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mia being due to an increase in the amount of plas- ma. Sometimes there remains, as noticed in Corn- wall, a surprising capacity for work. Some ob- servers seem to doubt that the mere absorption of blood bv the worms is sufficient explanation of the severe anaemia, and have tried to show the presence of certain hemolysins in the worms; this is doubt- ful, for the worms loose their hold on one part of the intestine to seize upon another, and in feeding upon the mucous membrane undoubtedly attack bloodvessels. About one tenth of the normal hasmo- globin is missing, and the amount of iron in the liver remains normal. texas hold em bonus poker online Some cases, when improv- ing, show some degree of polycythagmia. This is the same phenomenon as is well known in chlorosis, and is due to a rapid concentration of blood con- taining in all too many red cells of a low color in- dex. A good number of worms acting for some lime can cause a marked sclerosis of the intestine and atrophy of the mucous membrane, texas holdem bonus poker online game although it is bonus poker 2 hard to see what this can have to do with the anaemia. 3. "606" and Syphilis. — Mcintosh and Fildes write in answer to the views of Marshall, expressed in the texas hold em bonus poker table game online Lancet for February 25, 191 1, to the effect that: I. In the present state of our knowledge there is no drug which can replace mercury in the treatment of syphilis. 2. Although arsenobenzol causes rapid healing of certain syphilitic lesions, this effect is not constant and is often only tem- porary. 3. There is no proof that an abortive cure of syphilis can be realized by this drug. 4. If arsenolDCnzoI is indicated at all in the treatment of syphilis, it is chiefly in those cases which are not in- fluenced by merciu-y. but such cases are rare. More- over, some cases resist the action of both drugs. 5. The administration of arsenobenzol is attended with many risks and dangers, i, they consider a OTjituitous statement; as to 2, hardly sufficient time has elapsed to allow of so positive a play texas hold em bonus poker online declaration ; as to 3, the writers state that they have seen no lesions, even of the gravest nature, that have failed to yield to 606, except interstitial keratitis, and in three cases where after the syphilitic clement texas holdem bonus poker table game online play texas hold em bonus poker online free had been removed, a second underlying pathological state was found. 4. Rapid healing, so common in 606, is extremely rare under mercury, as references to the literature will texas hold em bonus poker online game show, particularly the studies of Seqiieira. Marshall cannot be aware of the large dosage recently advised by Ehrlich, one to four grammes being now considered the average dose, divided into three, given at intervals of two days, and at least one should be given intravenously. Less intense treatment is mere trifling and renders liable to relapse. 5. Of the twenty or more deaths, some were advanced cases of general paresis, six were in infants, others occurred in subjects with advanced cardiac disease or vascular degeneration. Marshall's statement that the intravenous route is dangerous is not borne out by facts. Optic neuritis after the administration of 606 positively does not occur ; as to iritis and keratitis, they are due to the syphilis and not to the remedy. 4. Salvarsan in Syphilis. — Gibbard and Har- rison conclude from their experiments that salvar- san has a very marked bonus poker online and rapid effect on the clini- cal manifestations of syphilis play bonus poker online ; that this effect is due to its action on the parasites let it ride bonus poker online and is not simply a cloaking of symptoms, as is shown by the disap- pearance of treponemata from local lesions and the effect on the Wassermann reactions ; it is impossi- ble to say whether this effect consists in the anni- hilation of the whole or only part of the parasites or simply in suppression of their activity ; the risk in using it being so slight, no judgment against it will be justifiable till every method of administra- tion has been worked out. PRESSE MEDICALE. January 14, igii. 1. Dwarfs and Cretins, By H. Meige texas bonus poker online and A. B.\uek. 2. Urinary Changes in Some General Paretics, By H. Labbe and A. Gallais. January i8th. 3. Albumin in the .Saliva, By M. Gantz iind R. Hertz. January sjsi. 4. A Meningeal Form of Actinobacillosis, By P. Ravout and Pinoy. 5. .Anatomical Study of the Thyreoidparathyreoid Struc- ture in Two Cases of Congential Myxcedema, By G. Roussy and J. Clunet. 5. Ilepatoptosis, By texas hold em bonus poker D. Chilaiditi. 7. .\ Case of Arterial Grafting", By .Aquiles Pirov.\xo. 1. Dwarfs and Cretins. — Meige and Bauer point out that dwarfs as well as giants have left the realm of anthropology for that of medicine since modern studies of the thyreoid gland and the pitui- tary body. Besides the three types, however, of rhachitic, myxoedematous, and achondroplastic dwarfs, there are occasionally, found what the writ- ers call total dzcarfs, who are apparently as well proportioned as normal people. The myxoedema- bonus poker online free tous dwarfs only can be inade to grow by feeding with thyreoid extract. 2. Urinary Changes in General Paresis. — Labbe and (iallais present a study of 15 female par- alytics from the point of view of urinary analysis. They found a feeble output of phosphates, calcium, and nitrogen ; urea was normal ; the output of am- moniacal salts was about the same as in normal patients, as was the percentage of endogenous pur- ins ; the alimentary purins diminished notably just before death ; purins eliminated as uric acid were high under the mixed regime, low imder vegetarian diet. Albumin and nucleoalhumin were always present, but in small quantity ; percentage of min- eral substances was small ; the elimination of chlo- April 8. 1911.] PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 697 rides was full of surprises, but was usually very poor ; sugar seemed to be rare. Just before death the relative quantities of all matters excreted altered in a striking manner. 3. Albumin in the Saliva. — Gantz and Hertz believe the analysis of texas hold em bonus poker online free the saliva to be as important clinically as that of faeces and urine. Where diag- nosis hesitates between a chronic bronchitis and in- cipient tuberculosis, the presence of albumin decides for the latter ; it is also present in cardiac and renal disorders, and in pneumonia before the crisis, al- though absent afterwards. The writers examined the saliva in 125 patients, obtaining positive results in 60 cases of tuberculosis, 8 of fibrinous pneumo- nia, free texas hold em bonus I of gangrenous lung, 8 of pleurisy, 6 of dis- ease of the cardiac muscle, 9 of valvular trouble, 8 of texas hold em bonus chronic bronchitis with emphysema, 9 of nephri- tis, and 20 miscellaneous. Uncomplicated bronchi- tis never produces albumin in the saliva. The writ-

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