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Edited by FRANK P. FOSTER, M. D. Address all business communications to A. R. ELLIOTT PUBLISHING COMPANY, Piibhshers. 66 IFest Broadway. New York. Cable Address : Medjour, New York. Subscription Price: Under Domestic Postage Rates, $5; under Foreign Postage Rate. $7; single copies, fifteen cents. Remittances should be made by New York Exchange or post office or express money order, payable to the A. R. Elliott Publish- ing Co., or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregistered mail. Entered at the Post Office at New York and admitted for trans- portation through the mail as second-class matter. NEW YORK, S.\TURDAY. APRIL S. loii. OF SUCH IS THE KINGDOM. Proceeding probably on an idea suggested by the baccarat game online for money recent action of some prominent residents of Flat- bush, the Park Commissioner has issued an appeal to owners of unimproved property in Manhattan online baccarat for real money to allow its free use during the coming summer as playgrounds for baccarat online for money the children. Such use will not only save the lawns of Central Park, but will keep boys and girls ofif the dangerou.sly crowded streets. This appeal, which we expect baccarat online practice confidently to see an- swered with generous enthusiasm, is directly in line with a very modern awakening to the importance of conserving the health and happiness of the child. 1 he view of the child which has ruled through long ages was that he was a victim of original sin which had to be severely threshed out of him; his natural instincts and longings were play baccarat online free bodog repressed and his de- veloping baccarat game online play baccarat online for money psychology was ignored to an extent that produced the most terrible consequences. Among the poor he has been considered mainly as an as- sistant bread winner, among the very rich an orna- ment to be cared for by alien hands, by all a crude object to be fitted, no matter how, into some one of the grooves of a rigid civilization. Now the child is beginning to loom large in the eye of science play baccarat online for real money learn to play baccarat online and the importance of his environment is being recognized. Nature is known not to be in- fallible, and we correct imperfections 'in the young animal as we have for ages tliose of the young plant. With adenoids removed, teeth straightened, refraction brought to normal, club feet rectified, the child who still hangs back is placed apart with other defectives and patiently trained to occupy a place play live baccarat online somewhere in the ranks, instead of drifting, as once he inevitably would have drifted, into the cohort? of crime. \\"e try earnestly to remove handicaps and baccarat online for fun start all children at scratch. For the first time the child is recognized to have certain rights, first among which is a sound and normal body. He is being gradually set free from the blinding and stunting factory, the Ozanam and Big Brother movements are welcoming his grop- ing for friendship and clean knowledge, the courts are respecting his youth and innocence, the hands of countless thousands of yearning, childless people are outstretched to him. The reward should be gieat in stopping the recruiting of the criminal and vagabond classes, in filling the ranks of scholarship, art, and industry instead of the jails online baccarat winning strategy and asylums. Ere long we shall all know that a child is the most wonderful of the gifts of Nature, an awful respon- sibility, yet a divine blessing; to lose one through preventable disease or moral neglect will be ac- kncwleged as the most shocking of crimes. Child- hood must be prolonged; too soon with us it is merged into an unlovely maturity. Economically considered, it seems obvious that if the labor .of children is sternly repressed, there will be more work for the multitude of idle adults who ask only for a chance. Onl}' civilized man demands labor of his child ; Adam v,-as grown up when he was told to go to work. Kindness will be the keynote of child play mini baccarat online for free culture ; only guidance is needed. Solomon's red was a metaphor ; let the children be as olive plants about our table. THE THERAPEUTICS OF GARDENING. The days are growing longer, the sun is shining warmer, the brown leaf bnds are beginning to swell, and the green shoots are pushing their way through the brown mould. And there are other signs of spring. Announcements of summer schools and European outings take the place of furnace and steam heating advertisements, and a flood of "na- ture books" is being poured out by the publishers. Evidently spring has come. And in the spring the professional man who has .a little square of garden or bit of lawn renews his youth by delving in the soil or trundling a lawn mower. This, in- deed, is very well if done orderly play baccarat online for fun and with discre- tion, but the man of middle age and after, with a background of twenty years of sedentary life and good living, must not too lustily engage in vigorous toil at the outset of spring. It is not so much the lame back and the sore muscles incident live baccarat online free play to the first day's hard work in the garden that counts against the man of .sedentary habits as does the sudden strain on hardening arteries and possibly fattening heart. No form of exercise is better on the whole than 686 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. gardening, for it has a psychic as well as a physical value. The mind is interested, while the muscles are exercised. And with the professional man the change of interest is of almost as much value as the purely physical exercise. In the flood of nature books is A Manual of baccarat online play free Gardening by Professor L. H. Bailey, of the Cornell University (the Macmillan Company, New York), which is much more than a mere dry manual, for it has distinct literary charm. Pro- fessor baccarat online Bailey's philosophy of gardening is admira- ble teaching for the patient who needs out of door exercise and whose circumstances permit this par- ticular form of it. For Professor Bailey thinks that for the most part gardeners are happier who have no rigid and arbitrary notions. If plants grow and thrive, the gardener should be happy ; "and if the plants that thrive play baccarat free online no download chance not to be the ones that he planted they are plants, nevertheless, and Nature is satisfied with them V patch ii lusty pigweeds, growing and sprouting in luxuriant abandon may be a better and more worthy object of afifection than a baccarat online gclub bed of coleuses in which every spark of life and spirit and individuality has been sheared out and suppressed. play free baccarat game online The man who worries morning and night about the dandelions in the lawn will find great relief in loving the dandelions. "" The tired deskworker will find Professor Bailey's

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