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Paris Beauty Slot ReviewParis Beauty Slot Review

Paris Beauty Slot Review

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Burns, as narrated by Dana Gatlin, is as entertain- ing as any fiction, while the exploits themselves are, of course, much paris beauty online play more extraordinary than those of any book hero with his ready made plots. The Honeymoon is a brilliant comedy by the super- naturally clever and voluminous Arnold Bennett. Fracture of the Patella Without Separation. — Alore than any other joint region in the body, not excepting the shoulder, that of the knee is subject to a variety of painful affections. And as these pains are more common than in the other joints si > are they more elusive of anatomical interpretation. Indeed, in many instances of pain in the knee, espe- cially those that arise paris beauty slot review spontaneously, one may be at a loss to determine whether the lesion lies within the joint, in one of the structures about the joint, or even in some tissue more or less remote. To be sure, a serous joint effusion strongly suggests an intraarticular disturbance, but that evidence, by it- self, is not always conclusive ; synovial crepitation, too, may lead the way to the diagnosis, but it is often a deceptive sign — it may be found equallv marked in the opposite knee and it is not uncom- mon in individuals suft'ering no disability whatever. In the more serious affections of the knee — frac- ture, displaced cartilage, neoplasm, inflammatory processes, the x ray will declare the lesion, often very definitely. But, unfortunately, in those more April 15. I91I-] OFFICIAL NEWS. 759 common minor painful affections to which we have referred, skiagraphy is usually of little or no ser- vice. It is alwa\ s worth w'hile. however, to secure an X ray picture, both because it is of value to know that it reveals no unsuspected lesion and because, once in a while, it does demonstrate a quite unsus- pected process. We would call attention here, ob- serves the American Journal of Surgery for April, 191 1, especially to one type of injury in which only the radiograph may establish the diagnosis — trans- verse fracture of the patella without separation of the fragments. Stimson says that only "in rare, entirelv exceptional, cases the fibrous covering of the bone mav remain untorn. . . ." No doubt this tvpe of patella fracture occurs only occasional- ly, but its incidence must be more frequent than its recognition. A. E. Johnson paris beauty games reports three cases in The Lancet, January 12, 191 1. In all of his cases there was but little disability and the x ray made the diagnosis. Occurring by muscular violence in much the same manner as might a sprain, and pre- senting as signs and symptoms only pain and mod- erate disability and effusion, transverse fracture of the patella without rupture of its fibrous envelope should be borne in mind as a possibility when one is dealing with what appears to be merely a sprain of the knee. In spite, of the absence of separa- tion and of marked disability the recognition of the condition is of great importance to the patient, since it determines the necessity for iminobilization and recumbency to avoid possible tearing of the aponeurotic covering of the bone and its lateral ex- pansions. (gffidal §i\as. Diatbs. 3.94.'. 667 Public Health and Marine Hospital Service Health Reports : The follmving cases of am! deaths from cholera. ptagKC. yeilo-ee fever, paris beauty free and smallpox were reported to the surgeon general of the United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Ser-eiec during the teeek ending April 7, 1911: Cholera — Foreign. Places. Date. Cast India — Madras presidt-ncy paris beauty casino Jan. 1-3J 7.028 Indo-China — Saigon Feb. 12-18 i Java — Samarang Dec. 21-Jan. 2j .... 18 Java — Soerabaya Dec. 2S-Jan. 28. . . . 2 .Madeira — Camara dos Lobos Jan. 26-Feb. 8 ■ Madeira — Kunchal Jan. 26-Fcb. 8 7 .Madeira— Machico Jan. 25-l"cb. 8 4 .Madeira — Ponto do Sol Jan. 26-Feb. 8 24 Russia — Kief Jan. 29.Feb 4 i Turkey in .Asia — Medina Jan. 4-31 .' . yellow Fever — Foreign. Brazil — Manaos Feb. 26-Mar. 4 Brazil— Para -Mar. 5-11 2 Ecuador — ^juayaquil Feb. 16-28 24 Plague — Foreign. .Xrabia — Ma;kat .-Vpril i Present Brazil — Rio de Janeiro Dec. i-.^i 7 Brazil — Rio de Janeiro Jan. 1-31 12 Chile— .\rica .Mar. 7 Present Chile — Iquique ^ Feb. 11-25 '3 China— Tientsin Feb. 29-Mar. 4 8 China — Harbin, Manchuria Feb. 19-25 China — Fucbiatien, Nlanchuria I'eb. 19-25 China — Fengtirn. Slancburia To Feb. 22 3.229 China — Kirin and Ileilungkian f'rovince. Manchuria To Feb. 22 I9>403 Ecuador — Guayaquil Feb. 16-28 18 India — Kurrachee Feb. 19-25 65 India — Rangoon Feb. 12-18 27 Indo-China — Saigon Feb. 6-12 i Japan — Formosa Feb. 19-25 3 lava— Batavia Feb. 18 Present

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