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morning; but lo! when the British Medical Journal came out the paragraph was omitted. So super fun 21 blackjack the public had in the dailies the Brit is li Medical JournaTs latest news three days in advance of its own subscribers and these latter do not get it at all in their own organ. So much for the gratuitous advertisement of a journal, which is repeated week after week amid denunciations of individuals who supply the " lay press" with infor- mation. The Hospital Reform Association has had another meeting and will address the managers of hospitals and then the public. The first efforts of the new organiza- tion will be directed against the abuse of the out- patient system. Charing Cross Hospital appeals for ,£100,000. The Dental Hospital is about to be rebuilt. In fact operations have already begun. When finished the new building will be a great improvement to Leicester Square. OUR BERLIN LETTER. (From our Special Correspondent.) DEATH OF DRS. BAUM.VX.N" AND LEWIN — PHYSICIAN AND SCIENTIST — INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS— LEP- ROSY CONFERENCE — ROENTGEN RAYS IN INTERNAL DISEASES — MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS AND THE OTOLO- GISTS FRANK EI,'.- BIRTHDAY. Berlin, December iS, iSgo". Two meritorious workers in the cause of science are numbered no more among the living — Professor Bau- mann, late of Freiburg, and super 21 blackjack Prof. G. Lewin, late of Berlin. Baumann, that untiring worker in physiolog- ical chemistry, to whom medical science owes the dis- covery of thyroidin. has been cut off in the midst of his labors. Through his great discover)-, the func- tions of the thyroid gland were first properly under- stood, and we can now explain why iodine, used for so long a time empirically in goitre, gave such good results. Professor Lewin introduced the injection method for the treatment of syphilis as a substitute for inunc- tions. The medical profession, as well as the patients themselves, soon learned to appreciate the greater con- venience of application and the efficacy and rapidity of action following this plan of treatment. Lewin was a man of vast scientific knowledge and experi- ence, not only in the department of syphilology. but also in other branches of medicine. Particularly fruitful were his labors in the department of laryn- gology. Death overtook him in the midst of his labors. Lewin always interested his listeners at med- ical meetings, for he had the happy faculty of grasping the super 21 free online most salient points of the subject under discussion, and always drew valuable conclusions from the same. In contrast to the lives of these two worthy members of the profession, is that of Dr. Volbeding, whose career has been fortunately cut short by a sentence to four years' imprisonment because of fraudulent prac- tices. This man. by skilful newspaper advertising, managed to obtain a yearly income of 400,000 marks. He treated his patients almost exclusively by mail, and had a most original system. Diseases he divided into four great groups. Under the heading " Scrof- ula," for example, he included almost everything im- aginable; so, too, he classed various conditions as cancerous and syphilitic. Each group had its special powders, and he would order one powder from Box I. to be taken early in the forenoon; one from Box II. at noon, and in the evening one from Box III. He warned each patient that "an aggravation of the symp- 34 MEDICAL RECORD. super 21 blackjack online [January 2, 1S97 it the beginning of the treatment is to be re- garded as a very hopeful sign.'' He was absent most of the time, but would inform his clerks by mail what treatment to follow. One does not know whether to be more amazed at the audacity of the man. or the blind stupidity of the public. It is proof that even in this enlightened age, ignorance and superstition are still rife. The most regrettable part of the affair was that this wretch was a practising physician, and boldly maintained and tried to persuade the court that his methods were within the law and were exercised in good faith. The Berlin physicians are making preparations to take an active part in the international congress to be held at Moscow next year. Efforts are being put forth to have a large representation. Professor Liebreich will probably be chairman of the Berlin local com- mittee, and it is hoped that the name of this honored and learned scientist will prove a stimulus for many to take part. Other local committees have been formed in Hamburg. Dresden, Munich, and other cities, under the auspices of the German general committee. Prominent physicians will act in the capacity of chairmen to these local committees, and will make it their endeavor to have the German repre- sentation as numerous as possible. An international congress of a different nature will be held in Berlin next year: namely the leprosy con- ference. Prominent workers and authorities in this field of medicine will attend in order to discuss the best means to combat the slow but none the less steady spread of this pest. It is intended to fun 21 blackjack odds super invite the various governments to take part in the conference. Owing to the absence of Koch in South Africa, where he is investigating the cattle plague, it was determined to hold the conference in October instead of in March, as was originally proposed. The leprosy question is at present awaking great interest in Berlin medical circles. At a recent meet- ing of the Berliner medicinische Gesellschaft, Dr. Havelburg, of Rio de Janeiro, read a paper upon lep- rosy in Brazil, and a very lively discussion followed. Lately, several new cases of leprosy have been dis- covered in the eastern portion of Prussia. These are not new cases, but had escaped observation heretofore. There is no danger of an outbreak of the pestilence. All persons in Prussia who are known to be leprous have been asked and have signified their willingness to enter the proposed home in Memel, thus quiet- ing the fear of a spread of the disease. This will best be appreciated when it is known that compul- sory cbnfinement of these cases is not sanctioned by law. Improved methods in the use and application of the Roentgen rays have resulted in the solution of some important questions in internal medicine. Some time since reports of successful skiagraphy of the heart. lungs, liver, etc., were published. Of extreme interest is the discovery made by Dr. Levy-Dorn, in Berlin, by the employment of rays in a case of asthma. He learned that during an asthmatic attack, one-half of the diaphragm — the right — remained quiet, and that the respiratory movements were maintained through the left half. Dr. Poch, of Vienna, has succeeded by means of the Roentgen illumination in locating pet tack in the lung of a boy. Since swallowing this ; 1 body, tin- patient had suffered from asthmatic attacks. Behring's tetanus antitoxin gave proof of its efficacy tly in the case of a horse. The animal was suffering from so severe an attack of tetanus that clin- :xperience pronounced th< case absolutely hope- less. One injection oi sixty grams of the antitoxin

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