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f)crsuasion, and therefore proposes to call the condi- tion peithiatism (curable by persuasion). This writ- er accuses the physici-m of suggesting the various symptoms to the patient bv the manner of his exam- ination, and asserts that he h-is never foimd anv of the so is online gambling legal in the us 2012 called stigmata of hysteria in a patient not 72,0 PRICE: FUNCTIOXAL XERVOL'S DISEASES. previously examined by another physician. Thus, the prevalence of hemiansesthesia on the left side is explained by him as being due to the fact that the examiner, being right handed, is online gambling legal in the united states 2012 examines first the left side of the patient. But this theory does not account for the right hemiansesthesias, reversal of the ocular color fields, nor, as Janet has pointed out, the hysterical amnesia following somnambulism, which covers not only the somnambulistic attack, but the incidents which preceded and were the ex- citing cause of the same. Freud online gambling stocks is online gambling legal in the state of georgia asserts that "in every case of hysteria, thvi illness is traceable to an actual but forgotten occur- rence,'' usually a painful emotional or mental shock. These "buried reminiscences" are new york state task force on casino gambling supposed to carry on an independent existence with their own how to make a 804c gambling machine jackpotter credit signaler train of associations, not entering into the field of conscious- ness, yet finding an outlet by means of what Freud terms the "conversion of the sum of excitation" into more or less persistent symptoms which we recog- nize as hysterical. He then goes still further and states that not only in hysteria, but in neurasthenia and the obsessional and phobic psychoneuroses, the 804c gambling machine jackpotter & credit signaler reviews underlying factor is a disturbance of the sexual life dating back to childhood, and says "without re- pressed sexual events of early childhood, no hys- teria." This, to the writer, appears like swinging around in a circle to the old belief that hysteria re- sulted from disease of the uterus, and I do not see how we can reconcile our traumatic cases to this theory, nor indeed, any others. \Miy indulge in what Dr. Lloyd has recently termed "subterranean psychologv" in the search for a hidden cause, when we can find adequate exciting causes immediately preceding the development of the attack? Of all the the theories advanced, that of Janet appeals to me as being the most probable. In the hysterical palsies, that part of the brain which ex- ercises volitional control of the arm or leg afifected is for the time being separated from the general field of consciousness, while in the case of the spasms, tremors, and convulsions, it would appear that volitional inhibition is cut off. Every departure from the normal must have a physiological, patho- logical, or anatomical basis, and the following theory has been advanced, based upon the idea that contact between dendrite and cell or dendrite and axone can be made and broken : The shock or other exciting cause of the hysterical attack, pro- duces this severance of contact in the neurone some- where between the cortex and the part of the body affected, thus separating it from the field of con- sciousness. This view vv'ould be in harmony witli that of Janet. Unlike are there any legal online gambling sites neurasthenia, hysteria will online gambling become legal in the us is more common in the female sex, and it also appears at an earlier age, children being frequently affected. It is un- common after middle life. The Hebrew and I-^atin races are the most susceptible, free nhl gambling picks yet all nationalities are affected. Heredity plays a very important role, Charcot believing that underlying every case of is online gambling legal in the us 2011 hvsteria is a neuropathic heredity. Among exciting causes, mental or emotional shock takes a prominent place. Hysteria following trauma is common in the experience of every phy- sician, and we find the courts as well as our dis- pensaries casino gambling new york filled with such patients. As in neuras- thenia, long continued worry or disease' and exces- sive sexual indulgence act as astiological factors. Hypochondria. Hypochondria is not as common as hysteria and neurasthenia, is not as well under- stood, and of recent years has attracted but little attention. There is even a tendency to discard hyjKi- chondria as a clinical entity and class it as a symp- tom of insanity. In one of our modern textbooks on nervous diseases, I was unable to find the term "hypochondria" in the index, and anothe^r volume containing both nen-ous and mental diseases, classi- fied hypochondria under the head of depressive de- lusions in the chapter devoted to the general symp- tomatology of insanity. With this view I am not in sympathy, and I regard as unfortunate the posi- tion held regarding hypochondria by so many neur- ologists. I have seen many clear cut cases pre- senting the symptom complex of this condition, in which the patients were perfectly sane as judged by our standards of sanity. It is true that we have hypochondroid or hypochondrialike symptoms in certain mental states, but so do we also have fatigue and hysterical symptoms. Hypochondria has been defined as "a morbid state of the nervous system in which there is men- tal depression due to erroneous ideas of such bodily ailments as might conceivably be present." These ideas however, are not insane delusions. The neurosis may be acquired through long con- tinued poor health, but a neuropathic inheritance is the most powerful predisposing factor. According to Gower. the most severe forms new york casino gambling amendment occur in persons with a family history of insanity. What appears to be the exciting cause is usually some bodily ail- ment, which, however, may be trivial. Gastrointes- tinal disorders, cardiac palpitation, and abnormi- ties of the sexual apparatus are frequently ob- served. In addition to the three functional neu- roses mentioned before, I will conclude my paper with a brief discussion of migraine. In migraine the attacks appear to be the result of some form of autointoxication, the chemistry of which is not at present understood, and which may be the result of a congenital defect. Certainly heredity plays an important role, usually direct, less frequently indirect. Like epilepsy, migraine aj)- pears early in life, usually at or before puberty. Gower and many of his followers believe that mi- graine is a casino gambling addiction neurosis of the cerebral cortex and ?peak of the condition as a sensory epilepsy. In epilepsy, however, as we well know, the signs of arrested develojiment are common and pronounced, and mental and moral abnormities are the rule. Migraine, on the other hand, while it may be an ac- companiment of neuropathy, is often found in peo- iile otherwise perfectly normal. The writer be- is online gambling legal in california 2012 lieves that the cortical symptoms are the result of an autointoxication, acting through the vasomotor system. Three types of migraine are recognized, one with vasoconstriction, one with vasodilatation, and a third with vasoconstriction at the best online gambling stocks onset, fol- lowed by secondary dilatation. .-\n indoor and se- dentary should casino gambling be legalized in texas life is a predisposinqf factor, and such con- ditions as indiscretions in diet, nj online gambling sites constipation, fatigue, excitement, and eve strain act as exciting causes online sports gambling canada legal of the individual attacks. 1700 Walnut Street. LVXCH: DUODEXAl. ULCER. —SCHM/TT: X.ISAL BREATlilSG ^31

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