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heart, recurrent nerves, pneumogastric, cervical cord, me- dulla, and brain. After the free online poker for usa players autopsy I learned play freeroll poker online usa from the family that for four years — that is, since my last interview — the patient had had difficulty in walking ; that for the last nine months of his life his feet slipped apart when he tried to hold anything in his lap, and that he would strap his legs together before placing upon them the tray from which he fed ; th,it for five months he had been best online poker us players mac compelled to get into bed on the right side, and then lift his left leg into the bed. He sat with his right leg crossed over the left. The right play free poker online no real money leg was emaciated and apparently much shortened : probably from being drawn upward upon the peMs. For eighteen months he had been in online poker real money usa ipad the habit of having the calves of his legs tied and strapped free online video poker for fun together as tightly as possible to relieve pain, and sometimes had his arms bound up to relieve a sense of cold. Numbness of the hands and of the face ex- isted for the last twelve months. For the last two poker online free against computer weeks his eyeballs had where can i play poker online for real money in the us for mac become fixed. For the last three weeks he had complained of heat, although he had always complained of cold previously. His voice remained very powerful to the last. Toward the last years of his life, I was told, his spasms had subsided entirely, and his cough had almost en- tirely neased also. His appetite had remained enormous throughout. During the autopsy we noticed nothing that threw spe- cial light on the case. The general emaciation was extreme — so great that it was hard to recognize the body of my very robust patient. The right leg was much shorter than its fellow. The nares, turbinated bodies, pharynx, palate, and other structures exposed were normal, except two points of erosion in the trachea from attrition by the tube. These occupied where can i play online poker for real money in canada portions of the seventh and eighth cartilages. The lungs were healthy, and so were the pleura and the bronchi. There were a very few pleural adhesions. Two darkly pig- mented bronchial glands, of the size of small beanS, were adherent where the left recurrent nerve diverged from the pneumogastric. The specimens were immediately carried to Professor Osier, who carefully dissected them, and examined them macroscopically for me that night, placing selected portions of the structures, with the assistance of Dr. Griffith, in pre- servative fluid for microscopic purposes. The result of the examination, communicated by Dr. Osier and Dr. Griffith, is as follows : Heart. — Of medium size ; left ventricle Hrmly contracted ; mi- tral valve normal ; left auricle contains a small clot adherent to the valve ; wall somewhat hypertrophied ; aortic valve normal. Right auricle contains firm leathery clots adherent to valves; valves of right side normal ; tricuspid orifice a little large. Aorta a little large ; atheromatous patches on the posterior aspect. Left pneumogastric, as it passes over the arch, looks natural. No adhesions. At point of origin of recurrent laryn- geal are two pigmented lymphatic glands, closely adherent to the cardiac and pulmonary branches. Traced in its source upon the windpipe, there is no compression. The nerve has a gray- ish-white natural appearance. The right recurrent is unob- structed in its course. Brain. — Cerebrum removed. Base : vessels of circle natural in appearance. A few Hakes of atheroma on the carotid, Sylvi- an, and basilar arteries. Olfactory nerves normal in size and in appearance. No lymph, no exudation, no matting about the membranes. Optic nerve and commissure grayish-white, small, and atrophic; the tract scarcely visible. Corpora albicantia natural. Third nerve represented by a small grayish-white thread. The crura were then cut close to the pons. Pineal gland large. Third ventricle : Commissures normal. Velum large. Right hemisphere : General surface of the pia normal in ai)- pearance ; vessels not overfilled ; no special turbidity ; no adhe- sions; convolutions full; sulci natural ; no cedema of the mem- branes. Sections of the hemisphere transversely show no focal lesions or degenerations anywhere. No excessive amount of fluid in the ventricles. Left hemisphere: Convolutions and membranes look natural. No adhesions. On slicing, a small triangular cavity, about two free online poker games multiplayer game by four millimetres in extent, is found in the outer section of the lenticular nucleus. Medulla, pons, and cerebellum : These were removed to- gether. Vertebral and basilar arteries normal ; pons symmetrical ; sixth pair of nerves grayish, and look quite atrophic; twelfth pair, opacjue, white; fifth pair, small, grayish, evidently much wasted; seventh and eighth pairs, opaque, white, full in size, look natural ; ninth pair, fibers distinct, clear, grayish white, apparently not atrophic; on the right side they look somewhat larger and more abundant than on the left. Eleventh pair, opaque, white, apparently of normal size. Anterior pyramids : No obvious change apparent. At its lower part, the right is decidedly smaller than the left. Right olivary body mai'kedly smaller in size than the left ; it has lost its fullness, not standing out with anything like the prominence of the left. Arachnoid on the posterior aspect of the medulla is thin and clear. Fourth ventricle exposed : Pia mater a little adherent and thickened beneath the cerebellum. In the lower aspect of the floor, just in front of the calamus, there appears to be a grayish translucency, with two distinct online poker us players welcome conical or linear depressions just within the restiform bodies. The root-fibers of the seventh are distinct, more online poker real money usa legal mac so on the right thau on the left side. The left restiform body does not look so full in its upper part as the rfght does. Microscopic Examination. — Sections were made online poker real money usa for mac from best free online multiplayer poker both recurrent nerves shortly after their departure from the pneumo- gastrics. Also from several portions of the pneumogastrics, in- cluding the vago-accessory nucleus, within one fourth of an inch of the calamus, from various parts of the medulla, and from the cervical cord a short distance below the calamus. All these were stained after the poker online usa mac method of Weigert, so admirably adapted to the revealing of any degeneration of do any online poker sites use paypal nervous tissue. No pathological change whatever was discovered in the medulla. The olivary bodies were microscopically alike on the two sides. No pathological change was discovered in the left pneumogas- tric or in the left recurrent. In the right pneumogastric, on the other hand, a diminution in the number of nerve fibrils was evi- dent. In the right online poker sites us friendly mac recurrent, near to the point where it leaves the pneumogastric, this degeneration of nerve fibrils was very marked. Certain sections from this portion showed some of the funiculi to be of perfectly healthy appearance, and others ad- joining them to be completely degenerated. Other sections, made slightly higher in the course of the nerve, i-evealed one half of a large funiculus to be entirely normal, while the other half contained scarcely a single fibril in which degeneration had not taken place. The line of demai-kation between the normal and the att'ected portions' was very sharply defined. The cer- vical cord, with the exception of the postero-median columns, was online poker real money usa paypal unaflected. The regions referred to exhibited some slight 116 SCHUYLER: A NEW TRAPPING-FIXTURE. [N. Y. Med. Jock., degeneration of axis cylinders with ttiickening of connective tissue. The Larynx. — The posterior crico-arytenoiJ muscles of both sides were wasted to a certain extent. That of the left side, especially, showed a degeneration of many of the muscular fibers, with a decrease online poker news for usa players in their numbers, and an increase in the amount of fibrous tissue of the parts. The oblique fibers of the arytenoideus going from the base of the left cartilage to the tip of the right were also wasted. The remaining muscles were ap- parently normal. Tlie larynx herewith exhibited shows the muscular atro- phies just mentioned. It will be noticed, likewise, that the vocal bands are not in the cadaveric position, but that they

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