd patients its value had been chiefly in rendering them more comfortable. 6. Acute colds, to which these patients were highly susceptible, and other complicating diseases, must be dealt with accorrling to indications. Oration in Medicine. — This was delivered by Dr. IlEi.NRicir Stern, of New York, who selected for his subject The Decay of Nations. The medal tally slots Role of Tuberculin in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. — Dr. Logan Ci.exden- IXG. of Ivansas City, Alissouri. reviewed the meth- ods for the early diagnosis of this disease and said: I. In infants and children the von Pirquet test was of great value and positive ; the younger the child the higher its value ; it was somewhat less valuable if negative. 2. In adults there was no method of using tuberculin for diagnostic purposes that had uniform value in all cases. The subcutaneous method was probably the best. Colica Mucosa. — Dr. J. M. Bell, of St. Joseph, spoke of the dual aspect of this disease and said that his experience with it Jed him to believe the en- teroptotic habit plus autointoxication and constipa- tion was the foundation upon which the disease was based, the neurosis being secondary. When the di- gestive tract was restored, a normal state of equilib- rium was obtained. Local Anaesthesia with Quinine and Urea Hy- drochloride. — Dr. C. yi. Nicholson, of St. Louis, was convinced from experience with thirty-two cases that quinine and urea hydrochloride was des- tined to occupy a prominent position as a local anassthetio. The greater length of time required after the injection of the quinine and urea hydro- chloride before the anaesthetic effect was fully man- ifest was its principal disadvantage. In the discussion several speakers related their experience with this agent, and said that their re- sults had been very gratifying. Suggestions for the Application of Lactic Fer- ments in Genitourinary Work. — Dr. Frederic S. Mason, of New York, said that these ferments had a wide field of usefulness in the treatment of dis- eases depending on invasion of the gastrointestinal tract by pathogenic organisms since they inhibited the growth of the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus and many other organisms. Dr. Holbrook Curtis and Dr. Otto Glogan, of New York, had used suspensions of lactic ferments in bouillon successfully in the treatment of suppurating discharges from sinuses and nasal passages as well as from the ear. The speaker had only had opportunity of confirming these results in two cases of suppurating otitis. He described the technique for using the lactic ferment crayons in acute gonorrhcea in the male, and did not state that they were specific in the treatment of this condition, for the work done was too incomplete, but the results obtained were sufficiently encourag- ing to warrant a more extended trial by genitouri- nary specialists and general practitioners. Peritonization in Abdominal and, More Par- ticularly, Pelvic Surgery.— Dr. John E. Sum- mers, of Omaha, read this paper. He said by peri- tonization or peritoneoplasty was meant the cover- ing over by peritonteum of all tears, lacerations, and losses of substance of the peritonjeum due to sur- gical procedure. In some cases the peritonaeum might be separated from the abdominal wall, com- mencing at the lower angle of the incision toward the space of Retzius, or at the sides, freeing a great part of the bladder likewise. These flaps were suf- ficiently large to cover over the posterior wall of the pelvis. In other cases, of which medal tally slots online the author had had several examples, the technique consisted in trans- porting the sigmoid flexure across the pelvis and suturing it in such a way that all raw surfaces were covered over. The sigmoid was onlv fixed below 754 PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. and was almost always sufficiently mobile to be car- ried across the pelvis to the right side as far as the cjecum. When the uterus was preserved, the sig- moid was sutured to the lateral walls of the exca- vation and across the fundus of the uterus. When the uterus was sacrificed, the sigmoid was sutured to the lateral walls of the excavation and to the bladder. Drainage should be made through the vagina. Amann emphasized the fact that this tech- nique was particularly advantageous when septic pus or genital abscesses communicated with the in- testine — for example, a pyosalpinx, or a suppurating tumor of the ovary, operting into the large bowel. Again, when there coexisted a genital abscess with a perforative appendicitis, the medal tally slot machine intestinal sutures were situated under the protection of the cavity drained and w-ere extraperitoneal. Two vital prin- ciples W'Cre involved in peritoneal autoplastic sur- gery : First, the more vital principle, the prevention of infection ; second, the prevention of postoperative intestinal obstruction. Care of the Hypertrophied Prostate. — Pr. F. H. Cl.'\rk, of El Reno, Oklahoma, said the responsi- bility for early diagnosis and advice must of neces- sity rest with the family physician. While this condition usually came on \vith advanced age, it might occur even in childhood. Operative pro- cedure was the only treatment that offered hope for a permanent cure and a comfortable life after oper- ation. The operation which presented the low-est mortality was through the lower perineal route. We should never forget that ten per cent, of these hypertrophied prostates became malignant if allowed to go on. and that our only medal tally slots free play hope of avoiding that was an early operation. We must not forget that we should continue to sound these patients follow- ing operation until we were certain there would be no contraction of the scar formed that might medal tally slots game serve as an impediment to the free flow of urine. Just how long this would take must be governed by each individual case. Dr. W. E. Engele.\ch, of .St. Louis, gave skia- graphical demonstrations of some unusual condi- tions in the chest. Poliomyelitis Anterior Acuta. — Dr. L. A. SKOor,, of Kansas City, Missouri, reported three cases of this disease in the same family at the same time. The following papers were also read : Should Venereal Infections be Classed and Reported as Contagious Diseases? by Dr. T. M. Paul, of St. Joseph, Missouri : Extreme CEdema of the Caecum and Ascending Colon Following a Gangrenous Ap-

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