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turning somewhat. There were several insur- mountable difficulties in the use of salvarsan, ex- cept in selected cases, unless the technique could be simplified and the dangers lessened. First, the use of the liiug should be preceded by not only careful examination of the organs and vascular system, vegas strip online casino no deposit codes but also of the inner structure of the eyes. watch casino movie online free Second, the l)reparation of the drug for injection required, if the Wechselmann method was used, approximately one hour; online casino free money no deposit required if the simpler technique of Lesser was emplnycd. abr:ut one online casino no deposit bonus codes march 2013 half hour. Third, it was al- most essential that patients treated by this drug should be kept in bed for several days to prevent either serious discomfort or complications. More- over, the remedy was not infallible as was at first thought. While salvarsan was an important aid in our live dealer baccarat online casino treatment of syphilis, it would not, in his opin- ion, displace mercury in the cure of this disease. Dr. H. M. Chiustiax's experience with "606" had been limited to about seven cases because of the inability to obtain the drug freely. The first case vi'as one of tertiary syphilis with a necrotic gum- matous ulcer at the ankle of about two years' stand- ing. The man was injected in the gluteal region about six weeks ago. The ulcer healed within ten days and the man gained in weight from fifteen to eighteen pounds. He had been taking mercury and potassium for over a year. The next case was one of chancre which had resisted all ordinary meth- ods. One dose of "606" was given. The tempera- ture ran to 103° P.. even 104° F. for two nights, and then dropped to normal. In a week the ulcer was entirely healed. He had had five cases at the Philadelphia Hospital, where through the courtesy of Dr. Flexner they had been furnished with some of the drug. One patient casino 1995 full movie free online with acute roseola with sclerosis of online baccarat casino usa a chancre was not much affected. In a case of papulosquamous eruption, in which an in- jection was given very lately, the eruption had al- most entirely scaled off after four days. In all these cases the Wassermann reaction was positive. Dr. S. Sous CoHEX observed that a single case did not amount to much, but there was a peculiar psychic effect of "606," which might be noted con- cerning a patient whom Dr. De Scluveinitz had ex- amined for him at Blockley before the remedy was administered to determine whether or not there were any eye lesions. The patient, a best online casino no deposit codes colored man, much emaciated, was admitted on account of en- larged liver. There was a perforation of the palate extending through the bone, as well as the mucous membrane and a gimima in the neighborhood of the sternoclavicular articulation, which was giving con- siderable pain. Through the courtesy of Dr. Coplin and Dr. Funk 0.8 gramme of baccarat online casino the neutral solution was given by injection into the muscles of the back. The pain of the gumma, which had been excruciat- ing, disappeared within a couple of days, and all other external evidence of disease disappeared. The Wassermann reaction, however, had remained online casino no deposit codes usa con- tinuously positive for some twelve weeks. The man felt well ; his appetite had been good, and he had gained in weight. -\ curious fact online casino malaysia baccarat was that daily and careful examinations of the urine had failed to reveal arsenic in the urine. The faeces, unfortu- nately, had not been examined. Dr. F. X. Dercum asked for a more definite ex- pression by the readers of the papers as to dose and method of administration. Possibly some of the differences in results might be explained by dif- ferences in dose and methods. Dr. Da LAND said that because of a large number of relapses reported in Berlin it had been decided definitely that the method of administration should be changed from the intramuscular to the live baccarat online casinos intra- venous. The intravenous dose for a male adult should be not less than 0.5 gramme. More than one gramme had been given intravenously without 704 BOOK NOTICES. ill effect. It was well to follow the advice of Pro- fessor Ehrlich. that the alkaline solution should be employed in all intramuscular injections. The point that Dr. Cohen had made regarding the urine being arsenic free, he could not explain. Most of the re- ports showed that arsenic remained in the urine for from ten days to two weeks or longer, and had been found in the online casino no deposit bonus us players fcTcal discharges for about the same length of time, ^^'hen given intravenousl\' the ar- senic was supposed to disappear from the urine in about four days, but recent observation at the Rockefeller Hospital showed that it persisted much longer. Dr. ScH.AMBKRG in closing remarked that regard- ing the value of this particular remedy opinion must depend largely upon the point of view. Those who were led to expect a cure at one stroke doubt- less experienced a feeling of disappointment. Those, however, who recognized that we had introduced into our therapeutic armainentarium a drug of mar- vellous immediate value could not but feel that a great advance had been made. Doubtless many cases of syphilis would require a repetition of treat- ment by this drug. At the present time arseno- benzol had its chief indication online casino no deposit bonuses in those cases which resisted mercury and iodide. It was perhaps for- tunate casino online movie 2k that there was a halt in the exuberant en- thusiasm excited by Ehrlich's announcement, for this might casino online movie ticket booking chennai retard injudicious haste in the use of the drug by unqualified persons and in conditions in which it should not be employed. At the present time, given a robust individual with early syphilis who desired this treatment, it seemed to him that we were perfectlv justified in using it. Angeioneurotic Manifestations in and around Joints in Crises of Vasomotor Ataxia. — Thi . paper was read by Dr. S. SoLis Coiiiix, ioeh lotlas. [IVe publish fiiil lists of books received, but ive watch movie casino 1995 online free acknozvl- edge no obligation to reviezc them all. Nevertheless, so far as space permits, -we review those in which zve think our readers are likely to be interested.] What Shall J Eat.' A Manual of Rational free online baccarat casino games Feeding. By Dr. F. X. Goi-RAUD, Formerly Chief of the LaboTatoiy of the Medical Faculty of Paris. \\'ith a Preface by Prof. Arm.^nd Gautif.r, of Paris, Only Authorized Translation into the English Language by Francis J. Rebman. With a Glossary Containing Definitions of the Principal Technical Terms, and an Index of Dis- eases Referred to in the Text. New York : Rebman Company, 191 1. Pp. xvi-379. A dear friend of our Journal, now deceased, re- viewed the original French book by Gouraiid in our issue of June 25, 1910, page 1360, and said there: "The little volume before us is characterized by simplicity of style, excellence of arrangement, and thorough scientific discussion of the subject em- braced by the title. . . . We do not hesitate to recommend the work to thrse seeking light how to win baccarat online casino on the subject." \Ve are very glad to see an F.nglish edition of the book. The translator. Mr. Francis J. Rebman, is known to our readers as the English translator of Krafft-Ebing's Psychopathia se.vualis. As then, so in this book, the translation is well done : and while

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