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use it in the help of others should occasion arise. happy golden ox of happiness slot game On behalf of Dr. Chandler, who was unable to be present to pay his tribute in person. Dr. Welch recalled many of the wise measures of reform in public sanitation of which Dr. Janeway as health commissioner was author. .And he showed how his loyalty as a citizen ever led him to exercise his ablest judgment in all matters of public weal. ^^'hen he was called upon in the capacity of con- sultant all the rich fruits of his earlier labors tem- pered by experience and a warm sympathy for his fellow men were brought into service in the giving of wise counsel. Dr. Jacobi, who spoke of this phase of Dr. Janeway 's life, referred to him as ''A great teacher never conscious of his greatness."' happy golden ox of happiness slots casino Brevity, dignity, and influence were ever manifest in his unselfish nature. He was possessed of prac- tical tact and wisdom and looked for results, not renown. To Dr. Bryant fell the privilege of recalling that warm and affectionate side of Dr. Janeway "s char- acter which made of him a friend. He was modest and charitable and, while reserved and reticent in bearing, he would warm with enthusiasm in the company of. his intimates. By those most ruthless critics — the members of his hospital staff — he was looked up to with confidence and trust and love. While not born to command. Dr. Janeway con- trolled through respect and discipline by. virtuous example. During his life he was a great stimulu- and inspiration to his pupils and associates. His memory will long have a similar influence on those who knew him. ANAPHYLAXIS AND SERUM THERAPY. Extremely interesting as a general biological re- action, the phenomenon of anaphylactic shock is particularly impressive when studied in guineapigs. A few minutes after the second injection the ani- mal moves about restlessly, breathes rapidly, and often coughs. Its hair stands on end, the dyspnoea becomes more marked, and the animal plucks at its mouth as though attempting to dislodge an ob- struction. It staggers or falls on its side, makes convulsive movements, and often dies in convulsion- within from five to thirty minutes after the injec- tion. Following the first reports on this phenome- non a number of observers suggested that the oc- casional occurrence of serious symptoms and even of death in human subjects following serum injec- tions were probably instances of anaphylactic shock. It was natural that such suggestions should have a disquieting influence on the practice of serum thera- peutics. As a matter of fact, however, recent in- vestigations have shown how groundless are such fears. In the first place the phenomenon of an- aphylactic shock is produced in sensitized animals only when they are injected with relatively large amounts of the serum. In man an amount of se- rum comparable to that necessary to produce seri- ous symptoms in a sensitized guineapig would ap- proximate 200 c.c. or more. Moreover, the case^ reported in literature as characterized by severe symptoms or death were almost all instances of EDITORIAL ARTICLES. "39 primary injections, and often the condition of status Ivmphaticus was found to have been responsible for the untoward result. Finally attention may be called to the excellent studies of Auer and Lewis and of Schultz and Jordan. As a result of this work we know that the condition of anaphylaxis is primarily largely a supersensitization of smooth muscle tissue generally, that the dyspnoea and fatal asphyxia seen in guineapigs in happy golden ox of happiness slots machine anaphylactic shock are due to the tetanic contraction of the smooth muscle tissue surrounding the smaller bronchi, and that in the guineapig the mucous membrane at this point is especially thick and folded so that the te- tanic muscular contraction causes sufficient con- striction to block the lumen of the bronchi entirely. Such an arrangement appears to be peculiar to guineapigs, and this fact accounts for the absence of the fatal asphyxia in anaphylaxis in other ani- mals. Practically all the evidence concerning the relation of anaphylaxis to serum therapy shows that a repetition of serum injections in the human subject should not be feared. FALSE VEGETARL\NISM. We know of an happy golden ox of happiness slots ardent vegetarian who keeps a -upply of cheese in a desk in his business office, fjom which he helps himself liberally and frequent- ly during the day ; thus Nature replenishes the sup- ply of protein supposed to be denied her. Man\' Americans seem to think that the value of cheese has just been disclosed to the world by the De- partment of Agriculture, with its protein content almost twice that of meat and its uncommon ab- sorbability. For ages, the Italians, the Iberians, and other peoples who are largely vegetarian, not from choice, but from dire necessity, have been scattering grated cheese over their macaroni and in their maigre soups, and have thus cheaply met the craving for the highly nitrogenized foods. The egg is another permitted indulgence to many vege- tarians from sentiment ; it is also largely proteid, over eleven per cent. It is whispered that some- times dishes of the vegetarian menu are flavored with meat extract, which supplies a savory element not otherwise to be obtained. Nature may not have a sense of humor, but she is strong for her happy golden ox of happiness slots free play rights. THE P.VniOLOGY OF THE THYMUS. In a recent paper by Marfan (Archives dc mede- ciite dcs enfants, November, 1910) it is shown that simple hyperplasia of the thymus is by far the com- monest lesion of this .gland, and is the causative factor of hypertrophy of the organ in most in- trincf';. This is more frequently observer! in early childhood, but when occurring later in life it is due to a defective involution of the thymus. Sclerous atrophy is particularly encountered in athreptic subjects, while other lesions, such as abscess, syph- ilis, and neoplasms are much less frequently met with. The play happy golden ox of happiness slots symptomatology of the various lesions of the thyrnus has given rise to much discussion, and all precise knowledge possessed at present relates to the local changes produced by hypertrophy of the organ. Hypertrophy of the thymus is the only le- sion that can be diagnosticated, while the diagnostic elements vary according to the clinical types, such as the latent and dyspnoeic forms. It is also hyper- trophy that may be cured. Besides the general treatment employed in all instances of lymphoid hyperplasia in early infancy, thymectomy has given excellent results when accidents arising from com- pression occur. The operation is relatively easy of execution and offers few dangers. THE HABITS OF COLLEGE BOYS. Attention has happy golden ox of happiness slots online often been drawn to the fact tliat college students who smoke do not, as a rule, at-

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