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through the higher temperature, or indirectly through attenuation of the contagium in consequence of fleet ventilation of living rooms, exerts a favorable modify- ing influence upon the morbility of measles has not yet been determined. The mortality of measles in Munich has reached two maxima during the yeai period of twenty yens, a smaller in December and a higher in May and fune. roberta's castle 2 The mortality of measles in Munich during the first and more especially during the second half of the decennium from 1 - while almost treble the average for the preceding de- cennium, declined considerably in the succeeding years. No period of robertas castle free play life possesses entire immunity from infection with measles, although the predi- tion is less in infancy. Almost the total mortality in Munich is confined to the first five years of life; the first and second years present approximately tiie same absolute mortality. The relative mortality in Munich is tor the first year fifty-five times, for the period from the second to the fifth year twelve times as high as that after the age of live years. Although in 1 quence of the shortening of the interval between epi- demics the avenge age of morbility lias fallen, a lowering of the average age of mortality has not taken place in Munich. both se\es suffered alike in Mu- nich in regard to themorbility of measles. The abso- lute as well as the relative mortality in Munich displayed considerable differences in different parts of the city. it lose and tell with the number ot births. The explanation for the greater fatality in the suburban portions of the city populous with children is to be found in want of care and insufficient nutri- tiou. Primary thoracic rachitis trebles the disposition of the patient suffering with mea irrhal pneu- monia and doubles the gravity of this complication. January 2, 1897] MEDICAL RECORD. 17 Medical Record: A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery. GEORGE F. SHRADY, A.M., M.D., Editor. Publishers WM. WOOD & CO., 43, 45, & 47 East Tenth Street. New York, January 2, 1897. PUBLIC MONEY FOR PRIVATE USES. At a recent dinner given by the Society of Medical Jurisprudence Mayor Strong made some very perti- nent remarks on the private abuse of public charity in connection with the use of the city's money for the support of the many instiUitions that are robertas castle slots constantly begging for special appropriations. He said very truly : "We should, as a municipality, cease to give city money to institutions that are organized to be carried on and supported by private subscription. We rind in many instances that after three or four years these institutions come robertas castle casino online to the board of estimate and make claim to a share of the money set aside for the use of deserving institutions." After asserting that the money thus obtained is sel- dom if ever used for the purposes indicated, he con- tinued: "The city is being preyed upon by a number of private institutions that, through the aid of the legis- lature, appear as claimants for some of the money devoted to charity and charitable work, and whose officers do not devote that money, when they get it, to the purpose of assisting the poor, as they assert they will apply it. It is you doctors and lawyers who can go before the board of estimate, and, by putting in a proper protest at the right time, can prevent these pri- vate institutions from getting public moneys that they use to pay off debt on real estate owned by them, or to increase their real-estate holdings, instead of giving it to the poor they profess to aid. They come and ask the board to award them sixty cents or fifty cents or thirty cents per head for the inmates in their institu- tions, and do not turn a cent of it over to the assist- ance of these inmates. The city should be compelled to abandon this system of aiding institutions orga- nized with the specific pledge that they are to be sup- ported by voluntary and private subscriptions." All this is perfectly true, and it is encouraging to know that a high official acquainted with the internal workings of this gross robertas castle slot machine abuse should thus emphatically call public attention to the matter. It is evidently the committee which can talk loudest and longest and which has the strongest pull with the commissioners that gets the best showing. The medical profession, at least, is sick of the cant about the deserving poor who can only be reached through special channels of discriminating charity. Nowadays discriminating charity, so-called, is a well-recognized plea roberta's castle for even- form of covert swindling. The city's money is openly used for the promotion of private enterprises to ad- vance designing doctors and hypocritical managers. Only last year a bill was rushed through the legisla- ture to help support an institution having no claims whatever on charity and whose chief medical officer uses said institution in a most disgraceful manner as a means of advertising an absurd specialty. Other instances of this sort might be mentioned, but they are too well known to the profession to need special refer- ence. If these fake enterprises are not self-supporting, they deserve a natural death. The poor have always been well cared for independently of this loud-mouthed and pretentious missionary work. There are too many hospitals already, while the dispensaries, public and private, exceed every necessity for which they were founded. In spite of all these facts the Board of Estimate has just granted the sum of one million and a half and over for the clamorous supplicants. If each one of the begging private charities, clinics, medical schools, and the like were compelled to pre- sent their special claims fairly and squarely before the public as a proper preliminary for obtaining neces- sary protests, much of this growing abuse might be effectually nipped in the bud. THE DOCTOR'S MISTAKES. While it is unnecessary to deny that all human judg- ment is fallible, it is eminently judicious on the part of such as are called upon to venture opinions on probabilities to lessen as much as possible the chances of proving a rule. In the case of the doctor, the diffi- culty in fitting a prognosis to an ultimate fact is often- times insurmountable. The law of chances, with its multiplicity of controlling circumstances, is always against positive and unqualified assertions. The pa- tient himself, with his hereditary proclivities, his in- dividual environment, and robertas castle game his inherent vital power, is always an uncertain factor in a calculation of results. Even taking all such conditions into account, the best of men err. No one can be so sure that he is right that he has never had reason to regret that he has been too direct and too positive in the expression of an opinion. Our patients are never charitable in condon- ing this fault, but always hold it against the man who commits it. The more he attempts to explain, the worse off he is. The results of an autopsy are past all

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