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April, igii. i'reatment of Malaria, By Fr.\nk S. Me.xra Diseases of the Upper .\bdominaI Quadrant, By W. W. Gr.\xt. Lobar Pneumonia, By G. Stockton". .4. Congenital Pyloric Stricture. By Charles G. Cumston. .5. Safe Guide lor tlie Administration of Tuberculin, By Oscar IL Ben'ker. I. Treatment of Malaria. — Meara advises as complete rest as can be obtained, a bed of the hos- pital magic sevens slots type, typical fever diet, hot drinks and blankets during the chill, ice and removal of covers for fever stage, cold cloths for the headache, or small doses of morphine, but not coal tar products. Keep pa- tient dry when sweating sets in. Quinine in solu- tion is the best drug, given a few hours before the expected paroxysm, at the decline of the fever, or divided throughout the attack, the object being to have enough quinine in the blood to kill the organ- ism when it is free. In tertian or quartan type, 15 grain? should be the daily dose, in the jestivoau- tumna! form. 30 grains. In the pernicious forms. quinine must be given hypodermically or intraven- ously : the hydrochloride should be used, dissolved in physiological salt solution for intravenous ad- ministration. Look out for mental aljerration fol- lowing an attack. For the magic 7 slot machine malarial cachexia, re- Uiove patient from infected district, use quinine. arsenic, and iron, fresh air and sun.shine. and strychnine for nervousness. Where quinine is ab- solutely contraindicated, use methylene blue, a ver'/ poor siib'.tittite, however. .Xs to prophylaxis, if mosquito cannot be destroyed, oils of pennyroyal and citronella will keep it away from the body : quinine in small doses should be taken by those who must go into malarial districts. The restoration of good health may elaborate protective substances in the body. Never prescribe alcohol to a malarial patient. AMERICAN MEDICINE March, igii 1. A jMorning at Bier's Clinic in Berlin, By Hafrv G. Watson. 2. Quinine; Its History and the Preparation of Its Alka- loids, ' By JoHX J. Sheridan. 3. The Oral Laboratory, By C. Everett Field. 4. An Appeal to All Men of Honor of the Medical Pro- fession of .America, By A. Rose. 5. Posttyphoid Bone Abscess, By Howard Lillienthal. 6. Colds and Catarrhs, By Isaac M. Heller. 7. Dosage to Effect, By William. F. Waugh. S. Action of Animal Extracts upon Intestinal Movements, B}' Isaac Ott and John C. Scott. 9. The Dispensary Evil and Its Consequences, By William G. Wulfahrt. 10. .\ Tonsillotome Improvement, By T. H. Sh.\stid. 11. Sir Walter Raleigh's Royal Cordial. By Johx Knott. 3. The Oral Laboratory. — Field recalls that the mouth presents all the play might and magic 7 online features necessary for the propagation of microorganisms, soil, proper temperature, and moisture. Tooth cavities, dis- eased root canals, loose and bar x magic 7 slots spongy gums, ill fitting crowns and bridges serve only too well for the cul- ture media for the germs furnished by starchy foods. The pneumococcus has been isolated in the mouths of fifty out of eighty individuals. A goodly majority of diseases are contracted through the oronasal passages. During epidemics, alkaline so- lutions should be used as mouth washes, the trained nurse should carefully cleanse the mouths of her charges, and physicians should examine carefully the mouth of every patient presenting himself for examination. 8. Animal Extracts. — Ott and Scott experi- mented on an etherized rabbit to study the effect of these extracts on intestinal movements. The ani- mal extracts used were rubbed up with distilled water, filtered through absorbent cotton, and in- magic 7 game jected through the jugular. The number of the ex- periments was twenty-five: lodothyreine (five grains') increased the frequency and extent of in- testinal contractions. Powdered thyreoid (one to two grains) also increased it; ovary (one half to one grain) had no efTcct as a rule; occasionally fone to two grains) increased the peristalsis; in- fundibulin (10 to 18 drops) increased the extent of the contractions of the intestine ; mammary gland (one half grain) increased the height of the waves of peristalsis; prostate (one half to one grain) in- creased the height of the intestinal contractions ; thymus (one quarter to one half grain) augmented the frequency and extent of peristalsis; spleen (one quarter to one half grain) increased the height and frequency of the intestinal contractions ; parathy- reoid (one half to one grain) increased the rate of peristalsis and the height of it; pancreas (one quar- ter grain) also augmented the extent of the con- tractions. One grain of cortex of the kidney had no effect : dried brain Cone to two grains) also in- creased the height of the contractions : parotid (one half grain) increased the extent of the intestinal contractions. PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. f roftrtings of focictus, casino magic seven MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE MISSOURI VALLEY. Tivcnty-third Semi-Annnal Meeting, Held at St. Joseph. Missouri, March lo to 17, 1911. The President, Dr. Don.vld M.^crae, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, in the Chair. The Present Status of Salvarsan. — Dr. Alfred ScHALEK, of Omaha, said it was prenjature and risky to let a patient with syphiHs go with one or only a few treatments with this agent. Syphilis was still a serious disease which required prolonged and thorough attention. Salvarsan had not as yet been proved to be greatly superior to mercury, and while it acted more rapidly on some lesions and might be of benefit where mercury was powerless, only time could tell whether or not the results would be more permanent. Dr. C. A. Good, of St. Joseph, said that salvarsan quickly caused a disappearance of the primary chancre and mucous patches, but it was doubtful whether it would drive the spirochsetse completely from the body. In his experience the mucous patches were very quickly controlled by the use of salvarsan. The induratio'n and the enlarged bubos in a few cases had magic 7 slots not disappeared. Dr. T. M. Paul, of St. Joseph, said there had been a magic 7 slot machine tendency to promise a syphilitic that one in- jection of salvarsan would practically cure him. This was unfortunate, because if later on the dis-

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