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I was further assisted at Brown University by Pro- fessor Gorham and his assistants, who had charge blackjack 3 card poker online of the laboratory department, and who examined the heads of the suspected dogs for the State of Rhode Island, so when I say the Negri bodies were found, they were always found by Professor Gorham or his assistants, at the University or at the Agricul- tural College at King.ston, R. I. In order to still further increase my knowledge on this very inter- esting subject, I wrote play tri card poker online out a series of questions and sent them to every person whose name I found in print (medical or lay) as being possessed of some knowledge on the matter. I received but one an- svi^er from the score or more I had written to. As a residt of a very virulent editorial in the American Veterinary Rcvicii.% assailing a Mr. An- gell, I wrote that gentleman. He was editor of Our Dumb Animals. He simply nailed rabies to the cross, and recommended me to the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who forwarded me some literature. I also got in touch with Dr. Charles \V. Dulles, of Philadelphia, who has been investigating rabies for about thirty years. Part of his investigations was the stupendous task of inquiring into every case reported in the public press for sixteen consecutive years, and in all but three cases they were proved to be canards. I also wrote to the Pasteur Institute in New York, which very kindly forwarded me literature. I can assure you the task was no sinecure for a busy every day practitioner. Now for my experience : A dog rushed into a friend's grounds, killing some chickens and severe- ly biting a young bulldog. The dog officer had taken away the rabid one (for he pronounced it rabid) and was to return for the bitten one. In- stead I took him home for experimental purposes. He was very badly bitten about the head. Suffice it to say that four months later mv attendant sold him. the buyer saving he was willing to take all risks. At a meeting of the Rhode Island 3 card poker free online game Veterinan,- Medical Association Dr. Chorlton and myself car- ried two dogs with dumb rabies to the meeting, one in his lap and my arm aroimd the other, the 3 card casino poker rules dog sitting beside me in the buggy while I drove. At the meeting the diagnosis was unanimous in one case, and that dog was killed then and there ; as some doubt was expressed about the other, I kept him for two days more, when it proved a well de- veloped case. These heads were not examined for Negri bodies. Another case was in a dog that I v\as very well acquainted with, and had always been warned that he was very treacherous, biting any one who made free with him. He was suffering se- verely, drooling at the mouth, unable to swallow, lower jaw paralyzed : his throat on mortenj ex- amination being almost black in color. His pro- pensity for biting was all gone, and what I strip poker card game download should not do in health I did while he had rabies, online 3 card poker games play free poured water down his throat, 3 card poker game free download for pc but he could not swallow, although he did appear 3 card poker casino online to appreciate my attempt to relieve him. As near as I can remember I never saw a dog with dumb rabies show any disposition to bite a human being, free online casino games 3 card poker and in but one instance attempt to bite another dog. The cases came in quick and fast after this. A Boston bull was brought to me for an injury to the pad of one foot. I could detect nothing. The own- er, next day, brought the dog to the stable, intend- ing to leave her in my care for a few days. The stableman chained her in one of the stalls to await my return. Now you who 3 card poker free online multiplayer are at all acquainted with the nature of a half baked, cranky, inbred screw tail Boston bull, and this one had never been chained, play 3 card poker with 6 card bonus online can imagine how she acted when she saw her master leaving and she unable to follow him — she just went crazy with excitement, and the stable- man thought she would either strangle herself or break her neck in her attempts to get away from the chain, so he attempted to pacify her by patting her on tlie head, an act he was perfectly fearless in doing, for the owner had just assured him the dog would not bite, 3 card poker game download but the little ingrate bit him. Except for this piece of ingratitude I feel sure that the Negri bodies in this dog's head free casino games 3 card poker would never have been discovered or suspected. The owner insists that his dog was never bitten. This case put me in an awful position — it is a terrible thing to feel yourself blamed, or to blame yourself, for causing the death of a fellow human being under any circumstances, but to kill him with hydrophobia ! My feelings were beyond descrip- tion. I determined then upon a rigid investigation. The next dog had but one symptom, paralysis of the lower jaw. I told the family to tie him in the cellar. They did so, tying him to the head- piece of a very heavy wooden bedstead, which he pulled all over play 3 card poker with 6 card bonus online the cellar during the night. Next day Dr. Chorlton, my partner, and myself carried him in my buggy while tri card poker online we drove to Brown Uni- versity, I wanted to show him to Professor Gor- ham. This dog, like the other, certainly hated a chain; he was a Boston bull, the same breed as the other, but with mongrel blood in him : he was totallv devoid of the bite habit, as far as a human being was concerned, though he would bite a dog. After the professor viewed him (the first rabid dog he had ever seen alive) I lifted him into the buggy, and my partner and myself drove to Dr. Dunn's hospital. As soon as he was tied there he acted like the previous one, he seemed to go crazy, his efforts to free himself were so violent that his tongue turned black, he was actually strangling himself, and his bounds and leaps and twists were simply terrifying. I asked Dr. Sullivan (Dr. Dunn's partner), who had tied him, to unchain him, but he had become afraid of free online blackjack 3 card poker him. so I un- chained him myself. Once off the chain he became perfectly natural. As we could not chain him and had to confine him some way until Dr.' Dunn re- turned, he was put in a cage with a wire window. He acted about as badly at this method of confine- ment as he did with the chain, and spent the next two hours trying to jump through the window; as a result he was a sorry sight when the doctor ar- rived; his free online strip poker card games snout was covered with blood and he looked as though he had been playing with a 3 card poker game free download thresh- ing machine, and presented a popularized edition of "mad dog." Dr. Dunn was very careful to re- move him from his cage with a loop around his MC L.-l UGH LI. V: RABIES. 6/9 neck, to which form of confinement he objected just as strenuously as he did to either of the other two. At my request he was allowed his freedom, when, as before, he became perfectly natural, run- ning around the infirmary and nosing every place he could put his nose into, with the result that he ferreted out Dr. Dunn's pet hunting dog (bitch) and tackled her as he would a rat. but drew no blood, for it must be remembered that in dumb ra- bies it is almost impossible to bite. I might make a note here that a dog casino 3 card poker tips very seldom attacks a bitch, but I have had my own bitch attacked by a dog of the same breed. We killed him then and there, five veterinarians being present, and the post mortem examination showed a perfectly sound dog; his or- gans were beautifully healthy. I understand that his brain was perfectly healthy, but the Negri bodies were found in profusion. I wish to lay particular emphasis on this j)oint, for in the next case none could be found, although it was a very pronounced case. I saw this case in Dr. Dunn's hospital, called in by the doctor himself. The poor dog (a bull

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