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formalin, 5 to 100. This cover protects against atmos- pheric particles. He keeps the flask at the tempera- ture of the room. In his experience this varies from 12 to 18° C. It is to be noted that the rapidity of sterilization by means of formol increases with the temperature. After twenty-four hours he causes the solution to run off by inclining the flask at first and afterward raising the cork lightly. He watches care- fully that his finger red dog casino does not come in contact with the neck of the flask. He replaces the formol by red dog poker ordinary alcohol, which dissolves the little formalin remaining in the sterilized threads. He removes the alcohol used for lavage as he did the formol, and replaces it by new alcohol. He covers the flask with filter paper again, and the materials thus prepared keep indefi- nitely. According to Vallmer, who first devised this use of formol. the absorption of the latter by catgut will not commence until after fifteen days. — La Mide- cine Moderne, March 14. 1896. Gonorrhoeal Rheumatism. — Dr. A. Dezanneau (/<• Scalpel, October 4. 1896. p. 90) says that the habitual failure of internal medication in the treatment of gonorrhoea] rheumatism is well known. The salicy- late of sodium has no action : colchicum. veratrine, and alkalies in larger doses either do not act or act very feebly. Salol exerts a certain influence but irritates the kidneys. The iodides are liable to set up a ure- thritis, according to Balzer; moreover they produce gastric troubles and anaemia in certain patients. \s to local red dog slots treatment Dr. Dezanneau assures us that the new method of terebinthine baths give marked Suc- cess. Tie technique is .is follows: The terebinthine mixture employed by M. Balzer, who is the originator of this method, is: K Wain \ emulsion el grei 1 ! Spirits of turpentine aa 100 grams. Shake the mixture before at The terebinthine baths are employed in two forms- local and gem red dog casino game ral. The latter is indicated in 1 January 2, 1897] MEDICAL RFXORD. ■cases of polyarthritis, when articulations are very far apart and when the position of the diseased joint makes the local bath inconvenient, as the shoulders, the hips, or the sterno-clavicular articulation. For this general bath one uses from one hundred and fifty to five hundred or even eight hundred grams, accord- ing to the susceptibility of the patient, as these baths produce sometimes a marked smarting. The bath should be used as warm r.s possible. The amount of the mixture and the temperature should be increased progressively as the patient becomes accustomed to them. The duration of the bath is from ten to twenty minutes. Sometimes the general bath causes a smart- ing of the skin and genital organs, which montana red dog poker game can be obvi- ated by the application of vaseline. The local baths are employed when the diseased parts red dog gamespot are near togethei and when tiie situation of the articulation favors it, as The knee, the elbow, etc. Local baths are better, be- cause the strength of the how to play red dog poker solution and the temperature of the bath can be increased. Certain precautions should be observed in the giving of these baths; for example, one should not commence this treatment until after the disappearance of the acute phenomena, and the susceptibility of the patient should be tested before increasing progressively the quantity used. The turpentine bath has at the same time a revulsant and an absorbent action. The beneficial effects of the heat should not be overlooked. red dog poker rules Surgical interference is not indicated except in purulent arthritis. Kerosene Poisoning. — Ur. Johanessen reports a fatal case of poisoning from petroleum. He says that a distinction must be made according as to whether the petroleum vapor is inhaled, or the oil has been rubbed into the skin, or has been taken internally. It would appear, according to Leuin's researches, that among workers in petroleum no ill effect is produced — that is. as long as the vapor is inhaled in the open play red dog online free air: but in factories similar symptoms are produced as by ordinary gas. A feeling of exhilaration is first induced, then heaviness in the head, vertigo, loss of consciousness, or anaesthetic sleep. Cyanosis, con- tracted pupils, and vomiting may occur. Once a fatal result was seen. Chronic bronchitis with anaemia may appear after long exposure to the vapor. Results similar to the above have been obtained in animals. Hvperasmia, minute hemorrhages, a considerable hy- perplasia of the pulmonary epithelium were among the chief morbid changes. Petroleum applied to the skin may induce moderately serious symptoms. A diffuse inflammation of the cutis may occur in severe cases. Petroleum has been taken internally with suicidal in- tention or play red dog poker online poker red dog by misadventure. The symptoms have not always been in proportion to the amount taken. There are two sets of symptoms: 1, Castro-intestinal, the kidneys being also involved: and 2, nervous. In the former case there is vomiting as well as the local irri- tation in the mouth and gullet. Diarrhoea, with colic, may supervene. In the cerebral form there are head- ache, anxiety, vertigo, and the pulse is small and in- frequent; collapse may occur. It resembles a me- dium degree of alcoholic poisoning. Tetanic convul- sions have been seen. A marked petroleum smell has been noted in the sweat and also in the urine, which may sometimes smell of violets. The urine may also contain albumin and formed elements. In no pre- ase has an immediate fatal result been reported. Tiie author refers to two recorded cases in children, both of whom recovered. The author's case occurred in .1 rachitic child who had suffered from diarrhoea. play red dog poker The amount taken was unknown. Vomiting ensued, play red dog card game online and the stomach was washed out and clysters were used. Two hours afterward the child was unconscious, and three hours after admission into the hospital it died in coma. Xo pathological changes sufficient to ac- count for death were found. The case appeared to be one of a cerebro-spinal intoxication. Frequent pulse, difficult breathing, and comparatively low tem- perature were observed. — Berliner klinische Wochen- schrift. The Circulation of the Blood in the Brain Dur- ing the Epileptic Attack. — We learn from the Occi- dental Medical Times that Dr. A. Todorski has made a number of experiments on dogs in the laboratorv of Professor Bechterew, in which he measured, during the epileptic attack, the arterial and venous blood pressure, as well as the cerebro-spinal pressure, which latter was taken in tile foramen vertebrale from behind and above the arch of the atlas. The spasms were produced either by stimulation of the cerebral cortex, by means of the faradic current, or by venous injec- tion of essence of absinthe. In cases in which the epileptiform spasms were produced by faradic stimu- lation of the cerebral cortex in dogs not under the in- fluence of curare, an increase in the arterial presure, taken in the internal carotid or crural artery, set in some seconds after the stimulation or at its commence- ment: at the same time there was an elevation ot the venous pressure (taken red dog games online in the internal jugular and the longitudinal sinus 1. The venous pressure remains increased as long as the faradic current is applied. During the period of tonic spasms, a similar increase in the arterial and venous blood pressure is observed, reaching its maximum at the beginning of the clonic contractions. The arterial pressure diminishes before the venous blood pressure shows any diminution. The venous pressure again becomes normal at the end of the comatose state. The same observations were made on curarized dogs, and after section of the vagus and sympathetic, thus showing that the increase in the venous blood pressure in the brain was not due to ob- struction to the How of blood into the chest and abdominal cavities by the excessive muscular contrac-

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