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tions. The increase in the pressure of the cerebro- spinal fluid during faradic stimulation runs parallel with the arterial and venous pressure. This increase lasts frequently longer than that of the arterial and venous pressure. The author concludes from these results that the rush of blood to the brain during the epileptic attack produces an increased secretion of cerebral lymph. When the epileptiform spasms were produced by injection of essence of absinthe, it was observed that the curve of increase of the cerebro- spinal pressure frequently showed an upward tendency immediately after the injection, while the arterial blood pressure fell. Whenever the increase in the cerebral pressure reached a certain height, the epilep- tic attack would set in. while the cerebro-spinal pres- sure would rise still higher. Otherwise, the red sands slot review results were the same as when stimulation was made with the faradic current. Prevention of Mastoid Disease. — Dr. Burnett maintains that acute mastoiditis is an entirely unnec- essary result of acute otitis media, and never occurs except as a consequence of improper treatment of the primary acute inflammation of the middle ear and the nasopharynx, usually inflamed at the same time. The treatment of an acute otitis, he claims, should be largely negative, especially after discharge sets in. as the result of either paracentesis or spontaneous rup- ture of the membrana tympani. This view is based on the fact that the acute otitis media is due to the presence of a pathogenic germ, generally the strepto- coccus, in the middle ear, whither it has gone from the nasopharynx. Inflation of the nasopharynx under such conditions tends not only to drive more such germs into the middle ear, but the germs already there into the mastoid cavity. Inflation of the naso- pharynx also tends to force pathogenic germs into the i6 MEDICAL RECORD. [January 2, 189* 1 red sands slot machine ar, if there be such, and set up inflamma- tion free red sands slot there. To relieve earache in acute otitis m a few drops, warmed, of a solution of carbolic acid (i m 1 bi pplied to the (anal and menibrana tympani, if it can he borne. Dry heat over and about tiie auricle, however, is often sufficient to give relief, and it never irritates. Leeching, counter-irritation, and all forms of anodyne drops are not only u but further irritate, cause artificial inflammation in the canal ami membrana, and mask the true ■,. affairs. If pain in the ear continues and spontaneous rupture of the drum membrane does not occur in from six in twelve hours, paracentesis of the membrana tympani should be performed. This play red sands slots free should lie pre- ceded by the instillation of a few drops of an antisep- red sands slots ilution into the auditory canal. Immediately after paracentesis or spontaneous rupture of the mem- brana, nothing should be syringed, mopped, swabbed. or blown into the ear. The auditory meatus should be stopped with antiseptic gauze — preferably iodoform or carbolic-acid gauze — and let alone for tweni red sands slot game hours. The discharge which now sets in is beneficent and should lie favored by the drainage obtained with the gauze, as just stated. If any other procedure is adopted, staphylococci, ever present on the skin of all of us, are likely to get into the auditory canal, upon the membrana, through the perforations, and into the middle ear and mastoid cavities. Secondary infec- tion is thus set up, chronicity is established, and the physician in charge of the case is confronted with the direful sequela- named above. The occurrence of acute mastoiditis as a sequel of acute otitis media has been especially frequent since the introduction of hy- drogen binoxide into aural surgery. This can be ex- plained by the expansive action of the drug named, which forces pus from the middle ear into the mastoid cavities. — Tlie American Journal of tin- Medical Sci- Tuberculous Cervical Glands and Carious Teeth. — red sands free slot machine Dr. Starck was able to demonstrate, in forty-one per cent, of his cases of tuberculous cervical glands, the existence of carious teeth. The glandular disea e cot responded in location, in time of development, and in intensity with the condition of the teeth. Caries of the teeth of one or the other side of tiie jaw was associated with enlargement of the glands of the same side, and • of the front teeth existed in conjunction with en- largi ment of the anterior glands, while caries of the molars was combined with enlargement of the gland-. about
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