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Cardiac Affections and Dropsical Conditions of Va- rious Origin, By Henry \V. Berg. 2. The Chemotherapy of Ehrlich, with Special Reference to the Trypanosome Infections, By B. T. Terry. 3. Death Rates in the Japanese War, By Charles E. Woodruff. 4. .A Case of Erythraemia with Unusual Features, By N. E. Brill. 5. Psychoses of Child Bearing, By James Dudley ]^Iorg.\x. 6. free game king cleopatra keno Acute Urethritis of Chemical Origin, with Report of Three Cases, By Willl\m J. RoBixsox. 7. Removal of the Septal Floor in Submucous Opera- tions, By Alfred Kahn. I. Posture in Cardiac Affections, — Berg re- calls the value of posture in many medical condi- tions, as, for examples, the use of the Trendelen- burg position for patients fainting from cerebral anaemia ; the reversed Trendelenburg for patients suftering from pneumonia and pleurisy with effu- sion; the treatment of pelvic and low-er abdominal peritonitis by the Fowler position to prevent infec- tion of the upper general peritoneal cavity, etc. Cooper says that he has cut short an attack of bili- ary colic by causing the patient rapidly and sud- denly to assume the knee keno game source code chest position, and sug- gests the relief of right sided renal colic by having the patient lie on his right side with the head ele- vated, thus causing the stone to fall back into the pelvis of the kidney. Cooper also stiggests the re- lief of simple dilatation of the stomach by the patient lying on his right side with the foot of the bed raised to encourage the gas to pass through the cardiac orifice and the fluids through the pylorus. The use of postural treatment, that is, the frequent changing of the position from one side to the other, is a frequent resort to prevent hypostatic conges- tion of the healthy pulmonary areas in pneumonia and to prevent pulmonary hypostasis in typhoid, measles, and other inflammatory conditions involv- ing weakness of the right heart. P. C. Franze, of Bad Nauheim, in studying the influence of posture on the normal cardiac area found by applying the orthodiagraph to the studies of the shadows (flu- oroscopic) of hearts, that "in the erect posture the shadow of the heart is narrower in width and at a lower level in the thorax. The longitudinal axis of the heart assumes a position nearer to the vertical. In the recumbent posture the reverse takes pcso online keno results place, the heart is seen higher up in the thorax, broader in width, and lying more horizontally. Inspiration brings about analogous conditions to those present in the erect posture and expiration to those in the free online keno slot games recumbent." These observations are confirmed by Groedel. Rudolf says the force of free keno slot machine games gravity is an important factor in free online keno games no downloads the relative loudness with w-hicli murmurs are ma lottery keno online heard in the erect as compared with recumbent postures. In cases of extreme cardiac failure due to dilatation secondary to severe valvu- lar disease Berg places his patients in bed with the head of the bed raised as in the Fowler position, but with the patient in what he prefers to call the reversed Trendelenburg position. The Fowler posi- tion includes flexion at the knees with the pelvis forming keno machines how to win the point of a \', the sides of which are 746 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. [New York EDicAL Journal. formed b\- the legs and body. His patients lie on an inclined plane, body and legs extended, with the head and shoulders at the top and the feet at the bottom of the inclined plane. This greatly facili- tates the accumulation of serous eftusions in the legs, whence they can be drained by Southey's tubes to the extent, as in one case, of 12,000 c.c. in 48 hours. 3. Death Rates in the Japanese War. — Wood- rutt thinks it likely that a carnival of Japanophobia will succeed the equally ridiculous Japanophiha from which we have been suffering. As a matter of fact it has been ascertained that the death rate among the Japanese in their war with Russia was much higher than had been supposed, particularly from beri beri, their bete noire kenosha casino project 2012 as typhoid fever is ours ; their troops were not conspicuously temper- ate, and, what is worse, competent observers have reported that the sanitary arrangements of the Jap- game king 4 card keno anese army were far from what they should have been. The percentage of killed to wounded was about one to four, the same as in other wars. The Japanese are now said to have sacrificed men in the most reckless manner. War in Japan is hell, free slot keno games the same as elsewhere ; we have been misled by the ability keno slot machines free of the Japanese to conceal the -details of their management of troops. Woodruff believes still in the conquering power of the Aryan race. 6. Urethritis free keno slot play of Chemical Origin. 4 card keno computer game — Robinson desires to emphasize the following points of his paper: i. Urethritis of chemical origin is more common than is generally supposed ; 2. W' hile most cases are caused from self administered injections prescribed by barbers, friends, and others, some cases owe their origin to the over zealousness of physicians ; 3. The kenosha casino project unscientific and unjustifiable silver nitrate test, which should be forever discard- ed, has been responsible for very many cases of chemical urethritis ; 4. The diagnosis of chemical urethritis is made by the history of the case, the freedom of discharge from gonococci and, gener- ally, its improvement on being let alone ; 5. One of the most useful agents in the treatment keno slots free play of chemical urethritis is warm sterilized olive or almond oil, or a one half to one per cent, solution of some organic iodine derivative (iodoform, dithymoliodide. iso- butylorthocresoliodide) in one of the above oils. Tendency to stricture play free game king keno should be prevented by dila- tors or by sounds dipped in the solutions. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL March 2^. casino kenosha loil. 1. Indigestion, By Gutiirif. Raxki.^'. 2. Hour Glass Contraction of the Stomach, By R. P. Rowlands. .3. Acute Dilatation of the Stomach, By Geokge G. Farquhar. 4. The Treatment of Appendical Abscess with Pure Car- bolic Acid and Iodoform, online keno strategy By A. Ernest Maylard. 5. Idiopathic Dilatation of the Colon, By WirxiAM Leggett. 6. Some Experiments on Cold Chamber Treatment, By John Gordon Thompson and Ronald Ross.

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