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found, and the remedies in general use are of doubt- ful value. Hexamethylenamine may possibly have curative properties. 7. Hookworm Disease in Mines in California. — Gunn says that hookworm disease is endemic in certain mines of California. From fifty' to eighty per cent, of those working in these mines are in- fected. The infection undoubtedly is present in practically all of the gold mines of California, and in those just over the border of Nevada. He be- lieves that hookworm disease is endemic in many mines in various parts of the United States. In many of the so called cold mines, portions are found where the temperature is constantly high and mois- ture is present. In all probability most of the mines of the country have been exposed to infection, for in nearly all of them may be found Hungarians. Austrians, Italians, or Cornishmen, some of whom are certain to have brought the infection with them from the mines of their countries. MEDICAL RECORD January 28, igil. 1. Personal Experience with a Very Restricted Diet (Rice) in Acute Inflammatory Disease of the Skin, By L. Duncan Bulkley. 2. The Surgical Aspects of Filariasis, By Charles F. Stokes. 3. Camphor in Large Doses in Pneumonia, By Leonard Weber. 4. Infant Mortality in New York City, By Wilbur C. Phillips. 5. Concealed Chancre of tlie Male Urethra, with a Study of Thirty-eight Cases, By Charles M. Whitney. 6. Treatment of Peritonitis Consecutive to Appendicitis, By J. J. Buchanan. 7. Inebriety, Its Treatnic-nt and Curability, By T. D. Grot HERS I. Rice Diet in Inflammatory Diseases of the Skin. — Bulkley describes his own case: On Au- gust 20th he began to suffer with itching and ten- sion in the right hand with deep papulovesicles about the root of the little finger, necessitating the removal of a ring. This increased, day by day, affecting other fingers, also of the left hand. By the 24th he was exceedingly uncomfortable, and deep seated vesicles had formed on the sides of the middle finger, third, and little finger of both hands, also small, deep seated vesicles on the backs of some of the fingers and on the back of the right hand. As he had had a similar trouble at about the same season of the year for a number of years past, he did not pay much attention to it, but used some simple remedies, including a calamine and zinc lo- tion, which had been of some service in former at- tacks. When the eruption first occurred, some years ago, he attributed it to poison ivy, which was abundant around his country home, but after a year or so this was excluded, as the eruption did not run the course of that trouble, and also he had sedulous- ly avoided all contact with the vine. Nor did the disease seem to be eczema, for the whole course of the eruption had always been diff'erent from that aft'ection, and, even at its height or afterward, there had never been any tendency whatever to develop eczematous surfaces ; when bullae formed they were tense and hard, with very thick coverings which were ruptured only with great difficulty, and often became somewhat haemorrhagic. Nor did the erup- tion quite correspond to the course and appearance of dysidrosis or pompholyx. As it seemed, in other years, to come on late in the summer, when he had eaten many peaches, he sometimes ascribed it pos- sibly to that cause ; but this year he had eaten hard- ly a single peach. He could attribute it only to .some gouty and nervous condition, to which he was subject; curiously enough, it aft'ected mainly the ulnar side of both hands, or at least its greatest in- tensity was there. He placed himself on greatly restricted diet, consisting solely of rice, boiled in water, bread, butter, water, and absolutely nothing else. This diet he continued for five days, at each meal, three times daily. He used no other medical treatment, external or internal, except that he con- tinued a mild mixture of potassium acetate, nux vomica, and quassia, which he had been taking for some time as a tonic, and which had had no eft'ect on the eruption. The result of this sudden and radical change in the diet was remarkable ; within twenty-four hours the tension, warlock spell slot free together with the burning and itching of the hands, was lessened, and there were no spasms of itching. In forty-eight hours there was further marked improvement, and he had very little discomfort, even on washing and wiping the hands. By the end of four days the blebs were flaccid and the swelling of the hands quite gone; there had been no new production of lesions after instituting the diet, and the disease seemed entirely checked. He continued the abso- lute diet, however, for one day more, in order to complete the five days which he had commonly found it best for patients to maintain strictly this- PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 241 plan of treatment". One week later most of the sur- faces badly afifected had exfoliated, leaving- smooth, almost normal skin. 6. Treatment of Peritonitis Consecutive to Appendicitis. — Buchanan concludes from his ex- perience that cases in which the pus is generally diffused among the coils of the bowel, without any or with insignificant adhesions, peritonitis having existed for not longer than two days, are best treat- ed by removal of the appendix, dry mopping of fluid within easy reach, and closure without peritoneal drainage. The mortality here is insignificant. So far no cases of this character have been lost in the writer's experience by the closed method. Cases in which, in addition to general diffusion, there is pocketing of pus here and there through the peri- toneal sac, will react diiTerently according to the general condition present. It is essentia! that all enclosing adhesions be released and that the pocket- ed pus be taken care of by dry mopping or turned into the general cavity where it will be absorbed in favorable cases. In cases far gone with sepsis, on the other hand, this procedure is followed by a quickly fatal result. Cases in which diflfuse peri- tonitis still exists, but the physical signs point to an impending localization which will almost surely con- vert the case into one of localized abscess, may be left to the Ochsner treatment. These are the three and four day cases, and only the most careful dis- crimination will serve to distinguish them from the progressive ones with multiple foci. As experience with the closed method increases the Ochsner cases become rarer. warlocks spell slots Patients apparently moribund, in whom resistance has all but ceased, with blue, leaky skin, thready or absent pulse, subnormal temperature, and barrellike abdomen, with loss of peristalsis, have nearly all died, whatever the treatment ; the few ex- ception? being saved by a waiting policv with sub- sequent localization and drainage of abscesses. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL Janimry 21. njli.

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