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junction with the bacterin treatment was advisable if it could be carried out by the physician himself. The average nurse was not able satisfactorily to syringe the ear. They were always careful to see that drainage was free and felt that anything more was utmecessary. The ear was cleansed several times a day and care observed that there was no thickening of the pus, leading to retention. Iffffli Ifltites. [U'c publish full lists of books received, but we acknowl- edge no obligation to review them all. Nevertheless, so far as space permits, we review those in which we think our readers are likely to be interested.] Urine E.vawination Made Easy.' A Plan of Examination with the Common Tests Fully Described. By Thom.\s Carruther.s, M. a., M. B., Ch. B. Second Edition. Lon- don : J. & .A.. Churchill, 1911. (Through P. Blakiston's Son & Co., Philadelphia.) Pp. 47. (Price. 60 cents.) This little book is intended for the use of nurses, and is based upon a course outta this world free slots of demonstrations g'.ven to nurses by the author. There cannot be any doubt as to its usefulness and practical value, as its contents live up to its title. ^\"hile suitable for nurses, it should be shunned by physicians, for they should not seek to have urine examinations made easy. The "easy" examination is apt to mean the incomplete and the hasty one in the hands of medi- cal men. To gain real knowledge therefrom, urine examinations cannot be too carefully nor too thor- oughly done. Even physicians, however, who are well trained in urine analysis, may derive ben- efit, from a perusal of the many convenient and schematic tables given in the present volume^ provided a more complete textbook is used as the jjrimary source of information. A Te.rtbook of Gynecological Surgcrv. Bv Comvns Berkeley, M. A., M. D., B. C. Cantab., F. R, C. P. Lond.. M. R. C. S. Eng., Gynascologist and Obstetrician in the Aliddlesex Hospital, Senior Physician to tlie City of London Lving-In Hospital, etc.. and Victor Boxnev, M. S., M. D., B. Sc. Lond., F. R. C. S. Ebg., M. R. C. P. Lond., Assistant Gynaecologist and Assistant Obstetrician to the Middlesex Hospital, etc. With 392 Figures in the Text from Drawings by Victor Bonnev, and Six- teen Colored Plates. New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1911. Pp. x-720. (Price, $5.) This book, the reviewer found, deserved his most careful consideration, primarily, outta this world slot machine because it is based upon the personal e.vperieuce of the authors, with April BOOK NOTICES. several illustrations by one of them; secondarilv, because within the limits of 711 pages it covers the entire field of operative gynaecology. A conse- outta this world slot review case of the patient and the after treatment, the necessary- instruments for each oper- ation, the dangers and complications, are all thor- oughlv detailed. If only the dangers and complica- tions of each procedure had been noted and com- piled, the book would have been worth publishing, as it might then act as a deterrent to much of the amateur or dilettante operating which is constantly going on ; and if only some book could be written which could teach the less expert when to operate and wlien not to operate, the ideal textbook would have appeared. Turning now to the technical part of the work, we find the most modern form of expression. The authors favor, for instance, total rather than sub- total hysterectomy on the grounds out of this world slot game that the cervix is useless and that it is subject to disease. It was the French operators, we believe, who first called altentii^n to the malignant changes in the cervix after hysterectomy, and the Germans who noted the frequent metrorrhagias. It is imjjossible, in the outta this world slots limited space of a review, to consider all the gynajcological operations. We
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