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in the Washington University. A chair of Rontgenology was established. Dr. Henry K. Pancoast being elected to fill it. Another appointment was that of Dr. T. Turner Thomas, an associate in surgery, to be associate professor of applied anatomy. A Two Million Dollar Tuberculosis Fund has been established by James .A. Patten, of Chicago, who has made money and fame as a speculator in grain and cotton. Mr. Patten has given half a million dollars to the North- western University to be expended for medical research into the question of the prevention and cure of tubercu- losis, and it is reported that he is to increase this fund to two million dollars, and that he will himself devote per- sonal attention to the administration of this fund. Mr. Patten's interest in this particular field of work is said to be due to the fact that his brother died of tuberculosis after suffering for many years. The American Society for the Study of Alcohol and Other Narcotics will hold its fortieth anniversary meet- ing at the Hotel Belvedere, Baltimore, on April 19th and hot dice 10000 game download 20th. It is said that this society was the first organization formed in -the United States for the study of alcohol and its problems, and its official organ is the Journal of Ine- briety. The pro.gramme includes over thirty papers, which cover a wide range of subjects, all of interest to the gen- eral practitioner. A cordial invitation is extended to the medical profession to attend. For programmes and furth- er information regarding the meeting address the secretary of the society. Dr. T, D. Crothers. Hartford. Conn. The 'Williamsburgh Medical Society. — .At a meeting of this society, hot dice game held in the Willoughby Mansion. Brooklyn. hot dice the Treatment of Sepsis, and Dr. William J. Rob- inson, of Manhattan, read a paper entitled Is .Abortion Justifiable? Its Social Aspects. .An interesting discus- sion of the subject followed the reading of how to play hot dice the papers, which was ooencd by Dr. George McNaughton. and Dr. Hermann J. Boldt and Dr. Simon Marx, of Manhattan. April XEll'S ITEMS. 741 University of Pennsylvania Psysicians Dine. — The Society of Resident and Ex-Resident Piiysicians of the University of Pennsylvania held its annual banquet at the Hotel Walton, Philadelphia, on the evening of Saturday. April 1st. Dr. Charles H. Frazier presided. There were about forty members in attendance, and several guests from out of town, .\niong hot and spicey dice those present were Dr. George E. de Scliweinitz. Dr. Edward hot dice online Martin, Dr. hot spicy dice G. M. Piersoi, Dr. Brooit. Dr. J. H. Girvin, and Dr. H. C. Wood. Rabies in Yonkers. — .'Vccording to newspaper re- ports, residents of Yonkers are becoming alarmed over the large number of cases of rabies in that place, and this uneasiness was increased when information came from the Xew York Board of Health that thirteen persons from Yonkers had received treatment for rabies during the pasL two months. The most drastic measures will be adopted in an effort to stamp out the trouble. The Mayor has already issued a proclamation barring all dogs from the streets unless muzzled or on a leash, and two additional dog catchers have been appointed. Medical Society May Try Dr. Ewald. — The .Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York has rendered a decision to the effect that the Medical So- ciety of the County of Xew York may proceed to try Dr. Louis .Anton Ewald, if it so desires, reversing the de- cision rendered by Justice Goff who, in a lower court, kim hartt nevada hot dice had decided that the society could not try Dr. hot dice slot machine Ewald. Tlie particular point of law raised by Dr. Ewald was that he was not a member of the society, having tendered his resignation. The bylaws, however, provide that no resig- nation may be accepted while the member is under charges and the judgment of the .Appellate Division confirmed this view of the case. The Late Dr. Charles H. Lewis. — The medical board of Columbus Hospital, Xew '^'ork, assembled at its monthly meeting, record with deep regret the death of their col- league Dr. hot dice at farkle Charles H. Lewis. Hr. Lewis v. a^ t'lc oldest member of the medical board and it was largely through his etTorts, in connection with the work shreveport hot shot dice scoblete victory of the Sisters, that th^ hospital developed into a large institution. We feel that his loss to the hospital is irreparable. Throughout his professional career of twenty-seven years much play hot dice online of his time and energy were devoted to lottery recall hot dice the rules for hot dice relief of the suffering poor. His death has been a great blow to his friends, to the hot to finely dice whole onion medi- cal profession of this city, and to the various medical institutions of learning. Resolved, That a copy of this minute be sent to the various medi- cal journals of this city and to the family of Dr. Lewis. Frederick C. Keller, M.D., Secrct.iry of the Board. Action of the Board of Health in Planning to Control Venereal Diseases Endorsed by Physicians. — .At a meeting of the Xew York Society, of tlie .American Uro- logical Association, held on April 5th at the New York -Academy of Medicine, the following resolution was adopt- ed endorsing the action of the Board of Health in passing a resolution declaring the need of the sanitary control of venereal diseases for the protection of public health : Whereas, The Board of Health of the City of New York at its meeting on .\pril 4, 191 1, has declared the sanitary control of venereal diseases to be necessary for the protection of the public health, and has directed its medical advisory board to formulate a dehnite and comprehensive plan for the control of these diseases, and WiiERF_\s, Said board also has asked the Board of Estimate for an appropriation for a hospital for the treatment of venereal diseases. Rcsoh-ed, That this society endorses the hot rod fuzzy dice action of the New York City Board of Health as cited above, and congratulates the board tii'on this first step shreveport hot shot dice towards placing venereal diseases upon the same basis as other communicable diseases. The Use of Drugs Decreasing. — Statistics have been compiled l>y the director of the Boston Dispensary which show that the use of drugs by physicians has decreased in proportion to the number of patients treated until to-day the percentage of prescriptions for each patient is less than half what it was fifty years ago. The dispensary' is more than one hundred years old and its pharmacy records run back over two generations. Between 1856 and 1868, there were 2.33,8,30 treatments given to patients by the dispensary and for these 495,5.30 prescriptions were filled, an average of 2.1 prescriptions for each visit of each patient. By rS/o the average number of prescriptions for eadi visit had decreased to 1..32. Ten years later it was down to 1.06. In 1.S90 it was only .82. It rose again in 1900 to .8g. but fell last hot spicy sex dice year to .81 when there were 11,3,300 visits and only 92,,367 prescriptions issued. The decrease is accounted for by the increasing use of electricity, massage, fresh air, and general hygiene to restore and maintain health. The American Urological Association. — .\t tiie an- nual meeting of the New York Society, held on Wednes- day, .April 5th, at the New York .Academy of Medicine, the programme consisted principally of a consideration of the lactic ferments. Dr. Frederic S. Mason hot to control dice yahoo backgammon read a paper on

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