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v. eek he would not care if labor was induced. His advice to try milk diet was followed, and immediately the urea increased from two hundred to four hundred grains a day. allowing that the percentage in the urine was the same. She went to term and bore a healthy baby. The course pursued in this case was what he meant in contrast to surgical tendencies. If roulette free online 777 that woman had had any puffiness of the eyes, dizziness, headache, symptoms of poisoning, he presumed he would have been as ready free online casino games roulette to empty the uterus as Dr. Grandin would be. But he did not consider emptying the uterus so innocent a thing, in spite of the surgical skill of the younger men of the present time; it was not so innocent as it had been represented. Within a few days a woman had been brought to him to have a foetus removed. She was somewhat under- sized, but the pelvis was normal, and he saw no : for inducing abortion. When she was informed of this she began to cry, and explained that she had been under great anxiety" because her dearest friend had come to the city to be relieved of her baby, and mother and baby were brought home in a coffin. Yet that abortion had probably been induced with great skill. He could recall another case: the uterus was emptied surgically, was packed with gauze ; the work was done admirably, and the uterus needed to be emptied: but in spite of the gauze packing there was such hemor- rhage that for twenty-four hours the woman was be- tween life and death. He could not help believing, therefore, that unless all these cases were treated by one man such accidents would occur. Dr. Lusk had been accustomed to Barnes' bags, and liked them, but when Diihrssen's incisions were introduced he thought he would use them in order to save time in urgent cases. betfred roulette machine tips But, being cautious, he had waited and watched the discussions upon the method since, and had found that not all of those who had tested it had been satisfied with the result. There roulette slots had been cases of severe and even fatal hemor- rhage. He was glad to hear Barnes' bags referred to to-night, as one might have supposed that to some their existence was unknown. Toxaemia of Pregnancy Divided into Mild and Severe Forms. — Dr. James W. McLane said the cases roulette gambling machine cheats under discussion had presented themselves to him in two grades. The first, perhaps the most common vari- ety, were cases of mild toxarmia associated with slight albuminuria. These, he supposed, were the cases to which Dr. Lusk had just referred, in which the amount of albumin in the urine was small: there were few nervous symptoms, and the patient, if carefully watched and kept on a milk diet, usually went on through her pregnancy with safety. Possibly as she neared the end and her diet was not restricted, she might show- some nervous symptoms which would require interfer- ence, but by that time the foetus was viable and free roulette gambling systems could be removed by the induction of labor. He was not in the habit of treating such patients medicinally. He simply put them on a milk diet and confined them abed a part of the day. for it seemed that if any one thing would increase the albumin in the urine of these patients it was overexertion, especially in walk- ing. There was no objection to their driving out. The bowels were kept free, and the skin active by a daily bath. Eclampsia not Altogether a Preventable Disease. — The other class of cases was quite different from those roulette slot machine odds just described, and 1 >r. McLane could casino games free download roulette not agree with those who believed that eclampsia was altogether a preventable disease. He had seen patients in whom the most careful examination of the urine two or three days prior to the breaking out of the eclamptic seizure failed to reveal anything. He was unable to see how in such cases the accident could be considered pre- ventable. The toxaemia in them was probably com- pound, for he did not believe we had yet discovered the particular poison, if there was one. which caused the eclamptic seizure. He thought we might well be- lieve that it was made up of a number of toxins, that these were present in the blood during pregnancy, and something, the nature of which we did not know, might be added to them suddenly and produce the explosion. We saw some of these cases just before the convulsion, 24 MEDICAL RECORD. [January 2, 1897 and in them we found a hard, full, bounding pulse, .1 flushed face, usually severe headache, dimness of vi- sion, possibly vomiting, and all within the course of a short time. Personally he knew of nothing which 50 good results in such cases as the immediate abstraction of blood. He preferred venesection to cupping, taking away from twelve to sixteen ounces. He did not mean to say that the casino play for fun roulette venesection would cure the patient, but it gave time in which to do roulette game what else was necessary. He would call this the acute variety of cases. Dr. McLarie was a firm believer in the induction of premature labor, but he also believed in watching the case and carrying it along to the period of viability, when the child could be saved. He did not believe at all that the child was damaged by the mother's con- dition. Some of the best children whom he had watched growing up in the city were children whom he had brought into the world prematurely for this very condition. One woman had twenty-seven con- vulsions, yet he delivered her prematurely of a vigor- ous child. One method of treatment which had not been men- tioned, but one from which he had obtained excellent results, was to rupture the membranes and let the play russian roulette games waters escape. The action seemed to fire roulette slot machine be similar to that of venesection. Thus obtaining immediate relief, one could then proceed to delivery. He had been very much surprised at Dr. Grandin's statement with regard to the facility with which casino roulette machine tips the cervix could be dilated in cases of eclampsia. Such had not been his experience. He had seen cases in which it was impossible for the strongest hand to effect dilatation within thirty minutes except by rup- ture of the uterus: and he had seen the uterus rup- tured under such circumstances. He did not believe it was good practice to proceed in this manner, for the reason that these patients were in a state of wonderful nervous tension, and even the passage of a catheter without giving chloroform, or a vaginal examination, would bring on a convulsion. To attack the uterus in this vigorous manner must disturb the nervous system very much. He would prefer to proceed by a gentler method to get the uterus open, by the use of Barnes" bags. After delivering the woman he allowed her to bleed a little from the casinoklub virtual casino free games poker roulette slot womb, had some one sit by the bed- are casino roulette machines rigged side and, when a seizure threatened, give her drops of chloroform to inhale. Meanwhile she was rolled up in a hot pack, hot salt water was thrown up the ..bowel, and the action of the chloroform was pro- moted by morphine. He had had no experience with veratrum viride, for he had not seen a woman with a pulse after labor and convulsions to whom he would like to give this drug. At roulette free play first the pulse was and lull, but after the seizure it was anything else; it was small and feeble. The temperature free download casino roulette games for pc was a guide to prognosis. I high when the patient was going to roulette machine pascal die. He had seen it as high as 107" F. in the rectum before death, and 108 F. an hour after death. In conclusion he said that the impression which these cases had always chatroulette online now made upon him was thai the

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