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Dr. Lambert reviewed in part the subject of germ etiology of pneumonia and the action of the toxins. Dr. Andrew H. Smith closed the discussion. In reply to Dr. Kinnicutt, lie reminded him that inocula- tion with a pure culture of pneumococcus lanceolatus did not produce pneumonia unless it was made into the lungs. In their objections to treatment by inhala- tions, all the speakers seemed to have overlooked the point that the treatment should be begun early, before the air cells had become entirely occluded, and while the inhaled gas could still reach the cells and germs. It should be remembered that chloroform when in- haled penetrated everything and was taken into the circulation. It was not claimed that it necessarily reached and killed the germs directly, but it rendered the culture medium unacceptable, for the pneumo- coccus was exceedingly sensitive to environments. Regarding an antitoxin, if defervescence were due to this, why was it so variable, being in some cases by lysis instead of by crisis? The Permanganate Treatment of Opium Poison- ing. — Dr. William Ovid Moor read the paper. " Opium is undoubtedly one of our most sic bo layout important and requently used remedies, and it is just for this re.ison that accidents in connection with its general and frequent use are of daily occurrence. The num- ber of deaths caused annually by the products of papaver somniferum is great. In England and Wales six hundred and forty-six persons died from opium poi- soning between 188^ and 1887 (inclusive). Dr. Bar- ker Smith, of England, has estimated that in the last ten years the world over about one hundred thousand persons have succumbed to opium narcosis. It is therefore certain that the knowledge of a prompt and safe antidote to opium is online sic bo games a matter of primary import- ance. Emetics cannot be called antidotes in the true sense of the word : besides, they are utterly unreliable in narcotic poisoning, and are simply inducive to loss of precious time. " As to atropine, manv authorities, among them Brown-Sequard and J. Harley, dispute an antagonism between these two narcotics. Harley concludes that in medicinal doses the essential effect of morphine (hypnosis) is both increased and prolonged by the sic bo online indonesia action of atropine, whether introduced previously or at any time during the operation of the former. ( >n the other hand I can state with the utmost confidence that I have found in potassium permanganate the true antidote to opium and its alkaloids. For several dec- ades past the salts of permanganic acid have been recommended as antidotes to organic poisons in gen- eral, which naturally includes alkaloids. Permit me to demonstrate to you sic bo online free play play sic bo online for money that such a claim is erroneous.'" The author showed that no reaction takes bingo bo keno sic place between permanganate and atropine, cocaine, vera- trine, pilocarpine, aconitine, caffeine, hyoscyamine, hyoscine. and phosphorus. " The permanganate acts quicker on albumin than on strychnine. I have found that it scarcely oxi- dizes phosphorus even after sixteen hours' contact. I will show you now that the reaction between per- manganate and morphine is instantaneous. One grain of sic bo online canada the potassium salt oxidizes one grain of sulphate of morphine. The permanganate is decomposed in- to potassium hydroxide, hydrated manganese dioxide, and oxygen. The morphine is changed into a sub- stance akin to pyridin — tricarboxylic acid. Yet the mere fact that Mn.O,K„ oxidizes some chemical sub- stance is no proof that the product resulting from this chemical reaction is not toxic. The following case well illustrates this statement. 1 At the clinic of play sic bo online flash Dr. Harnack in Halle a girl, fourteen years of age. was treated for general eczema. On one occasion she was given tannic-acid applications to her arms and at the same time she was ordered a pennanganate bath. Violent fever and profuse diarrhcea set in. The tan- nic-acid applications were stopped but the perman- ganate treatment was continued and after eight days the patient's condition was normal. Urinary analysis showed the presence of pyrogallol, which must have been formed through the oxidization of tannic acid by the potassium salt. The clinical picture corresponded to pyrogallol poisoning, the chief symptoms of which are fever and diarrhtta. " The principal point for me to determine was whe- ther or not the oxidization of morphine renders it in- nocuous. The experiments for this purpose were made chiefly upon myself. This was necessary when we consider the low degree of susceptibility of ani- mals to opium. Having found that the permanganate will oxidize morphine in an albuminous solution. I could swallow with impunity gradually increasing doses of morphine followed in a few moments by cor- responding amounts of the potassium salt. "On the 20th sic bo games of January, 1S95, I took, about two hours after breakfast, five grains of sulphate of mor- phine, followed in a few moments by eight grains of the antidote dissolved in eight ounces of water, w ithout experiencing any effect whatsoever from the narcotic. 1 Deutsche med. Wochenschrift, i - ; N 28 MEDICAL RECORD. [January 2, 1897 Had only one-eighth of a grain of morphine been ab- sorbed into the circulation, I should have felt it un- doubtedly, as I am very susceptible to the action of narcotics. It is by no means a condition sine qua non that the antidote must be given immediatelp after the ingestion of the poisonous dose of morphine, as has been claimed, for morphine is not a corrosive substance like carbolic acid or the mineral acids. We should not forget sic bo online free flash that as soon as opium begins to exert its narcotic influence, gastric and intestinal activity is greatly reduced, and, consequently, the absorptive power sic bo online flash of the gastric mucous membrane is very much lessened. It is, therefore, not surprising sic bo online when we hear that considerable quantities of opium or mor- phine have been found in the stomach of persons who have died from this poison. " We have, therefore, no right sic bo online flash game to assume that no more poison is in the gastric cavity of the patient because a considerable time has elapsed sic bo since its ingestion. In connection with this point there is another impor- tant topic play sic bo online real money I have to dwell on. It is now a well-estab- lished fact that morphine which is injected subcuta- neously is excreted by the mucous membrane of the stomach. Hitzig, of Halle, by washing out the stom- ach of animals that had received morphine subcuta- neously, succeeded in obtaining fully one-half of the injected amount during the first hour after the how to win in sic bo injec- tion. It is a logical necessity that an antidote which acts instantaneously must destroy in the stomach a certain amount of poison that got into the circulation either through hypodermic injection or through ab- sorption by the stomach, for it is evident that tin- same circulation which conveys the poison from the periph- eral parts of the body to the stomach must also bring back to the latter a part of the poison which previously was absorbed by it. In connection with this it is of interest to cite a case mentioned in the American Jour- nal of the Medical Sciences, January, 1895: "A Chinaman had taken the estimated quantity of one sic bo free hundred and fifty grains of opium at 10 sic bo cussec A.M. At 5 :t,o P.M.. the stomach was repeatedly Washed out, until there was reason to believe that there was no longer any opium contained therein. A second lavage was made at 8 p.m., and a third at 11 130 P.m.-, a quarter of an hour before his death. The second washing came sic bo online play

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