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see the bones of the living body, the pulsations ol the beating heart, the movements of the diaphragm. We may then know, too, that oxygen and carbon are not but compound bodies. Wemay learn to decom- pose such bodies into their component parts. We shall learn to prepare food stuffs, perhaps not from stone. but certainly from wood. Professor Fleehsig,of Leip- sic, spoke of the localization of spiritual and s processes in the brain, especially those of circulation. He expressed himself to the effect that our methods were so advanced that we could now localize in the human being, though by a somewhat complicated proc- ess, an increased number of sensory centres, which previously we were enabled to do only with great diffi- culty on animals. Without doubt we can accept it as a fact that there are a centre for movement of the mus- cles of the skin and a centre for the circulation of the skin. There is a centre for the smell, and there are many, many more. Professor Fdinger, who is well known, spoke upon experiments on the brain. Professoi Fw aid referred to the relation of the motor cortex of the brain and to the labyrinth of the ear. Professor Buch- ner spoke about the relation of hygiene and biology, and put forward a great many new ideas. Hygiene, he says, diminishes mortality. This has a great many disadvantages, lor instance, many individuals are artificially kept living and in the struggle for exist- ence exert an unfavorable influence upon the commu- nity. Bachner advises compulsory physical exi for early youth. Professor Thiem spoke upon a most important subject in connection with accident insur- ance, and mentioned in this speech the origin of traumatic tabes dorsal is. He is not of the opinion that this is produced by an injury, but he is al- most positive that this dreadful disease is for a long time in the human system without the patient or the physician being aware of its existence. By an injury, he says, its manifestations can be produced all of a sudden. It may be awakened, so to speak, from its sleep, and then produce violent and characteristic symptoms. These naturally are cases which are of the utmost importance from an insurance standpoint. The accident cannot be considered as the cause of the disease, since it was present a long time before the ac- cident happened. The accident is only the originator to the extent of bringing to light a condition which existed, we do not know how long, in the system. Fortunately for the tiger treasures slot game patient, tiger treasures free slots the opinion of the judge is usually favorable to his side, because the hastening of the disease process justifies the patient in receiving an indemnity. The speaker referred to the case of a railroad conductor who for years had latent tabes and who had always followed his occupation, until finally a fracture of his lower leg caused tiger treasures online slot the disease suddenly to break out. Dr. Rosenberg spoke about the appli- cation of formaldehyde as a remedy. He applied a sixtv-per-cent. alcoholic solution for preserving and sterilization; also in the treatment of infectious dis- eases. The substance is put upon plates and allowed to evaporate slow ly. By the addition of menthol the irritability of the formaldehyde gas is reduced to a minimum, and it is supposed to have a very soothing influence upon the mucous membranes of the dig organs. With this substance a perfection is reached in disinfecting rooms such as we have never had nor heard of before. As affecting the bacilli of glanders and their process it must certainly be considered as having a special value. This remedy seems to be applicable in croup, tuberculosis, diphtheria, etc. Against the application 'of formaldehyde in the human being a great many objections have been raised on account of its poisonous properties. Further to receive mention are the lectures of Boas upon asthma dyspepticum, those of Abbu upon the influence of milk as a disinfectant in the digestive tract, and the lecture of Professor Horn, who spoke about artificially pre- pared double beings. He had succeeded with larvae of the green-water frog, the Latin name of which is Rana esculenta, in causing them to grow together by scratching them in various places and tying them together with the irritated surface in contact. In this way he had produced a double animal of different shape. It is impossible here to mention the five hun- dred and fourteen papers read, far less to speak them. The closing ot the congress was marked bv a visit to the serum laboratory in Hochst by - train. Professor Behring received his guests p allv. and in an address explained tile processes carried out in the preparation of serum. Medical Record A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery Vol. 51, No. 2. Whole No. 1366. New York, January 9, 1897. $5.00 Per Annum. Single Copies, ioc. (Original Articles. SOME PLAIN RULES FOR OPERATING IN APPENDICITIS. 1 By GEORGE F. SHRADV, M.D., In presenting a subject having the above title, I am well aware that some apology is due to members who have settled the questions long ago in their own minds; but that the mass of the profession, in view of recent controversies, is by no means in the same position is perhaps a reasonable excuse for suppos- ing that an attempt to establish a conservative clin- ical standard between extreme points at issue may not be in vain. That great good has resulted from the frequent discussions on the subject is manifest by the remarkable successes tiger treasures slots that have attended judicious operative procedure, by the steady advances in the study of the pathology of the affection, and by a wide- spread knowledge of its symptomatology. On all these points there is scarcely any difference of opin- ion ; the really debatable question is when an opera- tion is actually necessary in doubtful cases. In former times, when every case was operated upon, there was but one answer. Now, however, the pendu- lum has swung so much the other way that we are in danger of the other extreme of indiscretion. It is for the sake of reconciling opposite views, on the basis of the significance of certain clinical phenomena as ap- plied to certain pathological conditions, that we may profitably compare individual experiences and arrive at rational conclusions. It appears evident that enough has already been done in this direction to make it possible to formulate some rules from leading symptoms, which may in the majority of cases settle the more common differences of opinion regarding the real necessities for operation. With such an end tiger treasures slot machine in view, an attempt will be made to analyze the signifi- cance of such symptoms and to estimate their real bearing upon the ultimate decision. The object is rather to furnish points for a discussion, for the bene- fit of such as may need the information thereby ob- tained, than to attempt any elaborate paper on the wider and more general aspects of the question. In order to approach the subject in a natural and simple way, I have undertaken to study the detail his- tories of a large number of reported cases, noting in each the relative constancy of the leading symptoms of localized pain, fever, tumor, and pulse rate. Three years ago, in an article before this society

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