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state of chronic perturbation, one must rest content with doing his duty to the best of his knowledge and belief. A man's greatest blessings are then met with in the shape of a placid and loving wife and undis- turbed domestic happiness. Hardly, however, have you reached your home prepared to enjoy these pleas- ures, when there comes a knock on the door, and duty calls you out again into the cold and stormy night. Few are the joys of the physician. Here and there true loyalty on the part of his patients, emphasized mally, although perhaps seldom, by a material ! iken. infrequent gratitude for the most absolute de- three stooges online slot machine votion to duty, nay. even for personal sacrifice over a completed cure: the consciousness of having done one's utmost— these are ordinarily the highest satisfactions the physician can attain. You think, perchance, that I paint the picture in too gloomy col- ors: but when twenty years have gone by and these lines fall into Robert's hand, he will perhaps say that I was right. If once he has a true vocation for medi- cine, he need not take this into much account. You wish me to write you plainly and the three stooges slots in detail. Do not fear lest I continue in this strain: the worst has been said, and, after all, the state of things here is not much worse than one finds in other walks of life. What special quality must one possess in order to be a good physician ? My colleague here, Nothnagel, whose work on diseases of the nervous system will at some later day be appreciated by Robert, when inaugurated professor of the house clinic here, said, among other things in his address, ' Only a good man can be a good physician,' and I too share this opinion: it is the supreme regulator of the inner, as well as of the outer effect of the physician"s actions. To the phrase 'good man' I would like to add the words 'well brought up/ that is, in a family the existence of which is perme- ated by a spirit of charity toward all mankind. This condition is fulfilled in the case of your Robert. He must be actuated by an uncontrollable impulse to help other unhappy creatures, at first implanted in him at his birth and well developed; while cultivated feeling and the experience of life have later led him through reflection to the conviction that, however eagerly the man of moral training may chase after happiness, he will ultimately find true happiness to lie in making others happy to the extent of his ability. In this direction alone dare he cultivate egotism. I mean make himself happy, and as much so as possible. In so far as this originates in his moral training, it will be a never-failing source of self-purification, a means of strengthening the sense of duty, a reinforcement of his own moral nature. Should misfortune overwhelm him, he will find that, in assisting others who are even more unfortunate than himself, he has gained comfort as well as the strength requisite for pressing on in the race. To enable the physician to spend himself freely, he must have accumulated a rich fund of know ledge. And in possessing such a treasure the physician en- joys the special privilege of seeing it increase directlv in proportion to the lavishness with which it is spent. Activity in the practice of medicine leads to increase in experience, development of judgment, impels us to supply the deficiencies in our knowledge, play the three stooges slot machine enables us to follow the progress of the art of medicine, which itself results from the progress of science. A phy- sician who gives himself up to critical, unprejudiced observation sees his own three stooges slot machine free stock of experience and knowledge increase in the very dispensing of it for the relief of others — always provided that he is a good man, with a strong sense of duty, has a sound understanding, and takes delight in work and in his calling. " Psittacose. — This disease, named in honor of the bird which was considered responsible for its occur- rence for the first time in Europe, in 1S92, has been reviewed in an article which takes up nearly the whole of No. 1 n of the Gazette ties Hbpitaux. It will be remembered that in 1S91 two Frenchmen brought inta Paris two hundred parrots bought in Buenos Ayres. Three hundred of the original lot purchased had died en route. The surviving birds were divided into two lots and slowly disposed of from two remotely sepa- rated parts of the city. From one focus of infec- tion twenty-two persons became sick and six died. From the other, twenty cases of sickness occurred and eight of them proved fatal. Professor Xocard found, as he supposed, the specific agent of the epidemic. 36 MEDICAL RECORD. [January 2, 1897 which Peter characterized as "typhus of parrots." The writer of the the three stooges slot machine present article, Dr. Descazals. re- ar] epidemic observed by himself, affecting five persons and resulting in one death. A parrot had in this instance also been bought a short time before and had died, with symptoms of diarrhcea, hebetude, and continual somnolence. An individual infected by the pest would seem capable of transmitting the dis- ease to others. It is often distinguished with diffi- culty from certain other typhoid states, but the onset is often marked by local manifestations about the mouth, especially in persons who have allowed their pet, particularly while ailing, to take food from their own lips, as is so often the custom. There would seem to be a light form, an adynamic, a nervous, and a pulmonary form. It offers many points of resem- blance to grippe and is likely to be confounded with typhoid. Treatment is largely symptomatic. Pro- phylaxis requires us to place the possessors of such pets upon their guard, especially in relation to feed- ing from the mouth, and particularly when the bird is sick. Correction. — In the issue of November 21st, page 765, the dose of trional should evidently read grams instead of grains. Upon page 800 the quantity of mercuric chloride in Dr. Neilsen's prescription was presumably meant to be from a quarter to half a grain. Is it Practising Medicine for the Vermont healer to allow his manager to advertise his powers by read- ing-notices in the public press, and to accept fees for undertaking to cure disease? A New Test for Albumin. — Reagents for the de- tection of albumin in the urine must be colorless and must reveal the presence of albumin even when the amount is too small for quantitative estimation. Dr. Jolles has published a new and delicate test, consist- ing of: Chloride of mercury 10 gm. Succinic acid 20 " Common salt 10 " Distilled water 500 " In the process of testing, 4 c.c. of the filtered urine are mixed with 1 c.c. of acetic acid, and 4 c.c. of the above reagent are added with shaking. In a second glass similar quantities of urine and acetic acid are mixed with pure water instead of with the reagent. This test yields a cloudiness of albumin in cases in which the ordinary tests fail to give any result at all,. — The the three stooges slot review La met. Congress of Natural Sciences. — At the recent con- gress in Berlin the meetings were devoted chiefly to recent discoveries and their results. In the opening address. Dr. Schmidt said the discoveries of Koch, Behring, and Roentgen could scarcely be open to doubt, while scarcely a hundred years ago great truths now recognized and accepted were looked upon as im- possibilities or as the outcome of disordered brain work. A hundred years hence we shall still be able to

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