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Epidemicity depends entirely upon the number and nature of the carriers ; the headway that has been attained before preventive measures have been ef- fectively used, and upon various .sociological fac- tors more or less under the control of the authori- ties. The invocation of miracle, of meteorological factors local and universal, casino keno of special intensity of video keno machine odds the virus, et omiic ignotum, which is keno machine tricks the common- place of authority today, might surely give way to the recognition of simple, natural, open eye causa- tion. 7. Cardiac Failure Following Cocaine. — Price and Leakey report a case of serious poisoning fol- lowing an injection into the gums of a mixture of cocaine, carbolic acid, and tincture of iodine, prior to the extraction of five teeth. Notwithstanding symptoms of collapse, the operator repeated the in- jection the next day, when eleven more teeth were extracted. The patient was seriously ill for keno slots strategy nearly five months, being unable to walk and suffering from video slot keno profound general debility. A fatal slot keno strategy termina- tion was narrowly escaped. The writers believe the heart muscle was severely damaged by the poi- son and that the English law is defective in allow- ing the administration of such ansesthetics by un- authorized persons. 10. Some Varieties of Excitement. — Munro points out that excitement is of various kinds and may be pathognomonic. He distinguishes (i) mental exaltation of mania proper; (2) alcoholic excitement or delirium tremens with vivid hallu- cinations of sight, loss of ideas of time and keno slots game space, increased pulse, exaggerated knee jerk;. (3) excite- ment in general paresis, with delusions of grandeur, divertibility. rapid change from one subject to an- other, tremor, imequal pupils, abnormal condition of the reflexes ; (4) catatonic excitement, keno casino bellevue with ab- rupt alternation between senseless excitement and rigid tension, the taking up of peculiar attitudes, the confusion of talk with complete comprehension, the meaningless repetition of the same words; (5) semiconscious epileptic states, with history of fits, irritability, bad temper, alternating with piety ; (6) excitement in dementia prjecox, which is tempor- ary ; recklessness and restlessness, al^lity to under- stand unimpaired, but answers given in monosylla- bles ; great want of emotion, or, as Kraepelin puts keno machine zapper it. a want of strong feeling of the impressions of life. for the game kenosha PRESSE MEDICALE Fehniary :. igii. 1. Emotion Shock, By Segl«is and Collin. 2. Oxygen in the Treatment of Peritonitis, By Banzet. February ■/, fp//. 3. Hepatoptosis, By CHii-AiniTE. 4. Cystoscopcs for Ureteral Sounds. By Garceau. February 8. 191J. 5. Reasons for .Antityphoid Vaccination, By Landouzy. February ri, igil. 6. .Autoobservation of an Autooperation for Hernia under Spinal .Anaesthesia. By Fzaicou. 7. Ependymitis with Hydrocephalus, Bv Ci.AUUE, Vincent, and Lkvv-Valenskt. PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 749 5. Reasons for Antityphoid Vaccination. — Landouzy answers the arguments of game keno free those who op- pose this sort of vaccination. The physician's inotto should be Primum non nocere, deinde ser- vire; there is no doubt of the harmlessness of anti- typhoid inoculation, and it protects, in some cases, for as long a period as two years. In France, con- ditions do not equal those of Germany in South .\frica, or of England in India, but the mortality from typhoid in Paris and the rest of France is much too high, and the economic loss is enormous. The writer begs the Academy to accede to the plan of general antityphoid inoculation for the benefit of the army, the navy, asylums, hospitals, and de- populated France in general. 6. Autooperation for Hernia. — Fzaicou gives an interesting and handsomely illustrated account of an operation upon him for hernia, in which he gave his personal assistance in making the incision, holding haemostatic forceps, separating with his fingers the lips of the wound, etc. He says the preliminary puncture in the spinal canal is painful. but less disagreeable than the first eflfects of chloro- form ; anaesthesia is quick and agreeable : there is some slight cerebral intoxication, but the intellect- ual powers remain intact ; there was no an;esthesia from the iliac spines upward ; there was no un- pleasant sensation, except vertigo upon sudden movements ; the w-riter took the anaesthetic and helped in the keno game rules operation while sitting up, but he ad- vises the horizontal posture for operations in gen- eral ; any physician can operate for famco machine kenosha wi hernia upon his own person ; a brisk purgative club keno game results should be given the evening preceding anxsthesia. to avoid toxaemia from the resorption play keno of enterotoxines from post- anaesthetic paralysis of the bowels; the method of spinal anaesthesia will certainly remain a precious resource of surgery till something yet more won- derful is discovered. SEMAINE MEDICALE February 75, 79//. 1. Catarrh of Mammary Gland, By Mintz. February 22, igil. 2. D'Espine's Sign in Tracheobroncliial .Adenopathy in the Adult, By RocH. I. Catarrh of the Mammary Gland. — Alintz reported to the tenth congress of Russian surgeons at 4 card keno game Moscow a condition observed by him seven times in the past six years that apparently has never been described; it consists of a chronic discharge of yel- low, serous matter from one of the breasts without any subjective .symptom. One case descril)cd is of a woman, forty years old. who had the symptom eleven years after the birth of her last child : it did not increase at the menstrual epoch, but was once bloody at that time ; the nipple was umbilicated. which had prevented nursing. In another case a purulent mastitis developed after the discharge hid lasted six years. In another case Mintz caused ces- keno card game rules sation of the discharge by administering the iodides. The condition is not to be confounded with Paget's disease, where there is severe inflammation. Per- haps it is due to ;in abortive efifort of the gland to secrete milk. Mintz believes, in the absence of a microscopical examination, that a condition would lie found similar to that in chronic cvstic mastitis. 2. D'Espine's Sign. — Roch says this sign con- sists in an exaggerated resonance and broncho- phonic quality of the voice when auscultation is done over the vertebral column, especially of keno free for fun the whispered voice ; it has hitherto been of service only in diseases of children, but Roch states that it is a precious diagnostic sign in the mediastinal how to win at video keno machines aden-

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