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Realm Of Riches Slot Machine

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lect at or near the edges. In time the entire surface becomes covered over with a thin mucous membrane, which after a further interval becomes thicker and furnishes sufficient moisture to prevent the formation of incrustations. In treatment of these cases I follow realm of riches slot gams the method of the horticulturist when he finds a tree- denuded of its bark. /..-.. blazing. Nature has made an effort to repair the injury by throwing out a secre- tion around the edges, which organizes and partially covers up the denuded surface by the formation of a thin bark. At this time the horticulturist scratches the edges of the thin bark and nature realm of riches covers up still more of the surface. If this is continued, in time quite a large space will be covered up with this thin bark, and gradually it becomes thicker and almost re- moves the appearance of injury. I proceed as follows : 1 clean the part thoroughly with the resorcin solution: then take a twentv-pei- cent. solution of trichloracetic acid and apply to the edges of the atrophic space, not allowing it to come in contact with any other portion of the membrane. This produces slight irritation and causes the nutrient pabulum of the blood and also the mobile leucocytes to collect beneath the coagulated rind formed, and to become organized under its protection. The part should be well covered with solid vaseline and 1 cin. If this treatment is followed up from time to time, the parr, if not too large, will become completely covered, and the membrane be capable of performing at least realm of riches casino a portion of its function. I have treated a number of cases by this method with good results. The Hands should be kept habitually clean. It is an extremely bad habit to " puddle in pus" perpetually. Of course, one cannot always avoid touching pus, but one can easily dress suppurating wounds or open small abscesses without getting infectious matter upon the finders.— OcHSNKk. H MEDICAL RECORD. [January 2, 189; grogresa of %\\£i\\ci\l Science. Intestinal Digestion. — The conditions which inter- fere with intestinal digestion are: 1. Those which ar- rest or delay the food in the stomach : (a) Mechanical stenosis of the pylorus; (/') motor insufficiency and dilatation. 2. Conditions affecting the gastric juice: () the presence of a serous, reddish, odor- ous discharge; and (,') paroxysmal pain. 7. In all cases in which there is even a strong suspicion of ma- lignant disease. In early operation lies safety. I can quite agree with Pozzi that ' it may even happen that as a last resort against persistent hemorrhage alone, we are obliged to perform vaginal hysterectomy with only the diagnosis of probable cancel.' Operation is not indicated: 1. Whenever the disease is so far ad- vanced that the uterus is fixed in the pelvis. Whenever it is certain there is extensive cancerous in- filtrate in the broad ligament. 3. Whenever the can cer involves the bladder. Implication of realm of riches slot review the posterior vagina] wall or even of the anterior part of the re< turn is not necessarily a positive contraindication to opera- tion. 4. When the ' cancerous cachexia' has become pronounced. 5. When the patient is too weak from repeated exhausting hemorrhages. 0. Whenever the diagnosis of sarcoma of the uterus is quite certain. In such cases there is always recurrence after removal, and the subjects die quickly. Palliative operation, such as curettage, burning with Paquelin cautery, etc., are indicated: 1. When there is marked sepsis, removal of the sloughing mass with the sharp curette, and the subsequent use of douches of solution of per- manganate of potassium followed by insufflations of pyoktanin will greatly prolong life. 2. When there is excessive hemorrhage. In such cases curettage fol- lowed by cauterization and the after-treatment just mentioned will be of much benefit. 3. When pain is very severe. Even hysterectomy as a mere pallia- tive measure is sometimes advisable, the pain being much less marked in recurring carcinoma in the pelvis. Sterilization of Ligatures. — According to Le Scalpel, M. Saul proposes to the Medical Society of Berlin to sterilize catgut, which lias not been disin- fected by boiling water or by sublimate, by boiling realm of riches slot machine alcohol. The boiling alcohol does not alter the prod- uct. He suggests that the catgut be boiled in the fol- lowing mixture: Alcohol, eighty-five grams; water, ten grams: phenic acid, five grams. M. Tretrop pro- poses a simple process which can be applied to all ligatures, catgut silk, hair, and caoutchouc. Recog- nizing the necessity for absolute sterility, many sur- geons reject the products of commerce and sterilize their own ligature and sutures. M. Tretrop has ob- tained excellent results with the following process. This method is advantageous, as it realm of riches slot requires no appa- ratus, no heat, and no difficult manipulation. Turn five realm of riches slot free play volumes of the formol of commerce, together with from forty to one hundred of formaldehyde, into one hundred volumes of distilled water. The threads to be sterilized are placed in a small flask in a glass which is completely filled with the solution until the mouth of the flask is immersed. He covers the mouth with a piece of filter paper moistened in a solution of

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