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was given, with the result that in three days the ani- mal was completely restored to health and usefulness. We have thus to all appearances a certain rented}' against tetanus. There is a strong movement under way to make the study of diseases of the ear compulsory at the German universities. The teachers of this specialty have pe- titioned the " Reichskanzleramt" to the effect that at the State examinations all candidates be required to show sufficient tally ho game online know ledge and skill in this department of medicine for the needs of a general practitioner. The arguments advanced in support are of interest. Figures showing the important part that diseases of the ear play in this country are cited. It is claimed that in Germany there are thirty-eight thousand deaf- mutes whose affliction for the most part was not con- genital, but the result of ear affections which, had they been properly treated in time, would certainly have been cured. Twenty-five per cent, of school children and thirty-three per cent, of adults hear with difficulty. In the case of children this interferes with mental development, and in the case of adults naturally makes the gaining of a livelihood .nore difficult. Sup- purative processes in the ear are the cause of one death in one hundred and fifty-eight. These naturally are points to be considered with some seriousness, and no doubt the application of the otologists will be granted. Recently the studies of ophthalmology, psy- chiatry, and hygiene were made compulsory upon sim- ilar grounds. In concluding this letter, it is proper to make men- tion of another celebrated medical worker. Prof. B. Frankel, who easily ranks as the highest German au- thority in laryngology, is about to celebrate his sixtieth birthday. His services to science are so well known to the medical world that it would be superfluous to speak tally ho slot game of them now. THE LEGAL RESPOXSIBILITV OF tally ho slot game free EPILEP- TICS. To THE Edi : M R Sir: The acquittal, on the tally ho slot machine free download basis of irresponsibility. of Maria Barberi, the Italian girl recently tried in New York City for the murder of her lover, will doubtless be regarded as a just verdict by the student of epilepsy who has known the disease sufficiently to enable him to understand the mental infirmity and curious mental phenomena to which all epileptics are susceptible, and from which a great majority of them suffer from time to time. But the acquittal of this girl on the ground of irre- sponsibility seems to us to open up a perplexing prob- lem, and the question at once presents itself: If she was not responsible at the moment the deed of murder for which she was tried was committed, and if she was known to have been a sufferer from epilepsy at other times, during which times she was likewise in an irre- sponsible condition, why is it that tally ho slot some means were not taken for the removal from society of so dangerous an agent' A curious legal point is involved just here. Provision is made by law for the removal from so- cietv of an insane person who may be regarded as dangerous, but, so far as we are aware, legal authority does not exist by which an epileptic can be deprived of his freedom, even after he has committed the s est of crimes, because he is irresponsible instead of insane a dangerous distinction without a difference, and one likely to work serious mischief. Epilepsy, instead of insanity, may now become the popular plea on which to base a defence before a court of lav 1 ■ ( harged with crime. Being insane, the offender cannot be convicted, but after tally ho cards online the trial he is not turned back into society and is confined in such a manner as to insure the public try 2, 1S97] MEDICAL RECORD. The only factor in insanity, so far as the necessity for removing the lunatic from society and putting him under physical restraint is concerned, is that of irresponsibility, and this is the same dangerous screw that we find loose in the case of the epileptic. I do not assert positively that an irresponsible epi- leptic cannot be deprived, through legal processes, of his libertv, but the liberating of Maria Barberi by the court, immediately after the verdict of " not guilty'" was rendered, would seem to imply the absence tally ho playing cards of any such power on the part of the court. tally ho slot machine free When we consider the great number of epileptics there are at large, careful statistics placing the num- ber at one in every five hundred of the population, we can readily understand the far-reaching meaning that the outcome of this case is liable to have, and it may be that we shall shortly see legal steps taken for the forcible tally ho slot machine removal from society of all epileptics. William P. Spratling, M.D. iVU-cliail Items. Contagious Diseases — Weekly Statement Report of cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to the Sanitary Bureau, Health Department, for the week ending December 26, 1896 : Tuberculosis Typhoid fever Scarlet fever C erebro-spinal meningitis. . . Measles tally ho kleding online Diphtheria Laryngeal diphtheria (croup) :i-pox Billroth's Advice to a Young Man Intending to Study Medicine. — A correspondent of the I Medical and Surgical Journal has published a letter addressed by Billroth to an intimate friend, from which we extract the following: " You tell me of the tribula- tions of the landed proprietor, his subjection to wind, weather, fire, and the like: well, I have no intention of discouraging you or Robert, but the doctor does not lie altogether on a bed of roses. Competition grows constantly more fierce ; in the beginning things gener- ally come hard. As a tally ho free play student one has the pleasure of obtaining something of a tally ho online board game glimpse into the workings of nature, as well as the diseases which assail humanity. The state of entire satisfaction which ensues on the passing the examinations is gradually undermined by the discovery that our knowledge is but fragmentary; that in those cases where we would most gladly render assistance we often fail of doing so; often, too, tally ho online are we harassed by doubts as to the proper course to pursue. Unless one is willing to pass through the world in a

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