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OUR LONDON LETTER. nn our Special Correspond- THE ELECTION TO THE COUNCIL — CAMBRIDGE UNI- VERSITY — DR. CULLINGWORTH'S CASE — MR. ANDER- SON'S JENNER MEMORIALS — THE QUEEN'S REIGN CELEBRATION— OYSTERS \Nt> DISEASE — THE B. M. J.'S NEWS AND ADVERTISING — HOSPITAL REFORM CHARING CROSS— DENTAL HOSPITAL. As I predicted, the mid-wives question has dominated the election to the Medical Council. The successful candidates are Dr. Rentoul. Mr. G. Brown, and Dr. Glover. The first on the poll is Dr. Rentoul. the man who has most actively defended the profession against the intrusion of an army of midwives. Mr. Brown spoke out on this question and generally upholds the rights of the general practitioner. Dr. Glover's views were not quite satisfactory, and he descends from the top to the bottom of the poll after ten years' service. You will see that the general practitioners have placed three of their own order in the council. Many regret that Mr. Ri\ ington was not successful, for. although a consulting surgeon, he has always defended the rights of the G. P's and has been known as an advanced re- former for some thirty years. It is satisfactory ti many that the profession refused to be dictated to by the journals. The association candidates have failed, and this time Dr. Glover is sn\ed from defeat by his ten years' record rather than by his position on the staff of The Lancet. There has been a warm controversy at Cambridge about the appointment of a successor to the late Sir George Humphry in the professorship of surgery to the university. There are some difficulties, as th( pital is independent of the university, but arrangements have been made in other cases for harmonious working and no doubt could have been again. Differences of opinion arose as to the best course to take and even- tually the appointment was postponed for a vear. This seems a curious procedure for the far-famed university, and if the duties of the chair are so important how- are they to be discharged during the interregnum? The subscription to defray Di. Cullingworth's legal expenses is a magnificent success. Already the whole amount lias been promised and the list ( losed. This shows how keenly the danger has been appreciated. One or two anonymous voices have been raised to damp the enthusiasm, but have only met with contempt. I wish the fund for Mr. Anderson's appeal went on as merrily. He is the victim of a judicial 1 which might happen to any British subject until the judgments are reversed or the law is changed, and vet the civil-rights defence fund languishes. It seems a scandal that after a sunken treasure slot game British jury has pronounced his oppressors guilty and awarded him damages, the right of judges to do wrung should stand between the perse- cutor ami the victim. The fund started by the Epidemiological Societv foi establishing a Jenner medal has already reached' be- tween / 00 anil / ;o. Subscriptions are limited to one guinea. A national memorial has been started. On Monday there was an meeting for this purpose at St. George's Hospital, ol which Jenner was a pupil, when a strong committee was appointed. Lord Reay represented the University of St. Andrews, of which Jennei was a graduate. A public meeting is to be called early in the coming vear to decide what form the memorial shall take. It was proposed to connect it with the Institute ot Preventive Medicine, but there is a small .\nd noisy faction w hich objects to January 2, 1897] MEDICAL RECORD. •experiment and will perhaps take the opportunity of ■opposing the celebration of the centenary. Though jenner was the real discoverer of the immune condition which has atlantica online sunken treasure been developed in our own play sunken treasure slots day, his real work was not such as the public will associate with that of the institute. The memorial to Jenner, if it is to be national, should appeal to the world on his mer- its and not be tacked on to any institution. This was felt by some present and expressed by Mr. Hutchinson, who also testified to the full vindication of vaccination bv the royal commission, of which he was a member and which he said fully supported Jenner s views of the efficacy of the process, with the single qualification that it is desirable to repeat the operation at puberty. Other speakers were the bishop of Rochester, Sir R. Quain, Dr. Michael Foster, Lord Glenesk. Dr. YVilks. Prof. B. Sanderson, Prof. C. Allbutt. Dr. Glover, Lord Clifden, and Mr. T. Holmes. There is a good deal of talk about the celebration next year of the Queen's sixty years' happy reign. A project was attributed to the lord mayor of raising ,£800,000 or _£j,ooo,ooo to sunken treasure slots free the hospitals from debt. This seems to have dribbled into a proposal to endow the Queen's Institute for Nurses. This institute was founded by the Queen in the jubilee year with money subscribed as the " women's offering" on that occasion. But useful as the institute is in nursing the poor, it is a small affair compared with the hospitals sunken treasure slot review and not in such urgent need of money. All sorts of silly sugges- tions are being made to meet this need, e.g., an ad- dition to the income tax, a charge on the poor rate, and other modes of State bounty. But the hospitals will have to depend on voluntary contributions and the lord mayor might do worse than attempt the plan attributed to him of helping them. The oyster scare has assumed a more definite posi- tion. The medical officer of the local government board has prepared a supplement to his annual report, in which the probability of infection by eating oysters is dealt with. That such infection is possible may be regarded as certain, but free online sunken treasure game the probability of this oc- currence will be variously estimated. A considerable section of the public has taken alarm and refuses to eat the suspected food. If this spreads further the commercial interests at stake may help to bring about the supervision for which an outcry is already raised. The general tone of the official report is somewhat more reassuring than was expected. Dr. Thome Thome rightly remarks that the bacteriologist can tell us of risk and impurity but not of safety and purity: so for these we must look to play sunken treasure online the conditions surround- ing the culture and storage of the oysters. This is true enough, but then it is found that in some places the conditions are sunken treasure online sunken treasure slot free as alarming as they are revolting. Some oyster beds have been laid where sewage con- tamination was inevitable and in others occasional pollution is only too probable. Dr. Klein shows that the typhoid bacillus and Koch's vibrio may persist for two or more weeks in sea water, and the former is sunken treasure online game not prone to undergo any important change in oysters. though the latter seems to do so. I believe this limit has been found exceeded by other observers. It is being remarked by some of those interested that the chance of infection by any single oyster must be very small, as it is only in a few that pathological organ- isms have been detected. A similar hopeful or care- less statement might be made as to other free sunken treasure slot game sources of infection. Now it is proved that oysters may convey disease when cultivated near sewage outfalls, danger and disgust alike at the fact of such positions having been selected point to the necessity of ultima online sunken treasure immediate removals. The British Medical Journal, in its usual efforts at advertisement in the " lay press'" — a crime it denounces fiercelv in individuals — has this week made itself a laughing stock. The editor sent an advance copy of his news of the health of Dr. Jameson to the public press, which duly quoted the same on Wednesday

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